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(LiveLeak)   How many cans of cat food can you put on your cat's head?   ( divider line
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5450 clicks; posted to Video » on 23 Jun 2012 at 11:38 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-06-23 05:02:10 AM  
Pretty sure that's a stuffed cat. Even a live cat would react slightly.
2012-06-23 05:21:51 AM  
actually, i think it's in japan, and probably does this all the time, so cat just doesn't give a fark
2012-06-23 09:24:10 AM  

Bathia_Mapes: Pretty sure that's a stuffed cat. Even a live cat would react slightly.

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I find your rack of faith dishturbing!
2012-06-23 11:52:22 AM  
That's an adorable cat, and I don't even like cats.
2012-06-23 11:54:31 AM  
Looks an awful lot like one of these to me.

2012-06-23 12:50:03 PM  
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2012-06-23 01:09:17 PM  
Stuffed like your mom on a Saturday night.
2012-06-23 01:40:11 PM  
Sleeping with 5 cans of cat food on your head isn't normal, but on catnip it is.
2012-06-23 01:46:12 PM  
It's dead, Jim.
2012-06-23 03:18:05 PM  
Nah, there is a few vids around with this cat being totally chilled out with stuff being put on its head. I was quite stunned the first time that I saw it actually move.
2012-06-23 03:39:09 PM  

Bathia_Mapes: Pretty sure that's a stuffed cat. Even a live cat would react slightly.

Nah. I have a cat who's completely bi-polar (for lack of a better term). He'll spend hours running around the house like he's tweaking on some bizzare mixture of uppers... and then fall dead asleep. Seriously, when he sleeps its like he's putting an *effort* into it. I could easily stack stuff on him when he's in that state.

That farker is either way up or way down.

He's not named "crazy eyes" for nothing.
2012-06-23 05:15:09 PM  
Freaking Japanese people. They don't even have normal relationships with household pets these days.

That poor island's been exposed to too much radiation.
2012-06-23 06:59:52 PM  
Here's the YouTube channel the video was stolen from, just in case anyone was wondering. This dude is always stacking things on top of his cats.
2012-06-23 07:57:54 PM  
I didn't have to know what this video was about (and didn't see the Amazon box until after seeing the cat), but I knew just by the face that this was a cat in Japan.

Not Ziggy Stardust, either.
2012-06-23 09:29:47 PM  
Empty cans.
2012-06-24 02:17:42 AM  
Empty cat.
2012-06-24 07:57:18 PM  
chzichcafterdark.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2012-06-24 09:18:03 PM  
This made me happy: "Lazy cat
farks given=0"

I'll be back in a few min with another idea that makes me happy
2012-06-24 09:31:08 PM  
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