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(Yahoo)   Seriously, who doesn't like bears falling from trees?   ( divider line
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5453 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 May 2012 at 1:17 AM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-05-24 11:59:24 PM



2012-05-25 12:07:17 AM  
Well, you wouldn't like it if you were under a falling bear, now would you?
2012-05-25 12:24:06 AM  

/fear the dropbear!
2012-05-25 01:18:32 AM

Getting it out of the way...
2012-05-25 01:20:41 AM
2012-05-25 01:21:10 AM  
The bears?
2012-05-25 01:22:07 AM  
If I climb a big-arse tree and growl will someone tranquilize me, pretty please?

/had a day and a half
2012-05-25 01:24:15 AM
2012-05-25 01:25:49 AM

"They're just big furry people."
2012-05-25 01:27:01 AM  
It's rainin' bears! Hallelujah it's rainin' bears!
2012-05-25 01:27:15 AM
2012-05-25 01:27:52 AM  
"Seriuosly, who doesn't like bears falling from trees?"

2012-05-25 01:31:11 AM  
Only if it's accompanied by a Benny Hill soundtrack.
2012-05-25 01:32:36 AM  
2012-05-25 01:34:03 AM  
Why so seriuosly?
2012-05-25 01:35:34 AM  
What if it was you
Hanging up in the tree

If it was you in the tree
you wouldn't be laughing, tee hee
2012-05-25 01:35:37 AM  

Snapper Carr: [ image 438x290]

Beat me to it.
2012-05-25 01:35:37 AM  
A bear in the air compels a long stare.
2012-05-25 01:37:45 AM  
good spelling, *subby*. Seriously.
2012-05-25 01:40:23 AM  

Father_Jack: good spelling, *subby*. Seriously.

Why so seriuos?
2012-05-25 01:40:34 AM  
the best was the one they had on PTI, where the bear fell from the tree, hit a trampoline, and bounced to the ground.
2012-05-25 01:42:22 AM  

Father_Jack: good spelling, *subby*. Seriously.

They couldn't argee moar.
2012-05-25 01:47:42 AM  
I just took a look at Steamboat Springs Colorado on a map and it's pretty isolated out there. Seriuously, i think the bears could take the place. If only they could get organized.
2012-05-25 01:48:35 AM  
"Is bear a problem,officers?"
2012-05-25 02:04:52 AM  
2012-05-25 02:06:31 AM  

In before repeat.

Even though it isn't

2012-05-25 02:22:50 AM  
2012-05-25 02:24:48 AM  

Skyfrog: [ image 640x399]

Came for this, leaving oh so very satisfied. I love laughing at how difficult it is for some of my friends to get that trampoline achievement. Tehehee.
2012-05-25 02:31:41 AM  
Yogy, is that you?
Was it Boris and Natasha that made you do this?
2012-05-25 02:32:30 AM
2012-05-25 03:21:46 AM  
because I LIKE IT, OK?

2012-05-25 04:09:28 AM  
I bought drop bear repellent at the last Auroran outpost I visited so I'm getting a kick out of these replies
2012-05-25 05:21:19 AM  
That poor bear has the most "WTF? Oh sh*t" looks on its face.

Apos: "Is bear a problem,officers?"

I read this in a drunk voice, then laughed through my nose and startled the dog.
2012-05-25 06:02:44 AM  
FTA: "another black bear has been tranquilized and immortalized in photos as it fell from a tree to safety."

Good thing too, those bears are much safer on the ground.

/Won't someone PLEASE think of the BEARS?
2012-05-25 06:07:06 AM  

Agarista: FTA: "another black bear has been tranquilized and immortalized in photos as it fell from a tree to safety."

Good thing too, those bears are much safer on the ground.

/Won't someone PLEASE think of the BEARS?

Why they always gotta be shooting the black bears?

I bet if it was a white bear, they would hand it a Coca-Cola and politely escort it back home.
2012-05-25 06:27:09 AM  
They even had a bear in the air.
2012-05-25 06:27:31 AM  
Those poor core hounds. Why did you throw the baby bears at them?
2012-05-25 06:45:48 AM  
Saw some bears falling from a tree at large dump. The dump had expanded such that a tree was sticking out near one of the large piles of rubbish and a few small cubs would climb the tree and drop off into the pile below. It was an odd sight. They did look like they were having a much better time than I was.

Anyways, hopefully this little bugger in the article stays away from roadways and vehicles. Was a bit saddened when one of the frequently posted drop bears had a roadkill'ed Fark followup.
2012-05-25 07:12:48 AM  

ZMugg: This guy?:

[ image 220x302]

You win.
2012-05-25 08:26:06 AM  
But what about the ranger's tranquilizer gun, Yogi?
2012-05-25 09:01:23 AM  
I'm just waiting for the fall.
2012-05-25 09:28:37 AM
2012-05-25 10:10:40 AM  
Seriously, who doesn't like bears falling from trees?

1) Da Bears.
2) Da people da Bears fall on.
2012-05-25 10:22:49 AM  

H0W13: [ image 193x217]

Not quite. Waiting for the bear to climb down on it's own, then chasing it out of town would have probably put the fear of people in that bear enough to keep it clear of town.
2012-05-25 11:44:54 AM  

mamoru: Australians.

/fear the dropbear!

Always wear a reinforced pointy hat. Ideally, with sequins on it that spell "Wizzard."
2012-05-25 12:24:38 PM  
If a bear falls from a tree in a forest...does anyone care?
2012-05-25 03:39:11 PM  
It's my new favorite thing..Except, I still like the one from a couple weeks ago. LOL
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