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(   Review of the WTC Spider-Man comic book: "Never mind the fact that Doctor Doom tries to blow up NYC every other week..."   ( divider line
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2001-11-15 10:18:54 AM  
If you mock this comic and its message then uhm. Crap I fergot the line already. Little help?
2001-11-15 10:20:02 AM  
then we won terrorists already

2001-11-15 10:20:49 AM  
Then the tourists have won already
2001-11-15 10:20:50 AM  
Let me be the first to say, JIHAD!!! JIHAD ON DR DOOM!!! alalalalalaalalala!
2001-11-15 10:26:28 AM  
Doom crying, my arse.
2001-11-15 10:33:07 AM  
<begin geek>

Ok, In comics, they just destroyed the island of Genosha, a mutant haven. Something like 5 MILLION innocents dead, including Magneto.

This comic acts like it's the worst thing that ever happened. In the REAL world, it's up there, but in the MARVEL world, it's actually pretty minor. Galacticus EATS ENTIRE WORLDS on a daily basis on the Marvel Comics world.

Oh, and Magneto's supposed to be DEAD, or at least MIA. He was supposedly killed by sentinels in Genosha. Kind of a major mistake.

</end geek code>
2001-11-15 10:35:45 AM  
This issue does not fit into continuity. It is outside the regular scope. Issue 35 of amazing Spiderman had him in bed ad Autn may walking in finding him in bed with his spiderman costume which she pick up off the floor.

Issue 37 will pick up right where issue 35 left off.
2001-11-15 10:36:41 AM  
I have a feeling this is out of continuity. And my approach to continuity has always been that if I don't like it, it didn't happen :-) I construct my own continuity from the stories that I like.
2001-11-15 10:45:16 AM  
God i hate comic books.
2001-11-15 10:47:46 AM  

what's more absurd...

a) comic book trying to deal with real life tragedy in it's own universe based loosely on location where tragedy occured....


b) pathetic little man complaining that comic books handling of tragedy was absurd.

2001-11-15 11:01:17 AM  
Any proceeds going towards disaster relief or anything like that?

I remember a comic for hunger a long time ago. They had guest writers on it - each writer did maybe 4-6 pages. Stephen King's pages were among the best in that one, but overall, it was cheese, and it wasn't in continuity or anything like that.

But it was for hunger, so I bought it, I read it, I took it for what it was. A fundraiser and awareness raiser.

We certainly don't need any awareness raisers for September 11, but if it were a fundraiser, I'd buy it, read it, take it for what it is. It's been a long time since I bought a comic anyway; I'm due for one. (Last one I bought was last year's Treehouse of Horror, by the way, and it's still the reading material of choice in the downstairs bathroom.)

If it's not a fundraiser, though, I'd probably lump it in the "wasted effort, wasted paper" pile, based on what I've heard about it.
2001-11-15 11:11:17 AM  
i find this entire concept in poor taste. Spider-man doesn't live in our world... that is obvious.... LET IS ALONE
2001-11-15 11:15:06 AM  
I think it's supposed to just be Marvel's way of dealing with the thing- a lot of the guys who work for them live in NYC, and this is their catharsis. Not a fundraiser, or even an awareness raiser. Just a way for the writers and artists to vent their own personal feelings, like how a lot of journalists came out with their reactions to it.

And about this not being a major tragedy for the Marvel Universe, remember that to someone like Spiderman, one pointless death affects him just as much as an entire world dying.
2001-11-15 11:25:29 AM  
WTF??? Are the super-villains just sad because someone beat them to the punch?

2001-11-15 11:28:21 AM  
I was just wondering if Dr. Doom buys his evil supplies from ACME?
Wiley Coyote says their stuff sucks.
2001-11-15 11:38:02 AM  
I remember reading somewhere a couple of days ago that this was done by J Michal what's his name that did the Babalon 5 series. That Marvel had approached him with the idea and he had turned it down, but then the blank verse poem 'what are superheros good for' came to him.

As for the D. Doom guy, I seem to remember that he was one of those tragic angst types, at least he was 40 years ago.

But then, does Marvel have any charactor that is not a closet goth?
2001-11-15 11:43:38 AM  
I know of one comic book that handled "real-life" very well. It was "Batman:A Death in the Family". (The series that killed off that worthless second Robin)

In one of the issues, the Joker is appointed to the United Nations as Ambassador from Iran. He tries to kill everyone in the General Assembly (natch), and is of course foiled by Bats and Supes.

This was at the height of the conflicts with Iran, and even had appearances from Regan and Kohmani (sp?).

It can be done well. Just not often.

-He who stacks comics
2001-11-15 11:53:56 AM  
And I thought my X-Men on David Letterman issue was lame.
<plug>(if anyone wants to buy that X-Men issue from me..gimme a's a must for lame comic collectors.--that is, a collector of lame comics, not a lame collector of comics - although if you're the latter and are interested.....)</plug>
2001-11-15 12:06:38 PM  
DR Doom tries to rule the earth but how often has he done it on a scale of mass destruction with thousands of dead?
2001-11-15 12:12:46 PM  
Actually, my bet is Spider-man is just sad because losing the towers screwed up some of the major set pieces from his upcoming movie. No more helicopters trapped in WTC webbing.
2001-11-15 12:14:52 PM  
Sheesh... you farking people are a real gem.

It's a comic. Either dig it or don't. It's nothing to get uptight about.

2001-11-15 12:17:48 PM  

i crack me up
2001-11-15 12:22:33 PM  
So. Could Spiderman REALLY kick Batman's ass?

2001-11-15 12:32:51 PM  
If spiderman webs up Batman totally he could fark him in the ass for all he cares.
2001-11-15 12:43:24 PM  
As an avid reader of comics since i was about 5, I can say this... most comics suck. So they delt with something in a tasteless manner, unrealistic to the comic book ideas of bad guys are bad good guys are good (that is, until frank miller started writing comics anyway). Get over it... not that big a deal...I'm sure another crappy clone saga is right around the corner for spiderman.
we now return to your regularly scheduled crap
2001-11-15 12:47:41 PM  
There was already a Marvel comic years ago in which a building collapsed and Spiderman was stricken with grief....poor guy.
2001-11-15 01:41:52 PM  
I kinda liked it
2001-11-15 02:00:27 PM  
SPiderman was stricken with grief cause he was under the building..
2001-11-15 02:03:46 PM  
I can't believe we've gotten this many replies without a dozen people quoting Comic Book Store Guy by now.
2001-11-15 02:24:10 PM  
Worst . . . comic . . . EVER!

just for you chernobyl
2001-11-15 02:35:07 PM  
NaTaX I couldn't have said it better.
2001-11-15 02:37:58 PM  
One of my favorite Comic Book Guy quotes:

"Loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix."
2001-11-15 02:57:19 PM  
I hate reading articles by pretentious, self-ingrandizing, VIRGINS who write article like this for just a miniscule amount of self-importance.

NOTE TO THE AUTHOR: Stop beating your meat - Move outta your parents basement - get a girlfreind that doesn't require a patch kit - and GET A REAL LIFE!

2001-11-15 03:23:19 PM  
Drac -
Please don't be mean. Perhaps the author enjoys writing reviews of comics. Of what concern is it to you?

You are awfully judgmental today.
2001-11-15 03:50:25 PM  
ImDracula, so if someone gets laid on a regular basis and doesnt live in their parents basement is it okay for them to write reviews of comics or is it still gay?
2001-11-15 05:20:18 PM  
Get Galactus a cosmic hanky.
2001-11-15 05:38:08 PM  
"Pah, Doom cries not for the victims! Doom cries for his stock market investments!"

Or maybe it was one of his defective robots...
2001-11-15 06:04:31 PM  
Batcar01: Spiderman is a strongman in the league of such greats as The Hulk, Thor, The Thing.

Further, he is a scientist on the level of Bruce Wayne.

I think Spidey could kick The Batman, but would, eventually, fold-up under The Batman's monomanical drive.

2001-11-15 07:29:51 PM  
a pitiful waste of 14 sheets of paper. I didnt buy the marvel heroes book either cause they can suck my ass. I buy comic books for the escape of reality. Plus why would doom be crying, or why would mageneto be their either?They kill innocents every appeareance. Dumb idea, good art notheless
2001-11-16 07:07:53 AM  
If Batman can kick Spiderman's ass then the terrorists have already won!
Worst. Line. Ever.

There, i did three Farkism's in one!
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