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(US Army)   68 years ago today, over 160,000 Allied soldiers under Eisenhower's command stormed the beaches of Normandy to teach Hitler what happens when you let your guard down while fighting the United States of America   ( divider line
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2012-06-07 12:00:25 AM  

clyph: Alonjar: The Nazis ran a huge smear/propaganda campaign against the Jewish people blaming them for all of Germany's problems... and the populace ate it up, more than ready to blame someone else for their problems

Replace Nazis with Republicans, Jews with Gays, and Germany with America and it sounds eerily accurate.

Lol...ghey troll.
2012-06-07 12:07:56 AM  
This is BS I guess:
2012-06-07 12:26:52 AM  
My grandfather piloted the one on the front right, LCT 709, dropping tanks on Utah Beach. He still has the flag from that boat, all tattered by the rough weather, and with a bullet hole from a German machine gun bullet in the star field.

He then went on to the Pacific where he earned a bronze star while serving on an LCS in the Battle for Okinawa in which he and his crew were commended for protecting many other ships from kamikazes.

After the war, he became a music teacher, a father, a grandfather, and a great-grandfather.

And he's still kickin' it. My grandfather is awesome, and I'm rather proud to bear his name. :)
2012-06-07 01:52:12 AM  
Too bad the Republicans defunded the Teaching American History program. It was designed to teach traditional American history. Like D-Day.
2012-06-07 02:02:11 AM

My grandfather when he was captured. Brought to the US as a POW and stayed.

/at least he didn't get drunk and fall out of the guard tower, like my grand uncle.
2012-06-07 03:26:20 AM  

phrawgh: My grandfather when he was captured. Brought to the US as a POW and stayed.

My grandfather was the XO of a POW camp for Italians. He was very proud of the fact that over 80% of the prisoners in his camp applied to stay in the US.
2012-06-07 06:45:21 AM  
Soviet deaths from the war were 55 times those of the USA. Even the so called cowardly French had more war deaths than the Americans or the Brits. Not making points, just tossing facts.
2012-06-07 07:05:58 AM  

chuckufarlie: exvaxman: My father was there in the first wave. He was picked out of a bunch of french speaking Americans by Patton to be his contact with the French underground. Many awful stories. He could have been the first GI into one of the camps, but Patton personally told him it was his choice - that his advice was to lead the men there and not go in himself because he would have such hatred of the people he would not be able to think rationally dealing with the Germans ever again. He also was the scout on the raid that saved the Lippizan breed.

The only company he ever boycotted was Woolworth's (way back before they became Foot Locker). He liberated a factory that forged small tools. A lot of the tools were stamped with the Woolworth logo. The factory manager told him that the tools were smuggled into Switzerland and then exported to Woolworth's in the US as a way to get currency. The manager also said it was with the knowledge of a couple of the executives who had set up the plant before the war.

Supposedly a memo was found from Hitler that said that my father was not to be shot if caught as a scout or spy. That Hitler saw him as a conduit to Patton should a message ever have to be passed. That and Dad brought out two german generals at different times to surrender. Until the day he died he got letters from grade schoolers in one town in germany that he was appointed to run as the war was coming to an end. Apparently he did a good job ,making sure that the civilians were supplied with food and medicine, and stopped US looting. One of the few people to turn down the highest french military medal. I was there when France decided not to go into one of our recent wars and we started calling them "Freedom Fries" The French ambassador called (obviously looking for better press), I picked up the phone, he explained that my father was nominated for the award but research showed it never was presented. I handed the phone to my father. It was polite until Dad refused the medal. ...

Took less than 10 minutes of searching and reading to figure it out.
2012-06-07 07:17:18 AM  

fdr: Soviet deaths from the war were 55 times those of the USA. Even the so called cowardly French had more war deaths than the Americans or the Brits. Not making points, just tossing facts.

Probably unrelated to the fact that:
1. France was invaded and occupied by Germans.
2. This guy was in charge of Russia...

/The bulk of people killed in this war were civilians.
/Since American civilians don't live in Europe...
/If I recall, the US and British military both lost more men than the French military.
2012-06-07 07:19:16 AM  

Clash City Farker: Lt. Cheese Weasel: deplorable: oh and Britain informed the USA regarding the jew situation... and yet they lifted no fingers.

of course, after their navy was decimated at pearl harbour... who did they beg for warships and help with the war with Japan... was it britain by any chance.... ;)

Another revisionist asshat with his head up his colon.

Please name one (1) British ship that had anything to do with Midway, Coral Sea, The Phillipines, Iwo Jima, Tarawa, ad nauseum. You can't. farktard.

I can. There were British carriers at Okinawa facing the Divine Wind. And when a Jap plane crashed into the armored flight deck of a British carrier, they swept off the debris and resumed flight operations.

Force Z, Japanese Indian Ocean Campaign, Initial Japanese attacks in and around Indonesia. the Dutch, British, French, and Australians were all present at various times, just not in great numbers until much later in the war. Even those numbers were still well shy of the American contingent. The PTO was largely staffed/supplied and fought by the US, but you cannot ignore the roles (sometimes critically important roles) of her allies in theater.

The Armored flight deck was largely a failure. Yes, they were better able to shrug off a hit in the short term, but in the long term it was much more difficult to make any repairs at sea and the resulting loss in air wing from the decreased hanger space was not a good sacrifice. Its more effective defense to have more fighters in the air to prevent being bombed in the first place than to armor up and lessen your protective cover. An effective AA picket/radar screen coupled with an adequate CAP was the best defense for air attack in WWII, not passive armor. Plus the Brit carriers hit in the pacific by those fighters had to be scrapped after the war. The hulls were so deformed, damaged, twisted, etc from the explosive stresses they could not simply be adequately repaired. Contrast that with US carriers that were hit, patched up, and back in service rapidly. Also, any penetration through the armored flight deck (such as with AP bombs) and into the hanger bay resulted in an magnifying the blast damage, like holding onto a firecracker in a closed fist vs. open palm.

It seems counter-intuitive, but US carrier design was superior in this respect (the Brits did have some great ideas for carrier tech, its just their armored deck wasn't one of them.)
2012-06-07 07:44:25 AM  
The Soviet Union was the hero of WWII. Like a Batman that rapes children.
2012-06-07 08:44:12 AM  

ontariolightning: chuckufarlie: ontariolightning: chuckufarlie: ontariolightning: chuckufarlie: ontariolightning: For some reason US still has a ban on Cuba

The US is a biatch of a country

The USA has the right to ban travel to any country that it wants to, There is nothing wrong with doing so.

US is in bed with China & Saudi Arabia . who are worse violaters of human rights

but Cuba is the baddie

don't make me laugh

Yea, we have a problem with a Commie country 90 miles from our coast.

I guess that you are unaware of the fact that Canaduh also does business with both China and Saudi Arabia.

but Canada doesnt have an embargo on Cuba for its human rights violations

and you are okay with that? That is rather stupid.

what's stupid is punishing a country for 50+ years for its humans rights violations but doing business openly with countries just as worse

You've been drinking the kool aid my friend. Our embargo on Cuba has nothing to do with human rights violations, and everything to do with the fact that America dumped billions and billions of dollars into Cuba early this century, and when the Communists took over, they seized all the american owned businesses/assets in the name of the people.

We dont give a shiat about you violating your people. We get really pissed when you fark with our money. Its basically the core idea of being Capitalist.
2012-06-07 08:48:55 AM  
...and not one word of rememberence from our current president. Wow.
2012-06-07 09:08:05 AM  

phrawgh: [ image 475x633]

My grandfather when he was captured. Brought to the US as a POW and stayed.

/at least he didn't get drunk and fall out of the guard tower, like my grand uncle.

I've offended many people with that joke. Well done.
2012-06-07 09:12:18 AM  

Gumaraid: ...and not one word of rememberence from our current president. Wow.

To be fair, the war in Kenya consisted of three guys having a fistfight.
2012-06-07 09:32:18 AM  

Wicked Chinchilla: You mean the christie suspension system that the army didn't want to buy (because...well who knows, army ordnance at that time did some bone headed shiat)?

It's actually a pretty funny story. Christie was such an arrogant jerk to the military that they finally told him to go to hell. The Soviets then illegally bought the design from him which eventually became the T-34. They essentially pimped Christie's ride with better armor, a more reliable engine that almost every agricultural worker east of Poland knew how to repair, and a bigger gun to create the T-34. The peripherals are different, but the basic design of the tank is Christie's.


became this:

became this:
2012-06-07 09:47:51 AM  

capt.hollister: beta_plus: DamnYankees: beta_plus: DamnYankees: CrazyCracka420: So if the US and allies never pushed back into Western Europe, USSR would have not only survived, but defeated Nazi Germany.


Um, NO. The USSR deserves full credit for stopping Hitler in his tracks at Moscow, Leningrad, and Stalingrad. But the USSR simply did not have the resources to push the Nazis back very much due to much of their industry being located in the occupied Ukraine.

Hitler was stopped at Stalingrad, but he was defeated in Detroit.

What are you talking about? You are aware that the Soviets pushed all the way to Berlin, right? By the time of D-Day, they were already outside of Russia and pushing into German territory.

[ image 604x453]

You are aware that armies need to be fed, clothed, and equipped, right? It's called logistics. Soviet industry was devastated by the Nazi invasion. They simply could not supply their own troops. America did that for them. Ever head the phrase "British Brains, American Braun, and Russian Blood"? The Russian people deserve full credit for the horrendous sacrifice they made and their successes. But they could not have made most of those successes on their own.

/for an arm chair general, you don't seem to read very much beyond The Guardian

You're not quite right about Soviet industry being devastated. Most Soviet production facilities were transferred east of the Caucasus mountains early after the start of Barbarossa, placing them well out of reach of German forces. It is true that the US (and the British Commowealth) sent much materiel Stalin's way and this certainly made a difference, but the bulk of Soviet troops were supplied with Soviet-made equipment.

They couldn't feed their soldiers. They couldn't provide boots for their soldiers. They couldn't provide trucks for their soldiers to take advantage of breaks made in the lines by their American designed* tanks. Yes, they saved SOME of their industry by moving it east of the Urals, but there was plenty left behind (mines are extremely difficult to move) which they had to have. America made up that crucial difference.

I stand by that while the people of Russia could and did stop the Nazi advance by themselves, they could never have reached Berlin w/o American industrial assistance.

*I've talked in other parts of the thread about them stealing that from us fair and square
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