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(Evansville Courier Press)   Naked Spider-Man, Naked Spider-Man, runs straight through a glass door as fast as he can, is he drunk, or off his head, no there's just a spider in his bed, it's the Naked Spider-Maaaaan   ( divider line
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2012-06-12 11:52:38 PM  

Driver: If you really want to be rid of a Spider...

[ image 196x311]


2012-06-13 12:11:46 AM  
if he's naked how can you tell he's spiderman?
2012-06-13 12:15:09 AM  

Bucky Katt: if he's naked how can you tell he's spiderman?

No belly button?
2012-06-13 12:24:38 AM  
Fifty-odd comments and nobody's brought this out yet?

Yer slippin', people....

/ actually I rather like spiders...
// as long as they don't bite me, that is...
2012-06-13 05:14:42 AM  
When I was 17 I was horribly terrified of spiders. One night I was getting ready for bed and spotted one in my room. Decent-sized wolf spider. I managed to get up the courage to kill it and was so damn proud of myself until I turned to get in bed.

Two. TWO of the farking things IN MY GODDAMN BED.

I killed them, grabbed a pillow and blanket and went to sleep on the living room couch. Confused my mom when she got up to go to the bathroom and saw me there.

/That poor guy is NEVER going to hear the end of it
//Better him than me
2012-06-13 06:15:44 AM  
I'm sorry subby, I'd love to give you a smart and funny vote but Fark doesn't offer that option... yet.
2012-06-13 06:45:04 AM  

Satan's Dumptruck Driver: I once twisted the dried leaves off of the top of a tomato. I turned around to cut said tomato. Then I turned around again to the trash can, saw the dried tomato leaves sitting on top of the trash, thought it was a spider and jumped back. This all occurred over a10 second interval.

In 2010 I dreamed that a black widow was lowering itself towards my bed. In my dream I jumped up to turn on the lights. I then woke up standing next to my front door-- having actually jumped out of bed, walked around and turned on the lights in my living room.

The first time I ever found a black widow in my home I canceled my dinner plans so that I could go to the hardware store to buy: 1) Raid, 2) a lighter. I killed the spider with the Raid with a 10-second continous blast. And then I set the egg sacs on fire. I might as well have put on a helmet and kevlar armor. The reaction could not have been much more over-the-top.

I like to think it is a survival mechanism encoded in the same genes that make me the hulk of a man that I am. But the reality is that I'm just not tough.

This is why humans were never meant to live in Arizona.
2012-06-13 08:29:28 AM  
2 weeks ago, I set my alarm for 4:30 am for work and when it went off, I vaulted out of bed and rolled into our closet. I woke up laughing and my wife was all "wtf, dude"
2012-06-13 03:46:01 PM  

Bucky Katt: if he's naked how can you tell he's spiderman? Full Size
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