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2012-06-25 10:34:37 AM  
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Subtle_Canary: My kids and I were watching the one in which Finn gets beat up by a Deer. The ending had me coughing when my 6 year old asked why the Deer wanted Princess Bubblegums sugar so bad and why she just didnt give it to him...

Did you cringe during Slumber Party Panic when the zombie went up to PB and said "Gimme some sugar, baby."?

The deer episode was so odd in the sense that most of the episode was rather forgettable. That is with the exception of the beginning:

*crunch! crunch!*
"... whatever."
2012-06-25 09:03:21 AM  
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Honest Bender: foo monkey: BumpInTheNight: Haven't heard of it, is this another one of those shows for stoners?

It's a children's cartoon.

It is absolutely not a children's cartoon. There is some very mature dialog and such in there... Maybe it might go over a child's head, but I have a hard time believing this show was made for kids. Teenagers maybe...

Yeah seriously. Off the top of my head:


1. The entire world is post-apocalyptic. The creators have made explicit that they're never going to explain the apocalypse, but we've had glimpses (such as the Ice King's origin, see below) that reveal it to have been at least partially nuclear.

2. Some characters have terrifyingly bizarre backstories, e.g. Peppermint Butler who is apparently so powerful a dark magic that Death himself adores him, and that he threatens to consume Finn & Jake's souls while they sleep.

3. The Rainbowcorns, the people of Jake's girlfriend, have been repeatedly shown as eaters of human flesh, to the point they tried to murder Finn.

4. The Ice King, long played as a comic character in his delusional and endless quest for princesses to love, was revealed to be a terrifyingly sad man from the era right before the apocalypse. He was an archaeologist, and a magical crown he put on allowed him to survive the apocalypse and nuclear winter, even as his wife (his "Princess", as he called her) was killed. His comic actions, then, are the epitome of pathological. His craving for princesses less a joke, and more a horrifying reminder of the trauma of survivor guilt.

5. Beemo, the stars' living video game console, apparently has enslaved and captured magical creatures in his belly for their amusement. There is not even a hint that they deserved this; instead, it is heavily implied Beemo is somewhat evil for doing so.

6. In one episode, to entertain Finn on his birthday, Jake stages an elaborate Murder on a Train sequence that includes visceral skeletons of each murder victim. Apparently, each of the Candy Kingdom citizens has a skeleton beneath their candy flesh.

I could go on, but this isn't a kid's show. Or, at least, it isn't just a kid's show. It's clearly intended more along the lines of The Muppet Show, i.e. something kids can watch with siblings or parents and have everyone be engaged.
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