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(Drudge)   Party of nine find wild boar in the forest and eat it. Ebola ensues   ( divider line
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20320 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Nov 2003 at 11:22 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-10 10:51:56 AM  
Hakuna Matata
2003-11-10 11:13:26 AM  
Except Lisa Simpson, she preferred the moss on the rocks.
2003-11-10 11:27:05 AM  

2003-11-10 10:51:56 AM HenryFnord

Hakuna Matata

She wants to EAT ME!
2003-11-10 11:27:58 AM  
Party of 9 was my favorite show. I hope Bailey didn't get sick.
2003-11-10 11:31:05 AM  
Hey - look dead, rotting meat - let's EAT!

They must've been crappy hunters - it's the CONGO!

smart kid though "no, Dad, I don't think so, YOU eat the bacon and we'll see what happens."
2003-11-10 11:31:18 AM  
These shoes are Ebola!
2003-11-10 11:31:30 AM  
Oy, talk about non-kosher.

not jewish
2003-11-10 11:33:53 AM  
"I say Ebola, you say..."
2003-11-10 11:35:53 AM  
...fuel-air explosion.
2003-11-10 11:36:02 AM  
Only the schoolboy survived by refusing to eat the animal. Must have been the schooling.
Eduacation is the key.
2003-11-10 11:40:50 AM  
They didn't find it, as per the headline...
and the kid wouldn't have died anyway, even the worst strain kills only 90%, and of a party of ten...
2003-11-10 11:41:17 AM  
Everything bad in the universe starts out in the Congo.
2003-11-10 11:43:21 AM  
Egad... the boar was "found dead", geez.. they just decided to eat road kill? Er.. I mean forest kill.. that seems like certain death to me, ebola or no ebola.
2003-11-10 11:43:24 AM  
infected monkey meat
Those 3 words made the article. infected monkey meat They're going to be in my head all day infected monkey meat. I'm not going to be able to think of anything else infected monkey meat. I mean really the consumption of infected monkey meat They could talk about 120 deaths all day & all I'ld hear was infected monkey meat.
2003-11-10 11:43:47 AM  
Her name was Lola, she had ebola....
2003-11-10 11:44:12 AM  
Randall Flagg is your friend, and he will be visiting sooner than you think.
2003-11-10 11:44:45 AM  
Step 1- Eating dead rotten pig in the forest
Step 2- ?
Step 3- Ebola virus
2003-11-10 11:48:49 AM  
spelling education wrong was very subtle yet humorous
2003-11-10 11:49:02 AM  
Hey Look! Scrapple nuk nuk nuk
2003-11-10 11:51:26 AM  
Sounds like a lovely forest.Don't forget to feel the birds.t
2003-11-10 11:53:17 AM  
The rules are simple. If you are a hunter...there ought to be some killing involved.
2003-11-10 11:54:00 AM  
"feel the birds.t " ?

is that soem sort of gay porn reference.. cuz i totally get it.

errm wait a sec
2003-11-10 11:55:29 AM  
"Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts
Mutilated monkey meat
Chopped up baby birdie feet
Great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts
And I forgot my spoon...
Gotta straw! Slurp!"

Popular schoolyard song when I was in school.
2003-11-10 11:57:08 AM  
buzzards have bald heads for a reason.
2003-11-10 11:57:30 AM  
Werbal, shouldn't there be PROFIT! in there somewhere too?
2003-11-10 11:59:12 AM  
Found dead in the wilds. Apparently even the animals wouldn't eat it. Proof that animals evolved from humans.
2003-11-10 11:59:38 AM  
I always hear "ebola" in my head yodeled like in the Ricola commercials.

2003-11-10 12:01:03 PM  
9 fewer rednecks of the Congo now.
2003-11-10 12:01:38 PM  
There seems to be some confusion here. The hunters didn't find the boar dead -- they killed it. The people that found the dead hunters also found the dead boar.

Now if some americans vacationing in the congo killed and ate a boar, they'd be dumbasses, but if you live in the congo, you can't really be a dumbass for eating there too.
2003-11-10 12:02:27 PM  
this just in: The Congo sucks.
2003-11-10 12:09:11 PM  
That one schoolboy refused to touch it.
What a little pantywaste.

grabs a ham sammich.
2003-11-10 12:17:33 PM  
Speaking of viruses, what assfark wrote the promos for this week's 24? "You'll never guess what happens!" Yes I will, dumbass, you just freaking SHOWED ME what happens!
2003-11-10 12:24:43 PM  
FYI - Neo dies (so does Trinity)
2003-11-10 12:27:28 PM  
Don't you know it is illegal to kill and eat wild pig in the king's forest? (Robin Hood, Men in Tights)
2003-11-10 12:28:30 PM  
FYI- nobody farking cares pchristle
2003-11-10 12:31:57 PM  
did they eat wild boar?
2003-11-10 12:34:00 PM  
3 words Infected Monkey Meat.
2003-11-10 12:34:13 PM  
The disease damages the blood vessels and brain and can cause bleeding, diarrhoea, and shock

And death. How could you miss the death?
2003-11-10 12:39:46 PM  
Trinity and Neo share the boar and they both die?
2003-11-10 12:42:02 PM  
"...the nine people who had died so far were all members of a group of hunters who ate meat collected from a wild boar found dead in the forest."

Just trying to clear up any confusion.
2003-11-10 12:52:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-11-10 12:56:08 PM  
I hope Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn't get sick because if she loses any more weight she will be just a skeleton with huge boobs! Wait a second.....that doesn't sound so bead after all......

Fark a Duckk
2003-11-10 01:04:20 PM  
Bleach! rotten meat!
The boar corpse was tainted! You feel deathly sick.

Do you want your possessions identified?[ynq](n)
2003-11-10 01:04:33 PM  
Not to be callous or morbid, but if they did die of ebola, this is good news. We've been busting our rumps trying to figure out the etiology of this disease - what are its vectors; how does the first victim contract it?

Maybe it's something in the soil or a carrion-loving insect. They might be closer to eradicating the disease, thanks to this discovery.

But on the other hand, just to be callous and morbid:

I got it when I ate a dead boar in the wood,
then my skin turned purple and my eyes spurted blood,
from Ebo-la
B-o-l-a bo-la,
la-la, la-la bo-la...
2003-11-10 01:10:16 PM  
Mmm.. Monkeys
2003-11-10 01:12:26 PM  
Ahm gwana gib bootea, ba-bee. Pass the boar.
2003-11-10 01:14:02 PM  
I hear ebola really adds a nice flavor to the meat. And, then you die.
2003-11-10 01:21:22 PM  
Can I get some of those monkey noses on the side? Hold the fries...
2003-11-10 01:21:28 PM  
diarrhoea - Excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces, usually indicating gastrointestinal distress or disorder caused by eating rotting boars.
2003-11-10 01:22:20 PM  
"and after tonight's main course of "Found Dead Boar", we are featuring another risky treat, this one from Japan, called "Fugu"!
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