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1035 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Nov 2001 at 11:03 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-14 11:05:47 AM  
leg warmers
izod shirts
parachute pants
2001-11-14 11:06:18 AM  
Sergio Valente jeans
2001-11-14 11:06:19 AM  
He should hire William Shatner to come dressed as TJ Hooker.

And watch to see if he farts.
2001-11-14 11:06:22 AM  
LEG WARMERS. got to go with the leg warmers.
2001-11-14 11:06:56 AM  
boy, I'm really showing my age now :/
2001-11-14 11:07:41 AM  
skinny leather (red) keyboard tie.
moussed hair. lots of mousse.
2001-11-14 11:07:48 AM  
Don't forget to tease out your hair.....
2001-11-14 11:08:02 AM  
rubber see thru gel slip on shoes in aqua blue or hot pink.
2001-11-14 11:08:04 AM  

jobber hat, jams shorts, vans, parachute pants, one of those "members only" jackets (you guys know what i mean!)...


that's all i have to say about that.
2001-11-14 11:08:15 AM  
headbands with japanese characters on them
2001-11-14 11:08:17 AM  
Go as _Mister T_! I pity da foo'!
2001-11-14 11:08:41 AM  
2001-11-14 11:08:59 AM  
Swatch Watch!
2001-11-14 11:09:00 AM  
2001-11-14 11:09:05 AM  
docksiders, duck boots
2001-11-14 11:09:08 AM  
I wish my hair was longer, I'd go for the "flock of seagulls" haircut.
2001-11-14 11:09:30 AM  
yes, of course, anything DEVO related
2001-11-14 11:09:51 AM  
Wil Wheaton never got back to me on if I could borrow that sweater he wore in his picture with Debbie Gibson!

2001-11-14 11:09:57 AM  
forearms full of wrist bangles (a la early Madonna)
2001-11-14 11:10:06 AM  
Stone-washed Guess jeans with ripped knees.
Shoes with no socks.
A small pile of Bon Jovi CD's.
2001-11-14 11:10:30 AM  
ripped jeans that are acid washed
2001-11-14 11:10:36 AM  
Tube Top
2001-11-14 11:10:53 AM  
Giant hoop earrings and bubblegum (popping same profusely)
2001-11-14 11:10:55 AM  
oh yeah anything NEON
2001-11-14 11:11:12 AM  
pink t shirt under a white sport coat, 2 day's worth of stubble....

2001-11-14 11:11:24 AM  
woo hoo, I'm on a roll!
2001-11-14 11:11:52 AM  
Big baggy sweatshirt turned inside out with the collar cut off and leggings. And use lots of Aqua Net on your hair.
2001-11-14 11:12:04 AM  
got to go with the 80s rock star look(eg - guns and roses, bon jovi, van hallen)
Long hair, aviator glasses, tight, ripped up, jeans(don't be afraid to show some bulge(unless of course your a girl)).
2001-11-14 11:13:04 AM  
Any of the following Concert shirts:

Bon Jovi
The Police
Bruce Springsteen (BITUSA era)
Pink Floyd
Twisted Sister
Motley Crue

(on black of course)
2001-11-14 11:13:19 AM  
cell phone the size of a small dog
2001-11-14 11:13:33 AM  
Keep in mind guys, I'm MALE!
2001-11-14 11:14:09 AM  
Man, we had an 80s party about 4 years ago that was hysterical (I hate the 80s, btw). We really went all out...Capri Sun and Fruit Rollups for appetizers, party favor bags including Garbage Pail Kids, safety pins with friendship beads (you know what I'm talking about), "Where's the beef?" stickers, etc... We set up the Atari and I had about 6 hours of mixed tapes I made off of my roommates extensive record/tape collection. Big piece of cardboard on the floor for breakin. I wore parachute pants with the obligatory bandana around the leg, this totally assy mesh shirt and jelly bracelets. Scary time. I'll have to post some pics...
2001-11-14 11:14:13 AM  
Tight jeans that are acid washed blue on one side and acid washed black on the other side and moon boots.
2001-11-14 11:14:22 AM  
sweater tied around your neck like a cape
2001-11-14 11:15:46 AM  
ohhh.. Izod shirt, collar up..
2001-11-14 11:16:33 AM  
OK, everyone, time to post our qualifications:

Me: Susquehanna Valley H.S., class of '86
2001-11-14 11:16:35 AM  
how about this?
2001-11-14 11:16:55 AM  
2001-11-14 11:17:21 AM  
Don the eyeliner, white warpaint across your nose and cheeks, briad your hair, wear boots, a puffy shirt (like the pirates) blue suade trousers and a blue suade jacket with massive cuffs, and go as Adam Ant.
2001-11-14 11:17:33 AM  

I meant this

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-14 11:17:37 AM  
The whole house was decorated with My Little Pony, Rubic's Cubes, pictures of the A-team, Silver Spoons, etc, this great Pac Man garbage can I found in a thrift store....
2001-11-14 11:17:42 AM  
Hairstyles: Mullet head (for the men)
for the ladies?
2001-11-14 11:17:53 AM  
I had the world's best 80's party costume. It was in college. Everyone was dressed as punks, legwarmer girls, bruce springsteen, etc. I, however, chose to be more creative:

I wore khaki pants, a pale blue shirt, a navy blue blazer, a red and blue striped tie, and a pin that said "Reagan in '84: Bring back the Gipper!" I was, of course, a Reagan Republican.

It went over great. Too great, in fact. At the party were a bunch of members of the Syracuse chapter of the College Republicans. They loved me. During the heat of the party, they crowded around me, cheering, picked me up over their heads and paraded me around the room shouting "Reagan! Reagan! Reagan!"

Scared the shiat out of me.
2001-11-14 11:18:18 AM  
rent a convertible rabbit to motor around in
2001-11-14 11:18:36 AM  
Don't forget sleeveless shirts!
2001-11-14 11:19:54 AM  
Good call Spurt! Don't forget the double belt.
[image from too old to be available]
Androgynous, almost perfect for circa '84.
2001-11-14 11:20:02 AM  
Oh man I forgot all about banana clips! E-gads! Why didn't someone tell us!!!
2001-11-14 11:20:35 AM  
You can't forget the "Michael Jackson" jacket! With the sequined glove, of course!
2001-11-14 11:21:25 AM  
Let's not forget the music:

"Turning Japanese" by The Vapors
2001-11-14 11:21:28 AM
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