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(Grantland)   A funeral eulogy for the BCS. The evil that the BCS does lives after it; The good is oft interred with its bones. Five reason we will miss the BCS, even though we don't realize it yet   ( divider line
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2012-06-26 06:39:35 PM  
1 vote:

BigJake: Dafatone: Because you (and only you, of course) are breathlessly glued to every moment of a 4th quarter game between two 5-5 teams, right?

I am if it's MY team, and so are the other team's fans

Also, 5-5 is irrelevant here. Think how much more exciting the non-LSU games would be to me (again, casual LSU fan) once its clear they're making the playoffs... I'd be paying a lot of attention to the top 8 teams to see how we'll match up against, who's getting hot, etc. Just like other sports.

I never paid any attention to #8 Kansas States' season at all last year. But hell yeah I would if they and South Carolina were battling it out for the final 8th seed of a playoff.

And so would much more of the country.
2012-06-26 06:32:01 PM  
1 vote:

Slow To Return: downstairs: And I'm a casual LSU fan. I hated that they were thrown into the championship game just because of their record... rather than having to go through 1-2 rungs of a playoff bracket.

1-2 rungs? Hell, did you SEE their schedule? They went through six or seven rungs.

Again, I can't think of a more impressive body of work, at least going into the championship....

Agreed, but last year was not like most other years. They were clearly the best team in college football when the regular season ended.

But all that should count for is a #1 seed in the playoffs.
2012-06-26 06:23:41 PM  
1 vote:

BigJake: downstairs: Maybe that's just me, and my experience watching every other friggin sport with a playoff system since I was 5 years old.


Unfamiliar? No, I'm rather familiar with how college football has set up their championship game all my life. Its stupid. There's a reason every other team sport has a playoff system.
2012-06-26 05:20:02 PM  
1 vote:

IAmRight: boyofd: Which is my long-winded way of saying, I can't see how a 4-loss team is going to be included in an 8-team tournament.

Because if there's anything the playoff field creep in every other NCAA sport has shown us, it's that the playoff field will stop at a reasonable level, rather than continually expand in order to maximize revenue.

So we should object to a 4 or 8-team playoff because 16 would be too many? Good logic.
2012-06-26 05:14:17 PM  
1 vote:

A Fark Handle: umad: It is asinine to use subjective methods to determine who is better when we can just put them on the field together and let them objectively prove who is best or got the most breaks that day as only a fool would think that the winning team in a single game is always the best team and that randomness/luck have nothing to do with the outcomes of a football game and sometimes the better team loses.


Right, which brings us full circle because of just how often one game makes or breaks a season.
2012-06-26 05:04:20 PM  
1 vote:

A Fark Handle: and there even less information in a playoff bracket.

That's true. I just don't like hearing about how we're ruining the sanctity of the regular season. Because there isn't much sanctity. If you want the absolute best team crowned, you should be pushing for more regular season games and more scheduling parity, probably with the NCAA or some other body setting everyone's schedule.

A Fark Handle: but at least all the casual sports fans will have another bracket to fill out and gamble on...

It's not just casual fans. Everyone (except for the few oldschool power conference team fans who hate a system that doesn't benefit their team as much) thinks a playoff would be awesome to watch. You might not think it's fair, but you can't tell me it won't be awesome football.
2012-06-26 04:37:51 PM  
1 vote:

BigJake: Dafatone: "we're going to go out there, and we're going to win every single game, and we're going to... come in third!"

You say that like anything that's not a title is a booby prize. It isn't. Winning a Rose Bowl is awesome. Winning a Sugar Bowl is awesome. Winning a lot of the mid-tier bowls is an accomplishment, if not awesome. In a sport with 120 teams those things are significant.

Dafatone: EVERY OTHER SPORT (in this country) ends in a tournament.


The players want a championship. The vast majority of fans want a championship. Done right, a playoff will make more money (you can keep the bowls as a separate end-of-season thing, with the BCS bowls being the playoff games or whatever). But a small contingent of fans want to keep college football working differently based on what, tradition?

12 games isn't NEARLY enough to determine who the best teams actually are. All this talk about the regular season not mattering if there's a playoff is right. The regular season SHOULDN'T matter as much as it does. There's not enough information there.
2012-06-26 01:09:25 PM  
1 vote:
College football players aren't paid? What's an athletic scholarship worth? 30k-40k per year? I'm pretty sure most people would take that.
2012-06-26 12:36:10 PM  
1 vote:

IAmRight: HeadLever: While you are correct there, at least we are moving toward allowing more inclusion into the NC game and this will (hopefully) reduce the possibility of having an undefeated team left out simply because they are not a traditional power.

And simply because they played a schedule that 20 teams could go through undefeated.

Unless those teams are turning down invites from the SEC and Big 12 (hint, they aren't), this is just circular logic. "You aren't good enough because you don't play good enough schedules, and we won't schedule you because you aren't good enough."
2012-06-26 11:23:35 AM  
1 vote:

GoodyearPimp: The drumbeats for "this new system is terrible" are already starting. The only universally acceptable system is the one that declares (my team) the champion of the universe doesn't depend on subjective voting.

2012-06-26 10:57:26 AM  
1 vote:

A Fark Handle: Dafatone: /Man, an 8-16 team college football playoff would be AWESOME. Maybe it's not the most fair option. But it would be tons of epic.

yeah for the general sports fans that are only casual college football fans and loves gambling and brackets, a bracket will be great entertainment for a couple of weeks (of course completely over shadowed by that other gambling event called the nfl playoffs/super bowl). but it won't add much for a college football fan that already follows every week. hell it probably will detract from my enjoyment. fark a 12-4 team being crowned "champs" over a 15-1 team. ugh, stupid nfl light.

Let me guess, you're a fan of some traditional power team?

Because there's ABSOLUTELY NO REASON a team should be able to run the table and not have a shot at the championship. Kick them out of FCS if that's the case. How do you sit your kids down at the beginning of the season if you're a mid-major team, or a big east team (okay they do suck), or even a non-traditional power big12 or pac12 team, and say "we're going to go out there, and we're going to win every single game, and we're going to... come in third!"
2012-06-26 10:41:04 AM  
1 vote:
i've said it before and i'll say it again:

1) playoffs are not a panacea. and when it expands past four teams, that will be a sad day
2) the players deserve some cash, but that doesn't have to come from the schools
3) fark the ncaa!
2012-06-26 10:20:57 AM  
1 vote:
Rule #1 of the new system: Paying players is unacceptable but letting an assistant coach play Tickle Monster and rape boys in the football team's showers? No punishment.
2012-06-26 10:18:29 AM  
1 vote:
College football....modern day slavery.
2012-06-26 10:13:07 AM  
1 vote:
The drumbeats for "this new system is terrible" are already starting. The only universally acceptable system is the one that declares (my team) the champion of the universe.
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