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5995 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-15 12:04:52 AM  
2001-11-15 12:12:21 AM  
2001-11-15 12:13:29 AM  
Meh. I liked Hyakugojyuuichi! better.
2001-11-15 12:15:01 AM  
Can someone tell me why i wasted my time watching that flash crap?
2001-11-15 12:16:08 AM  
I wonder how much more badly cut out pop culture icons that crap could have crammed in there. I remember hearing that song like 5 years ago... maybe thats what ruined it.
2001-11-15 12:17:29 AM  
every new one of these is even worse than the one that came before. crap begets crap.
2001-11-15 12:20:14 AM  
dude that was pure genius
i give that guy more credit than i will ever give britney spears
2001-11-15 12:20:24 AM  
what the hell language was that...
2001-11-15 12:21:57 AM  
Ah trapezoid, your animutations are a delightful balance between the midly disturbing and the utterly peverse (Zero Mustel is utterly ruined for me now!). Not your best work (seems a little slow paced compared to the tour-de-force that was Kung Fu Phil) but still an enjoyable piece of work.
2001-11-15 12:21:58 AM  
shiat LANGUAGE!!!!
2001-11-15 12:22:04 AM  
I don't know what language that was either, Lbo, but obviously the animator has learned NOTHING from the Pokemon seizure fiasco of a few years ago.

damn, if you have epilepsy, do NOT watch this thing!

actually, don't watch this thing, anyway!
2001-11-15 12:28:59 AM  
sounded like german
2001-11-15 12:30:11 AM  
2001-11-15 12:33:53 AM  
Cool. I like this one better than some of the others.
Last one's Colin chorus rocked. Great idea.
2001-11-15 12:42:09 AM  
Wow. That was very scary... and wrong for some reason...
2001-11-15 01:13:27 AM  
To quote a Fatboy Slim song:

"Michael Jackson, look what you've done!"
2001-11-15 01:18:05 AM  
Well, I enjoyed it. Catchy tune, too.
2001-11-15 01:33:05 AM  
Pure genius!
Then again, I like the Residents, so 99% of the world can't stand my music anyway
2001-11-15 01:38:22 AM  
I highly recommend Dash from Very Low Sodium
2001-11-15 01:48:06 AM  
I love it.

Trapezoid, you are my hero.
2001-11-15 01:50:52 AM  
Thanks to Fark I have thrown away 10 mins and 34 secs of my life away to these crazy ass music videos. :)
2001-11-15 02:00:14 AM  
Yes! And Space Ghost gets a mention! demands were met...
2001-11-15 02:01:19 AM  
would it really be that hard to put the "puppet mouth" where's ernie's actual mouth is? so as bad as the others. points for making jackie chan dance, but not enough to be worth downloading.
2001-11-15 02:16:02 AM  
2001-11-15 02:16:16 AM  
2001-11-15 02:16:52 AM  
fu<k ?
2001-11-15 02:29:57 AM  
okay... that was funny as hell... weird and twisted, but funny. now could someone PLEASE translate that?
2001-11-15 02:50:58 AM  
Hey, can anyone link me to Threebeans? I never got to see it.
2001-11-15 03:09:39 AM  
Don't know about threebeans, but check this one out. The "Hypothermia" song is great.
2001-11-15 03:13:14 AM  
I have been traumatized.
2001-11-15 04:19:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Dude, what the hell is wrong with German people?"

Not bad at all, I enjoyed it, the references were great (Pop-up Homer!), but CAN WE GET A TRANSLATION PLEASE!
2001-11-15 04:26:00 AM  
Was that "Rubber Ducky"?
2001-11-15 05:02:02 AM  
That is the German version of "Rubber Ducky". The translation from German to English is actually "Squeaky Ducky" though.
2001-11-15 05:09:00 AM  
i am dieter, welcome to my dance party
2001-11-15 05:14:40 AM  
Here is the address to the German lyrics. I can see some bad internet translations in the future....

German lyrics

In case the link does not work...
2001-11-15 06:26:20 AM  
Do you want to touch my monkey?
2001-11-15 06:29:28 AM  
Totally of topic but......

Does any one know where I can find Hong Kong Phooey T-shirts and other merchandise????
2001-11-15 06:51:48 AM  
Candypink: Negativland used the sample first. Sigh...everybody is always ripping off the little guys....

Neil, you're the shiat. Keep up the good work.
2001-11-15 07:02:20 AM  
Mibbees - No I don't, but let me know if you find any. I love HKP.
1 of my photoshops.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-15 07:07:07 AM  
what da fark?
2001-11-15 07:20:38 AM  
People: !!!! There has been, a how shall we say, developement to the bunny. Go now!
2001-11-15 07:32:11 AM  
that sucked fatty cock
2001-11-15 07:48:54 AM  
Sure thing Red Bull.....if I see any I'll let you know!!!
2001-11-15 07:50:32 AM  
PS - like your email addy!!!!

Where abouts in the UK r yah??
2001-11-15 07:53:48 AM  
What the hell!! Get this shiat outta here.

2001-11-15 07:54:15 AM  
Sidecrab, I didn't notice any difference at Poke the bunny. What was the change?
2001-11-15 08:10:40 AM  
From the Altavista translate page.

Oh, that is for me the most beautiful on the whole day:
a bath tub fully water, full foam and I in the middle in it,
a piece of soap, and a face-cloth, and then down with the dirt.
Here I have a new bath brush and thus can I the backs schrubben itself.
And that is a soft, chubby towel here,
so that I can dry myself afterwards.
But then it gives evenly still somewhat,
which makes the bath tub the most beautiful workstation in the whole world.
Can you you think, what it is?
It is very, much, good friend of me,
yes, my quite special favourite is that.

Quietsche duckling, only with you
plansche I so gladly here.
2001-11-15 08:26:19 AM  
2001-11-15 08:27:18 AM  
I mean sweater. I don't need any more sea water or whatever. It's Princess Leia, the Yodel of Life!
2001-11-15 09:15:12 AM  
Umm...that was just stupid. I don't think there are any other words for it...just stupid.
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