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(Scientific American)   Mmmmmm, monkey-cruel coffee   ( divider line
    More: Spiffy, palm oil, Nature Geoscience, canopy, United Nations Environment Programme, Fossils, cultivation, threatened species, apex predator  
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2971 clicks; posted to Geek » on 07 Jun 2012 at 12:19 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-06-07 12:01:08 PM  
Monkeys, schmunkies, I need my caffeine fix.
2012-06-07 12:29:31 PM
2012-06-07 12:43:13 PM
2012-06-07 12:57:22 PM  
I feel bad for animals like this, but, ultimately, it's natural selection and evolution. It's not my fault whoever created this planet was a complete and utter jerk.

/ ultimately, so is whatever impact our worldwide devastation has if we exceed any tipping points relevant to the parts of the ecosystem that help sustain us....
2012-06-07 01:12:51 PM  
Have we put enough points into tech yet? Can we survive ecosystemcrashtm?

Maybe we should research biome, colony ship or terraforming?

/time for a new way of thinking...
2012-06-07 01:23:28 PM  
Mmmmmm, monkey-cruel coffee

It's the richest, most aromatic kind.
2012-06-07 01:24:46 PM  
I haven't read SciAm in a while because of quality degradation, but I'm still surprised to see them publishing glorified political ads.
2012-06-07 01:29:22 PM  
I order my coffee beans directly from Jamaica, so I can be a smug douche about this story.
2012-06-07 01:29:55 PM  
2012-06-07 01:37:27 PM  
Not a problem for me.
I like my coffee like I like my presidents - Kenyan.
2012-06-07 02:13:27 PM  
Take THAT, lesser primate!
2012-06-07 02:25:48 PM

Won't SOMEBODY think of the Monkeys!?!?!?!

2012-06-07 03:00:32 PM  
When I have the choice, I try to buy shade-grown coffee. It makes me feel a little better.
2012-06-07 03:01:17 PM  

dittybopper: Mmmmmm, monkey-cruel coffee

It's the richest, most aromatic kind.

Is the coffee where cats eat the beans, then monkeys eat the cats, then someone has to turn the monkey inside out to get the beans?

2012-06-07 04:11:59 PM  
Shenanigans frowned upon etc.
/hot like the flung poo
2012-06-07 04:50:30 PM  
If we're killing them off anyway, how much for that sweet sweet monkey meat?

\sounds dirty
2012-06-07 05:45:18 PM  
I only drink coffee from the middle east and SEA. So fark you you farking fark.
2012-06-07 06:26:35 PM  
Monkeys be damned, I'd kill half of the people I know for that first cuppa joe!!!!!
2012-06-07 07:13:59 PM  
Not much on mesoamerican coffees. Ill drink pure kona (killing tree frogs in hawaii) if Im feeling fancy or arabica(killing african war orphans) if Im feeling cheap.
2012-06-07 07:59:01 PM  
The point is, everyone, that this is typical of what's trending worldwide, so don't pretend your chosen variety is ethically or environmentally superior.

TheOriginalEd: ...or arabica...

Where the fark do you think arabica beans are grown? Arabica vs. robusta, know your stuff. For practical purposes, they're just types, and any decent coffee is generally made with Coffea arabica.
2012-06-07 09:03:06 PM  
But how long do you have to lick its ass to get the bean?
2012-06-07 09:03:18 PM  
There are too many people on this planet.
2012-06-07 09:05:41 PM  

jaybeezey: If we're killing them off anyway, how much for that sweet sweet monkey meat?

\sounds dirty

Texas, please. Grown-ups are talking.
2012-06-08 09:14:22 AM  

kg2095: Do you consider any reporting of environmental issues to be political ads?

2012-06-10 03:45:27 PM  
I only drink certified monkey cruel coffee.
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