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(KTLA Los Angeles)   You got your peanut butter in my flame retardant. You got your flame retardant in my peanut butter. Two things that are put together more often than you'd think   ( divider line
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2012-06-03 10:47:07 AM  
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Of course, they don't ever get around to mentioning just how much HBCD they found in their samples.

The most obvious thing to assume is "practically none."

Any time you see one of these "panic" articles without accompanying numbers (like parts per billion - or lower), they probably either got numbers at the extreme low end of their detection sensitivity - or accidentally measured the amount that's in the air in the cheap laboratory they hired to do the testing.
2012-06-03 01:20:34 PM  
1 vote:
Subby please don't use that phrase anymore, it's offensive. We prefer "Burning Disabled."
2012-06-03 12:19:53 PM  
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The Chicago Tribune did a series on how the country was duped into putting flame retardants on most of the stuff in your house.

The really hilarious part is that the people who pushed the government to require the inclusion of flame retardant chemicals in so many things are the same sort (or even, in some cases, the exact same people) who are whining about miniscule amounts of flame retardant chemicals being in everything.

Much like the folks who demanded that we eat lower fat foods and more carbohydrates, who then demanded that food producers use unsaturated fats in food (like transfats), and are now whining because people are fat from eating the carbohydrates and are having other health problems because of the transfats...
2012-06-03 11:01:47 AM  
1 vote:
Oh wow, the news media is sensationalizing a thing in food that has uses outside of food.

I will repeat what I have stated before on fark on this matter and why I hate this type of shiatty "reporting":

This reminds me of a flour commercial a while back that advertised that they were organic, blah, blah, blah...but there was one thing that was totally useless for nothing more beyond the "gross/sensational" factor. It was how they went about saying that their flour was not bleached. Ok, fine. So they mention that Benzoyl peroxide is the primary bleaching ingredient in most consumer available flour brands. They also mentioned, and this is the irritating part here, they mentioned that Benzoyl peroxide is also used in acne face wash...I think there was a pimply faced teen and an audible "ewww" voice over for added effect.

Yes Francis, a lot of ingredients in food are also used in totally different applications. Wow.

I am in no way advocating for or praising the food scientists and huge corporations for coming up with some of these bizarre, zombie ingredients, but I am pointing out that sensationalizing something and using a red herring for the sake of the "eww factor" urks the everliving shiat out of me.

Take Soy Lecithin for example: Used heavily as an emulsifier in chocolate, also a fantastic nonstick spray and it is also used in paint, glue, asphalt, rust protection, etc.

How about water? It is used in soup, bread, pasta, beer and can also be found IN POO FILLED SEWERS!!!!

I know I am ranting here. So I am going to stop. But I am sure most of you see my point here.
2012-06-03 09:15:48 AM  
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