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(Daily Mail)   Drunk woman blames her GPS after getting car stuck in golf course sand trap. To be fair her destination was the 19th hole   ( divider line
    More: Dumbass, GPS, Warren Jeffs, hot dog cart, Quaker Oats  
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2012-06-20 09:40:45 PM  
remote.lohudblogs.comView Full Size

Does not approve
2012-06-20 10:28:00 PM Full Size

2012-06-20 11:20:33 PM  
Wow, subby... I'll bet you put in a good 5 or 6 seconds' effort coming up with that one...
2012-06-20 11:54:45 PM  
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2012-06-20 11:55:12 PM  
jadecrew.comView Full Size
2012-06-20 11:57:27 PM  
Recalculating.......turn right NOW
2012-06-20 11:58:13 PM  
Is that a hook or a slice?
2012-06-20 11:58:56 PM  
This is why I love golf.
2012-06-20 11:59:26 PM  
Technology has not driven me into a lake, but the GoogleMaps on my phone has driven me into a few dead ends.
2012-06-20 11:59:49 PM  
I remember when my GPS directed me to go into the women's changing room at the local strip club, as if it happened yesterday...
2012-06-21 12:00:39 AM  
All of the requisite jokes have been made. I guess I'll just call this woman a drunken idiot.
2012-06-21 12:03:43 AM  

ArkAngel: Does not approve

All downhill from here...
2012-06-21 12:06:12 AM  
As I posted that a commercial came on.

/Talking Heads

// I'm on a road to nowhere

2012-06-21 12:06:53 AM  

That's my favorite Mayhem. It's the offhand way he spouts 'recalculating' out there.
2012-06-21 12:10:37 AM  
'Ms Maione stated that she did not even like golf.'

Well, there ya go. She must be innocent. No one who doesn't like golf would drunkenly drive onto a golf course.
2012-06-21 12:10:53 AM  
"Maione also failed a field sobriety test."
2012-06-21 12:16:10 AM  
Ok ok, so it is a case of drunk driving, she can't deny it. Sure it's not because she's a sucker in playing golf.
2012-06-21 12:19:37 AM  
Some local dirtbags just make it too easy for law enforcement to get them.
2012-06-21 12:28:18 AM  
If I found her in a bunker, I'd get relief by jacking off in her face.
2012-06-21 12:33:28 AM  

jeblis: "Maione also failed a field sobriety test."

What the test may have looked like:

2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

2012-06-21 12:35:36 AM  
I'm sure there a joke about vagina and sand here. But I just finished watching 4 straight hours of Futurama.

I'm pretty sure I'm less IQ now.
2012-06-21 12:42:52 AM  
It looks like it's 146 years old!
2012-06-21 02:06:16 AM  
"hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid!"
2012-06-21 03:32:58 AM  
My Town.. It has finally made the big time on fark.
2012-06-21 03:39:32 AM  

skiinstructor: "hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid!"

Reality or movie?
2012-06-21 03:54:00 AM  
Geez, not one golfer had the courtesy to lend her their sand wedge.
2012-06-21 04:18:06 AM  
imcdb.orgView Full Size

Crime scene photo.
2012-06-21 04:19:41 AM  
allfunpix.comView Full Size

2012-06-21 04:43:04 AM  
"You talkin' to me? I don't see no one else on did course. You must be talkin' to me." Full Size
2012-06-21 07:29:05 AM  

Mugato: "You talkin' to me? I don't see no one else on did course. You must be talkin' to me."

[ image 634x425]

Hahaha, I didn't notice that. Good one.
2012-06-21 07:44:16 AM  
Fark, I am disappoint.

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2012-06-21 08:55:53 AM  
At one of the golf courses I play, the cart path at one point crosses a driveway leading into a small housing development, then parallels it for a hole. Well beyond the cart path the driveway splits into 2 directions. Probably once every 1-2 weeks a car ends up driving down the cart path, usually by a senior citizen who gets confused and thinks "take the first left after turning onto the driveway" means the cart path.
2012-06-21 10:02:32 AM  
"I hit a damn... lake.

The officer actually asked 'Have you been drinking?'

No, I ran out of gas! If I'd filled up I could have made it all the way across!"
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