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(The Smoking Gun)   Stunning blonds, the world's best dad, Sideshow Bob and more. It's this week's Mugshot Roundup   (thesmokinggun.com) divider line 166
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2012-06-22 07:55:33 PM  

Mrs. Voorhes?
2012-06-22 08:20:46 PM  

Ferris Bueller starts off the new sequel a little down on his luck.
2012-06-22 08:21:30 PM  

AdolfOliverPanties: [i.cdn.turner.com image 625x471]

Mrs. Voorhes?

First thing I thought of.
2012-06-22 08:21:51 PM  

2012-06-22 08:23:25 PM  
Me like.
2012-06-22 08:24:43 PM  
2 and 11 for sure. Not sure if 16 is female or not.
2012-06-22 08:25:39 PM  

MeinRS6: [i.imgur.com image 500x625]

Ferris Bueller starts off the new sequel a little down on his luck.

2012-06-22 08:25:40 PM  
I make this look good.

2012-06-22 08:25:46 PM  
Arrested for being in the goddamned High School Musical movies:

2012-06-22 08:26:22 PM  

bim1154: 2 and 11 for sure. Not sure if 16 is female or not.

We agree. Is #9 Heamer?
2012-06-22 08:26:54 PM  
If the world's best dad grew his hair out, he could be a good friend of mine. And if said friend made it to a Mugshot Roundup, I'd be jumping for joy because it would mean that psycho hosebeast biatch of a wife of his was found facedown in the mud of the Potomac.

\seriously, she's farkin nuts
2012-06-22 08:27:29 PM  
oh man, there are some good ones this week.
2012-06-22 08:28:15 PM  
Looks like a bunch of community correctables to me.

Except for #4.

Looks like someone who owes a career to someone...

2012-06-22 08:28:17 PM  
Arrested for tresspassing...at a bukakke porno shoot.

2012-06-22 08:28:37 PM  
number 7 has to be guilty of something. It's a good thing they arrested her.
2012-06-22 08:29:05 PM  
From a French grammar Nazi:
blond = male
blonde = female
2012-06-22 08:29:09 PM  

AdolfOliverPanties: [i.cdn.turner.com image 625x471]

Mrs. Voorhes?

Thank you!

I couldn't figure it out and it was driving me nuts
2012-06-22 08:30:09 PM  
My overall impression of tonight's lineup is

2012-06-22 08:30:15 PM  
#2 keeps looking at me with those "pull your cock out" look.
2012-06-22 08:30:35 PM  
Manos had some kids with those many wives, eh? But where does Torgo fit in?

2012-06-22 08:30:57 PM  
mccain. yeee haw!!
2012-06-22 08:31:05 PM  
#2 and I will be in my bunk
2012-06-22 08:31:30 PM  
James Brown LIVES!
2012-06-22 08:33:16 PM  
Swear i saw little richy
2012-06-22 08:34:24 PM  
2012-06-22 08:35:36 PM  
2012-06-22 08:35:43 PM  
Ouch. The years have not been kind to Emo...

2012-06-22 08:35:47 PM  

ahh, close enough
2012-06-22 08:35:54 PM  
I'm sure we can all agree that the hotness of this week's round-up is severely lacking. I mean, the closest thing to being even remotely attractive in an alternate reality when they're not the subject of a mugshot would be #4, and that's really only because he's got blue eyes, brown hair and a goatee. The "tongue" would probably ruin any of those potentially redeeming qualities however. I mean, a cheap tongue brush costs only a few dollars and can practically last a decade.
2012-06-22 08:36:54 PM  

Durendal: Arrested for being in the goddamned High School Musical movies:

Trying to kill bart Simpson?
2012-06-22 08:37:31 PM  

MrHappyRotter: My overall impression of tonight's lineup is


I made you out of clay.......


With PENIS I will play....
2012-06-22 08:39:55 PM  
2012-06-22 08:40:07 PM  
2012-06-22 08:40:07 PM  
Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!
2012-06-22 08:40:28 PM  

MeinRS6: Ferris Bueller starts off the new sequel a little down on his luck.

I was thinking, "This is shat happens when you betray William Wallace."
2012-06-22 08:40:48 PM  
On second thought, after a haircut and several consecutive hot showers, #8 would do in a pinch.
2012-06-22 08:41:58 PM  
It's time like these you learn to live again....
2012-06-22 08:42:22 PM  

RibbyK: Me like.

She Like


2012-06-22 08:42:26 PM  
Cocaine's a Hell of a drug
2012-06-22 08:43:50 PM  
The oil has hit the anus....and this guy then licked it.
2012-06-22 08:46:23 PM  
Why didn't they ever post this crying bozo?


Looks like he reaped the rewards of criminal activity!
2012-06-22 08:47:05 PM  
It seems Ashton cannot stay out of truoble without Demi around
2012-06-22 08:48:08 PM  

I'm betting he didn't pay money for that shirt.
2012-06-22 08:49:58 PM  

/wants his ring back
2012-06-22 08:50:34 PM  

Dude! Like I am going to miss the A.M. set at the pier; this is so not copacetic.
2012-06-22 08:51:15 PM  
2012-06-22 08:52:01 PM  

RexTalionis: [i.cdn.turner.com image 500x618]
James Brown LIVES!

Glad to see I wasn't the first to note the similarity.
2012-06-22 08:52:29 PM  

Rufus Lee King:

I wonder if they put him in cell #222?
2012-06-22 08:54:06 PM  
keoki82 /wants his ring back

YES!!! Well done.
2012-06-22 08:54:38 PM  

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