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(Screen Rant)   15 Batman villains that need a turn in the movies. Slideshow Man curiously missing   ( divider line
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2012-06-08 10:57:39 AM  

MessyDwarf: [ image 400x471]

Zsasz did get the movie treatment. Even if he was treated very poorly. Watch Batman Begins again.
2012-06-08 07:18:11 PM  

degenerate-afro: NeedlesslyCanadian: After TDKR, I'm not even itching for a new Batman film. I think it's high time for a new live-action series. No Adam West camp, make it every bit as dark as its comic source material

Adam West Batman was based off of the comic source material. Remember Batman didn't start turning "dark" until the 80s.

You don't have a single damned clue of what the flying fark you're talking about. Batman killed mofos in his first year. Robin was introduced to lighten him up due to the great number of children reading the comics back in the ass-end of the 30s, but Batman was a riff of the Shadow and the Spider, who weren't remotely campy.

Go learn your history, yo.

NeedlesslyCanadian: You're right, of course. Most people either forget that or don't know it, so generally it's easier to just not mention that bit at all. I haven't even read a lot from the period tbh; I find it hard to get into having been raised on the 'darker' Batman.

You, too.

Dumb-Ass-Monkey: 1969, the first Neal Adams / Denny O'Niel collaboration. They worked together to wipe the memory of the TV show out of people's minds, and bring back the noir feel of the 40s.

the 1973 Detective run also had the amazing Manhunter backup stories which led to many awards and gave Walt Simonson one hell of a career.

FINALLY, somebody that knows WTF he's talking about.

Madbassist1: Batman used to be very very dark before then. He murdered without thought or regret. That whole 'I won'r kill' shiat is relatively recent.

Hey, look at that, that's 2 actual Batman fans around here.

Also, Didio and Morrison are the *worst farking thing* to happen to Batman since the Silver Age ruined him like the two guys up top seem to think he's always been.
2012-06-08 08:36:37 PM  
Try actually reading some of the 60s comics, pal. They were camp, straight up.
2012-06-09 02:36:10 PM  

loonatic112358: KatjaMouse: bark_atda_moon: If either Elizabeth Banks or Kristen Bell can pull off Harley Quinn, that would get my vote.

I vote Kristen Bell. She's, like, baby sloth adorable which makes the bat-sh*t craziness all the more worth while.

but in character, she should sound more like Arleen Sorkins voice work

As a nice added bonus Kevin Smith said he had a conversation with Kristen Bell a few years ago where she said she loved the Harley Quinn character and wanted to play her in a movie.
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