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(Entertainment Weekly)   Get ready for SyFy's next monster fest, Arachnoquake, starring Tracey Gold and Edward Furlong against a giant spider invasion. WOO PACKERS PACKERS WON THE SUPERBOWL   ( divider line
    More: Spiffy, Edward Furlong, Tracey Gold, giant spider, Arachnoquake, bowels, spiders, growing pains  
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2654 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 06 Jun 2012 at 8:16 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-06-06 07:54:17 AM  
subby's been hittin the bewwws.
2012-06-06 08:20:45 AM  
Edward Furlong is still alive?
2012-06-06 08:22:00 AM  
You ROLLED on me!
2012-06-06 08:35:53 AM  

OldManDownDRoad: Edward Furlong is still alive?

Apparently. His career, not so much.
2012-06-06 08:38:09 AM  
If it doesn't star Lou Diamond Phillips, I ain't watching.
2012-06-06 08:40:50 AM  
Thank you for that MST3K reference.
2012-06-06 08:42:11 AM  
I'm going to put on a dashiki and blow your mind.
2012-06-06 08:42:42 AM  
what happened to TMLO? I haven't seen him for some time.
2012-06-06 08:45:38 AM  
Tracy Gold looks fat.

//for an anorexic chick
2012-06-06 08:54:27 AM  

max_pooper: If it doesn't star Lou Diamond Phillips, I ain't watching.

Better have Mark Dacascos in it too, or it's going to suck!
2012-06-06 09:00:19 AM  
Want a piece of milk?
2012-06-06 09:04:54 AM  

The English Major: Want a piece of milk?

It's befuddlin' my dumb cracker mind!
2012-06-06 09:05:05 AM  
You been hittin' the BOOZE again!

/one of my favorites
//the VW Bug decked out as a spider is AWESOME!
2012-06-06 09:05:23 AM  
It is headlines like this that make me proud to be a farker. Nice work subby.
2012-06-06 09:06:02 AM

Have you seen this boy? Since 1991?
2012-06-06 09:11:20 AM  
Well, Tracy, things can be worse for you. Like having to attend a Kirk Cameron birthday party.
2012-06-06 09:13:16 AM  

Kredal: [ image 299x293]

Have you seen this boy? Since 1991?

He was in American History X.
2012-06-06 09:14:03 AM  
I've seen more realistic spiders dangled from bits of string on halloween.
2012-06-06 09:14:26 AM  
I remember hearing about this movie. The director was talking about it, and he said "HEHAAAAA-AAHHHA-AAAAHJHHH!"
2012-06-06 09:16:50 AM  
US out of North America!

2012-06-06 09:27:46 AM  
I swear I listed this title ages ago in one of the FARK threads making fun of Syfy.
2012-06-06 09:28:01 AM  

gunga galunga: Well, Tracy, things can be worse for you. Like having to attend a Kirk Cameron birthday party.

Hey she might love Subway sandwiches. I bet if she RSVP'd they wouldn't even make her share.
2012-06-06 09:31:28 AM  

Cythraul: Kredal: [ image 299x293]

Have you seen this boy? Since 1991?

He was in American History X.


2012-06-06 09:32:28 AM  
Ya know, I have no desire to be an actor or to be famous. However, man, would I love to be a victim of one of the improbable beasts on the SyFy network, especially if there was a death scene where I got to thrash around a bit before I was crushed or consumed. Just throwing that out there.
2012-06-06 09:35:06 AM  
Nice MST3K ref.

2012-06-06 09:57:17 AM  
Jersey Shore shark movie this Saturday. I hope I don't have to riff solo. Nothing's worse than riffing solo. Nothing.
2012-06-06 09:59:58 AM  
"I'm in your head, man!"
"Pork vacuum!"
"Don't act with your tongue, Alan."
"And the movie ramps up the revulsion!"
2012-06-06 10:04:13 AM  
And sadly someone probably gets paid more than any of us to think up this shiat.
2012-06-06 10:05:59 AM

I always thought she took a pretty hot mug shot.
2012-06-06 10:11:06 AM  
"Now THAT is how you make jambalaya!"

My new catch phrase.
2012-06-06 10:12:34 AM  

bugmn99: [ image 325x402]

I always thought she took a pretty hot mug shot.

i can't remember, and i'm too lazy to look it up...what was she "in for"?

yes, very hot for a mugshot! i've always liked those gold girls anyway...some of my earliest celeb crushes
2012-06-06 10:19:28 AM  
Tracy looks cute as hell. Always liked her. Furlong is...I can't think of anything charitable to say.
2012-06-06 10:31:30 AM  

Kredal: S/1991/1998

It's still 1998, but:
2012-06-06 10:35:57 AM  
Neelix and Alfalfa are in this movie, too. This has some serious potential.
2012-06-06 10:41:54 AM  
Maybe they'll get the spiders to eat some of Neelix's crappy mess hall food and they'll all die.

/kidding, I thought Neelix, especially in later seasons after they canned the whole "jealous over Kes" thing, turned into an okay character.
2012-06-06 10:54:05 AM  
2012-06-06 11:03:05 AM  
I'm getting my celebratory longjohns and gusset out of the closet!
2012-06-06 11:06:09 AM  
For the few who didn't get subby's reference: witness the glory of "Giant Spider Invasion" from MST3K. Starring Alan Hale Jr. and a Volkswagen Beetle dressed up as a giant spider.

2012-06-06 11:20:40 AM  
I actually posted that clip on Facebook when the Packers won a while back. I assume I saw it here on Fark first. So I am perversely proud that I got Subby's reference. Yeah me.
2012-06-06 12:03:10 PM  
I think this movie might just make it into the "so bad, it's good category".
2012-06-06 12:05:05 PM  

bugmn99: I always thought she took a pretty hot mug shot.

It's because she's crying, isn't it?
2012-06-06 12:15:00 PM  
I noticed there's an Octomom article below this link. Now, that could be a great Syfy monster.
2012-06-06 12:24:07 PM  
Tracy Gold. Sweet does that mean that SyFy is going to start reusing retreds from First Wave because I would love to see more Crazy Eddie.
2012-06-06 12:27:39 PM  
Hey, SyFy! Fark you!
2012-06-06 12:35:02 PM  
Eddie Furlong looks like a hobbit. And that guy that played the hobbit on Star Trek looks like an older, skinnier hobbit.
2012-06-06 12:36:32 PM  
2012-06-06 01:06:43 PM  
Todashy It's because she's crying, isn't it?

the lapdance is always better...
2012-06-06 02:09:39 PM  
"Now these are dwarf stars..."
"Like Linda Hunt."
"And collapsed stars..."
"Like Robert Downey."

2012-06-06 02:22:45 PM  
"Way out here, they've got a name
for stinky, hairy white guys!"
2012-06-06 02:27:55 PM  
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