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(io9)   Five places that could become U.S. States in your lifetime   ( divider line
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17611 clicks; posted to Geek » on 09 Jun 2012 at 12:18 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-06-09 11:31:30 PM  

Mentat: StoneColdAtheist: Maybe even Kenya. Polls done there over the years show steady support to join the USA. I lived there as a kid and can assure you they'd drop trou in a New York second to become a state. It may seem weird, but Kenyans really, truly and deeply, admire the USA. Oh, and we could then give Diego Garcia back to the Brits.


[ image 500x333]

LOL...yeah. I lived for a while less than 20 miles from where President Obama is DAD is from. Yeah...that's it...his Dad!!! ;^)
2012-06-10 02:19:31 AM  

Bunnyhat: I don't doubt that in this century we'll see a sort of Pan-America Union North American Combine that includes Canada, USA, Mexico, and a bunch of the Caribbean.
I think it's going to start with Mexico though. Sooner or later the Mexican government is simply not going to be able to keep even the most rudimentary hold over the drug lords they do now. One of those drug lords will cross the line, the border, and do something so awful to a group of people in the USA that might be considered normal in Mexico. The Mexican government will prove themselves powerless to do anything about it and the USA will send in the army.


/ counterbalanced by the the Paneuropean Federation, of course...
2012-06-10 03:47:19 AM  

Dougie AXP: I was fairly certain that no state can be divided from an existing state. That's why that one city in Cali that wants to break away and govern itself will never farking happen.

It's also why Texas, who a lot of texans believe can be split into 5 different states, will also never farking happen.

As for the article: PR is the only one I remotely see happening and just because we like even numbers, if the right conditions occurred...MAYBE, MAYBE Cuba

A state can technically split from another state, but it does require not only a vote from the "secessionist" group but also explicit approval by the legislature of the state where the territory is being split from.

Pretty much the only three historic examples post-Constitution of 1787 are Kentucky (formerly Transylvania County of Virginia), Maine (formerly the Maine District of Massachusetts), and West Virginia; the first two were for all intents and purposes counties that were quasi-territories of their parent states.

Only Kentucky could be seen as having been admitted as a state in anything remotely approaching a compromise (and even THEN it may well have been spawned by the independent "State of Franklin" forming in what is now eastern Tennessee); Maine's statehood came about via the Missouri Compromise (as the "free state" partnered with the admission of Missouri as a "slave state"--the whole issue was holding up Missouri's application for statehood).

West Virginia, which is the final state to have been admitted that was formerly part of another state, came about in a MOST unusual manner that was really only technically legal due to the Civil War. Virginia, much like Kentucky and Missouri, actually had competing Union and Confederate state governments--what happened in the case of West Virginia is that the "Union state government in exile" got itself recognised by the US government as the legitimate state government (as opposed to the Confederate government of Virginia which had voted for secession), and then the "Union rump government" voted to have the part of Virginia controlled by Union loyalists to secede from the rest of the state considered in active rebellion (and said rump government ALSO voted in the affirmative on behalf of Virginia approving secession as the legally recognised state legislature according to the US government)...pretty much it was an epic bending of the spirit of the law in regards to splitting states from other states, and short of a Second Civil War would never be a functional manner of splitting a state government off.

Nowadays, it's possible but very unlikely for a state to split into two states; the usual cases involve urbanised areas with a large tax base proposing splitting into their own states separate from a state that is largely rural or suburban but heavily depends on these urbanised areas for a tax base (the New York City and Long Island secession proposals fall under this, as does the Chicago split and even some of the California split proposals). The most realistic proposal I've honestly seen that has anything close to a hope in hell would probably be California splitting into two or three states--and that's just because there are multiple large urbanised areas with big tax bases in California.
2012-06-10 10:03:49 AM  

TwistedIvory: What about Guam and the Virgin Islands?

2012-06-10 10:07:46 AM  
Frack that, go for Mexico, they got oil.
2012-06-10 12:49:13 PM  

cman: cman: Cuba?

Yeah, somehow I doubt that.

As for the UK, I doubt the Brits would accept it. Being defeated in a rebellion is one thing, but then being placed under the control of your former biatch is another.


we could mandate that bobbies (british cops) wear guns.
2012-06-10 01:03:10 PM  

vudukungfu: TwistedIvory: What about Guam and the Virgin Islands?


No, not "this". Neither Guam nor the VI have sufficient population to justify a "state".

What I could see happen is that Guam, American Samoa, the CNMI, and the other various American Pacific Islands be wrapped up in a Greater Hawaii state; basically as additional counties to the State of Hawaii.

An obvious "solution" to VI statehood is to join it to Puerto Rico, although this is a bit more problematic in that culturally VI is quite distinct from PR.
2012-06-10 02:16:43 PM
2012-06-10 02:27:11 PM  

flaminio: Neither Guam nor the VI have sufficient population to justify a "state".

Neither does Wyoming, but we let them in. :)
2012-06-10 03:05:01 PM  

ArkAngel: Probably not.
Not a chance.
Ain't happening.
Are you serious?
What are you smoking?

That sums up exactly what I was thinking. Yep
2012-06-10 03:24:46 PM  
1. Sure, why not.
2. No, NYC is already full of itself...and it is not that big in comparison to other cites. Deal with it.
3. Just friggin' give DC to MD...
4. Cuba, sure...ask Haiti & the Dominican Republic while you're at it.
5. Nah, we don't want the UK any more than we'd want Australia. Might as well say Canada.

Mexico - ask them to join...much of their population & culture are already here.
They might like us to help in the drug wars more directly.
And the border would be MUCH smaller. ("Those damn Gautemalians coming across the border")
Then we could build a canal across Veracruz and Oaxaca

Might as well create a North American unity, as they have the European Union.
2012-06-11 03:29:30 AM  
Considering that many regions voted to stay in Canada by a large margin in the last Quebec referendum in '95, there was talk about the capacity of specific regions to separate from the newly formed republic. As it failed, the question remained unanswered.

But that referendum had a general result around 50.58% no - 49.42 yes, by less than 55 000 votes. So close that no nation on this planet would've accepted this close of a result (well we do hope they would not) without a second vote.

Sovereignty is definetly a very polarizing issue, but right now it would be very dumb, as the Quebec government can make by with transfer payments from the federal, money mostly coming from Alberta and its oil sands.
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