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(Yahoo)   Scary looking bikers want law banning people from being scared of them   ( divider line
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5071 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Nov 2001 at 8:34 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-14 08:36:38 AM  
2001-11-14 08:39:25 AM  
Now, I want everyone to make with the funny. It's too early in the goddamn morning and I need something to laugh at.
2001-11-14 08:40:56 AM  
Ya gotta face it. People are pre-judged based on their appearnce. Hippies, bikers, nerds, blacks, whites, men, women... it happens. It ain't right, but it's one of the psychological building blocks of our society's mindset. Legislation will never change it.
2001-11-14 08:42:42 AM  
Harleys are a waste of time, money, and energy.

-hate choppers
2001-11-14 08:47:41 AM  
That's pretty funny that the "big bad bikers" are biatching and moaning because they can't handle someone making fun of them or not letting them into The Gap. Sheesh, people judge other people every's not going to change.
2001-11-14 08:49:46 AM  
I want a law that will improve my net access. E v e r y t h i n g i s i n slow motion today
2001-11-14 08:50:00 AM  
In a side note, the KKK says they hate the reactions to people too.
2001-11-14 08:57:42 AM  
First bikers were bad.

Then bikers were trendy.

Now it's official: Bikers have just become pussies.

What self respecting biker from the past would biatch and moan about not riding through Calloway Gardens? Next they'll be crying about the poor valet service for motorcycles at the tea room.

On a similar note: The Taliban are admitting that the ban on dancing is because they are really rythmically challenged and they need more understanding.

BAH! Pussies.
2001-11-14 08:58:10 AM  
Bikers ain't that bad. My uncle and his wife are in the Detroit Renegades, they ride a Harley. On the other hand maybe if bikers acted polite instead of acting big and bad the way some do they would get treated better.

Someone wants to laugh? Ooh have I got a biker-related story for you. About 20 years back the same uncle (my mother's brother btw) and my dad went to see the movie Cruisin', which was about gay bikers or something. There were like a whole bunch of protesters at the theatre and everything. Anyway, as soon as the movie was over, my uncle (who was wearing his colors) told my dad he had to use the bathroom and that he'd be right back. Now my dad could never resist being a smartass, so he said in a swishy voice, "I'll wait right here honey!" And everyone's looking at my uncle! Not at my dad! 'Cause my uncle has his Renegades vest on and everything!

On the way home my uncle told my dad, "You do that again and I'll kill you." My dad just laughed at that. :) It's one of the funnier memories of my dad, who died last year.
2001-11-14 08:59:47 AM  
Easy Krumlov...Remember there are only two kinds of people in the world, "People who ride Harley's, and people who wish they did".

My bro's and I are very aware of which establishments don't want us around, and we just don't go there. Our money will spend in a lot of other places. I do find it funny that when there are just a couple of us that walk into a restaurant, we get funny looks...but when the whole club rolls in, they're all smiles because they know we bring a ton of cash, and we're there for a good time...and WE have a good time, EVERYBODY has a good time!
2001-11-14 09:02:37 AM  
A harley davidson sportster is cheaper and more economical to own and operate than any comparably sized motorcycle available for sale.
Also, Harleys are NOT choppers. A chopper is a bike that someone has "chopped" up and made into a custom bike.
Get a damn clue.

I ride a motorcycle. My wife rides a motorcycle. She doesn't have any problems with people when she rides, other than the occasional dickhead driver. I, however, get the dirty end of the poo stick when I'm out using my bike.

Why? I dunno, I have a great job, make plenty of money, an education, I keep myself clean. When I'm riding I'm either in jeans or leather pants (depending on length of ride), with a leather jacket and gloves on... no 'insignia' or any of that, but I still will stand and wait to be seated at a restaraunt while 5 groups of people come in and get taken right on by me. I'll still have people tell me they don't take checks, when the person in front of me wrote one. I still get followed by police, wether I'm walking or riding... they just follow me around staring at me like I'm about to smash a store window with a brick or something...

Why? Cause I have clean, well trimmed long hair, clean, well maintained clothes? Because I speak properly and politely? Cause I ride a cheap, inexpensive, and fun vehicle instead of some retarded SUV or minivan? yup.
2001-11-14 09:03:42 AM mean "her" dad. I'm a girl. My dad did outrageous stuff and since someone wanted a laugh I decided this little anecdote was pretty much on-topic.
2001-11-14 09:04:31 AM  
I hope it wasn't because of a "gang-related" incident LadyAlexa!!!
2001-11-14 09:05:54 AM  
Mad Biker shopping for food and gasoline:

[image from too old to be available]

Nothing wrong with this, me thinks..
2001-11-14 09:06:54 AM  
When I go out riding, I just stick a scoop of lime jello down the front of my latex thong, and I am good for the day. I am tired of being harassed for my appearance.
2001-11-14 09:07:25 AM  
There's a group of us that ride all over NY state and we've never had a problem. A lot of places like to see us. We spend plenty of money.
2001-11-14 09:07:33 AM  
Nah. My uncle is in a motorcycle club, not gang. And my dad had been sick since 1971, he finally just died in July of 2000...his heart finally gave up. Right in front of me and my husband too.... thing the minister mentioned at his funeral was his wacky sense of humor....
2001-11-14 09:10:25 AM  
P.S. Screw Sturgis! Everybody to Wyoming...where the cops don't harass us, and hotels LOVE us!
2001-11-14 09:11:11 AM  
Legislation will never change it.

Yes it will the second they pass that law then everyone will love bikers and accept them into our we are the world family. Then they can ride down the street in pride with their black leather, body oder (from now showering in two weeks), chains and people will respect them because of a law.

What a bunch of farking retards.
2001-11-14 09:11:56 AM  
now = not
2001-11-14 09:15:03 AM  
A very good point to make LadyAlexa. Not all motorcycle clubs are "gangs". Most are just riding clubs that like to get out and enjoy the road and the comraderie of fellow riders.
2001-11-14 09:16:11 AM  
MMMK: Oder is odor.

Keep up yer good work!
2001-11-14 09:24:33 AM  
"I felt like a second-class citizen,'' said Stanley, 55, a retired city bus driver who drives a Honda Gold Wing. "

Can you say "Mid-Life Crisis"? Or

how to pretend you're bad-ass, on a schoolteacher's income.

Geezus, it's a rice rocket on 2 wheels!
2001-11-14 09:29:36 AM  
What a load of farken shiat! how do you stop some one being afraid?
2001-11-14 09:30:59 AM  
MediaMadeMeKill-"black leather, body oder (from now showering in two weeks), chains and people will respect them because of a law."

Um, I shower everyday...right before I hope on my Harley and head to work. Damn I think I forgot my chains today....Ooops.
Not that I support leggislation, but I absolutely HATE steroetypes. You should respect people just because they are human, not because a law tells you to. Too bad you missed that.

Gotta wear the black leather though, definately makes you look sexy!
2001-11-14 09:39:22 AM  
If I had a restaurant and a bunch of harley dudes came in I wouldn't kick them out, they're probably all rich stock brokers with mid-life crisis's or gay, either way, they'd have plently of disposable income.
2001-11-14 09:40:32 AM  
With all due respect, Cinen... you're totally right, but black leather is part of the stereotype. By wearing it, are you making any effort to change the stereotype?
2001-11-14 09:46:56 AM  
They want us to change? Then they must change in return.
Make it law so that when i walk into a biker bar the jukebox doesn`t scratch silent and the entire room doesn`t stop and stare at me for 10 solid minutes.
Followed by an ass-raping.
2001-11-14 09:47:07 AM  
Leather keeps you from getting skinned up if you's also a great wind block. I defy you to go to a leather store and find a pair of chaps that aren't black.

BTW Leonard_Cohen...all us bikers ARE gay and having a mid-life crisis. Guess you know our secret. DICK.
2001-11-14 09:52:58 AM  
Actually Berklee I see more people on bikes with superbright yellow, or flashy riding suits...but ScooterTrash has good point. Other than the leather at Wilsons (which isn't nearly as protective as riding leather) it's kinda hard to find anything other than black. And Gortex (is that how it's spelled?) isn't nearly as sexy.

And as far as changing the stereotype, I'm a woman, that in itself is changing the stereotype.
2001-11-14 09:53:52 AM  
Well there you have it........

"all us bikers ARE gay and having""Dick"

Well done Scooter Boy.
2001-11-14 09:56:11 AM  
Good for you Cinen. I taught my wife to ride 3 years ago, best thing I ever did. We have much more fun together! More women need to ride!
2001-11-14 10:08:16 AM  
Scooter...Not only did I learn to ride, I stole my husband's Sportster! Hey, it was his idea I learn! Unfortunately right now we only have the one bike, but I can't wait until we can get HIM his own...*grin*

"You don't need a dick to ride a bike, but it sure helps to have balls" -sticker on my helmut
2001-11-14 10:09:38 AM  
afraid of bikers = hate crime
2001-11-14 10:17:04 AM  
Thank you very much, LadyAlexa. My day now seems a little brighter. ^_^
2001-11-14 10:17:16 AM  
I can honestly say that in ten years of riding Harleys I have never been treated any differently, even when wearing my jacket and chaps. I have an old bike, and I just putt on down the road, mindin' my own business. I don't need a law made to help me out. I get along fine with everyone, probably due to my sunny disposition!
2001-11-14 10:17:43 AM  
I think bikers are sexy and I love the sound of a harley. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!
2001-11-14 10:33:38 AM  
I knew of a biker who used to wear a pink Care Bears t-shirt just to get people to make fun of him so he could beat the crap out of them. Not saying I think most bikers are like this, just that this one guy was. And I think it's damn cool.
2001-11-14 10:34:00 AM  
Lunatic Tassle: Amen.
2001-11-14 10:38:16 AM  
Black leather is part of preventing ROAD RASH, asshole. I've gone down in gravel at 5 miles an hour and wished I had on my jacket. After that I wear leather on my bike, cloth doesn't do the job.
When you see someone dressed in shorts and a t-shirt riding their bike, just shake your head and hope their first fall is an easy one, otherwise they could easily die, just from the roadrash (resulting in massive loss of blood, infections, etc...)
So am I somebody you should fear cause I like to preserve the integrity of my epidermis?
And it's not like I care about people fearing me. Hell, I fear half the farking hobo nutcases I see in the city I work in, but I don't DISCRIMINATE against them for it. I just move on about my business and treat them like everybody else.
2001-11-14 10:40:17 AM  
Not all bikers back the proposals. ABATE of Ohio -- a private, nonprofit group that advocates for bikers' rights -- is leaving it up to members whether to support the measure, said spokesman Steve Zimmer.

``As a business owner, they should have right to decide who they want,'' he said.
2001-11-14 10:42:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

My bike. Sorry, I can't find any pictures of myself riding it, or I would put them up so you can see I'm not sportin' chains and spikes, just good old fashioned leather pants, leather jacket, leather gloves, leather boots, and a helmet (not leather).

If I go down now, I have a lot of tough material to protect my skin from that abrassive substance known as the-ground-at-60-mph. Not to mention it's much nicer when the air is chilly, since it blocks it most effectively
2001-11-14 10:44:25 AM  

Yeah...but you are a lunatic!
2001-11-14 11:01:14 AM  
If you are serious about riding, you wear your leather. For protection. Not for some fashion statement.

For those who do not like the black leather, there is other gear that can be purchased that is made out of Kevlar and other tough materials. Unfortunately, in many cases these items are quite a bit more expensive than my old leather jacket was when I bought it. And in many cases the expensive jackets will not protect my delicate hide any better than my old jacket will.

I would rather spend my money on more chrome for my scoot.
2001-11-14 11:05:24 AM  
This is an old one but apropos:

Q: what's the difference between a Harley and a Hoover?
A: position of the dirt bag

I get stuck behind HDs all the time on the mountain roads that make up my commute. (I drive an old station wagon.) Harleys are slow, loud and don't handle. It's an image thing (it sure isn't a machinery thing, those POSs are vintage 1953 no matter when they were made), and as far as I'm concerned, if you declare that image I'll lock up my dogs and sheep.
2001-11-14 11:18:11 AM  
NaTaX...good lookin a 1200 kit in it?

Cinen...Wife stole my Heritage...But she let me buy a Fat Boy! WHAT A WOMAN! Guy offered my too much money for it this spring, I sold it and bought a Standard.

FLH70...AMEN to the chrome reference!
2001-11-14 11:20:18 AM  
Jet Silver: Evidently you haven't ridden the new twin cam 88's...or seen the liquid cooled Harley. Both flat out Scoot!
2001-11-14 11:22:08 AM  

I am not a dirt bag. And I scoot along on my Harley just fine. Do you ride? How often? If you have proof that Harley's handle bad, please give it. I don't have a bit of trouble riding mine, and I don't see long lines of cars waiting to pass me. Operator inexperience can be attributed to some situations, especially when you see more and more people buying Harley's for status symbols, and then only riding them once a year on some poker run. Please don't blame the equipment for some part-timer's inexperience in riding.

My old bike is a 1970, and no, it is not state of the art. It is dependable though, and I enjoy riding a bike that is over 30 years old, much as someone might enjoy restoring and driving an older car. There is a history there, and I have many fond memories of rides with my friends, and experiences that we had when out on runs. I have also had my fair share of close calls, but that is also one of the things that makes riding something special. If you have any pressing problems, it is great to get out on your scoot and go riding. It gives you freedom to think things through and sove what is bugging you.

I have also never &^%$ed a dog, or any sheep. I did see a mule once that looked willing, but I do have standards, dirt bag that I may be.
2001-11-14 11:23:47 AM  
On a side note anyone see that credit card commercial (I think) where the dad is stuck in the never-ending Santa Claus line with his kids? The younger of the two kids looks behind them and sees a biker dude setting on a bench with a long white beard and says "Santa!" Then the scheming look passes across the dad's face.

Holiday marketing scheme / commercials are even more funny than the ones they dish out for the Super Bowl.
2001-11-14 11:29:27 AM  
I had a moped once.
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