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(Fark)   Last call for Farkfest 2002 New Orleans signups. Registration ends today. Send in your money so we can figure out if we can get Walken down or not   ( divider line
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1181 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Nov 2001 at 9:30 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-14 09:34:49 AM  
Sorry, Broke because of Christmas coming. No New Orleans for me.
2001-11-14 09:35:42 AM  
come to Colorado and I am there

2001-11-14 09:37:28 AM  
That sucks! There's no way I can escape work for that long. Rabbito, you live in Colorado too, call in sick for me at work, come pick me up and let's hit the road!
2001-11-14 09:39:14 AM  
Moritcia:I would love too, but they don't let me out of my cube

2001-11-14 09:40:08 AM  
Screw Walken, I want Wheaton! :P
2001-11-14 09:42:03 AM  
I'd go if Heather Graham, Shannon Elizabeth or Elizabeth Hurley were going.
2001-11-14 09:44:43 AM  
New Orleans is my favorite town. It's all about music, drinks, and great food. If you are able to go and haven't been there it's worth the trip.
2001-11-14 09:46:51 AM  
If I crease the map, is New Orlans geographically closer in reality?.. pixie dust?.. newt testicals?... anything?!?...

2001-11-14 09:52:59 AM  
So which "invited guests" are actually going to be there and how do they fit into the schedule?
2001-11-14 10:14:47 AM  
I'm just curious how you even expect to get them to show up? What's their appearance "fee?"
2001-11-14 10:19:54 AM  
I think the "invited guests" are working out the same as the attempted "prom date" with the head cheerleader. A bit of snickering, a kick in the 'nads and a "No". Just like the head cheerleader if you wave around enough Ben Franklin's the answer turns to yes.
2001-11-14 10:21:10 AM  
Walken might come on his own, but the way to ensure he shows up is by covering his costs
2001-11-14 10:31:19 AM  
If you don't sign up for this, then the terrorists have already won.
2001-11-14 10:34:20 AM  
Should I sign you up then Fb?
2001-11-14 10:48:05 AM  
I'm going to be there, I'm just not staying with you characters.
2001-11-14 10:48:47 AM  
I'll be there with my Bug posse...
but sadly i won't be sleeping on the floor at the Fark suite

getting my own place
2001-11-14 10:53:53 AM  
I'll be there before you guys staying at afriends place neare tulane, but will wanted to be right in the action thats why i signed up for to stay with you farking farkers...
2001-11-14 10:55:31 AM  
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-11-14 11:00:04 AM  
2001-11-14 11:03:39 AM  
drinks. drugs.
2001-11-14 11:06:35 AM  
2001-11-14 11:12:03 AM  
Fb - that was actually funny. (the terrorists comment)
2001-11-14 12:13:58 PM  
That reminds me of an old joke:

Q: How can you recognize the head cheerleader?

A: She's the one with the dirty knees.
2001-11-14 12:18:07 PM  
Damn, i really wish i could go to that. But i'd have to cross the atlantic first and i'm not a great swimmer...
When can we have a UK Farkfest? Or i'll settle for a Euro Farkfest!
2001-11-14 12:22:47 PM  
Haven't been paying attention Freakingleashes?
2001-11-14 12:51:35 PM  
2001-11-14 01:22:47 PM  
ack I can't pay today!
why does today have to be the deadline! no fair now I can't go cause I can't afford to get my own room
2001-11-14 01:58:10 PM  
it's ok rosalea you can chill at my place. Can't you must cook a meal per night stayed.
2001-11-14 03:10:50 PM  
I am going to blow my money in Vegas.
2001-11-14 04:14:12 PM  
I need to spend time with my daughter.
2001-11-14 04:31:12 PM  

i laugh because it is funny.
2001-11-14 04:58:39 PM  
New Orleans??? too many boobies... I would go into shock... must decline.

also too far and I am too lame to book any travel.
2001-11-14 05:30:31 PM  
Dang- love how everyone was *so* enthusiastic when this first came up, but once you get down to the nitty gritty....

I paid, I'll be there, and I'll have FUN, damnit.

2001-11-14 06:31:39 PM  
yeah its day before payday for me too

ug....not fair
day before payday and I so can't afford to put another cent on my credit cards
2001-11-14 06:32:43 PM  
If your doing a colorado outting count me in too Im down.
2001-11-14 08:53:54 PM  
Raysmith: Damn, damn, damn!

Anyway I can pay tomorrow? Sorry to be slack, but I'm in the same boat as FancyJacket.

If not, I understand, please post tonight if you look at this thread . Thanks!
2001-11-14 09:35:27 PM  
Based on an earlier story today (Wil Wheaton in Star Trek X), will the timing of that interfere with him showing up at FarkFest? I have no idea of the timeframe movies work under. Wil, got an answer for us?
2001-11-14 09:36:48 PM  
You guys can pay tomorrow if you want... That will be fine. Email me if you have any other questions
2001-11-14 09:39:43 PM  

Wil told me he is probably not going to be able to make it. So don't expect Wheaton at Fark Fest
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-11-15 09:41:17 AM  
Somebody who got a fark account yesterday has paid and is coming. That's a bit freaky.
2001-11-15 12:44:50 PM  
My wife won't come, and won't let me go alone, that sux....
2001-11-15 02:05:25 PM  
HPZ: and a poet in waiting, no less...
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