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(Some Guy)   51 foot transvestite to greet Baltimore visitors   ( divider line
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5370 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Nov 2001 at 8:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-14 08:45:56 AM  
That's farking stupid.
2001-11-14 08:48:51 AM  
2001-11-14 08:57:48 AM  
I used to live in Baltimore and it's fine the way it is. I don't think a giant tacky statue is going to have tourists flocking to Baltimore. What a waste of money!
2001-11-14 09:22:34 AM  
If we're going to put up a statue of a transvestite in front of Penn Station, why not at least make it a recognizable figure? I mean, Divine *is* a Baltimorean after all.
2001-11-14 09:32:39 AM  

Charles Street leading to Penn station has been closed for like a year for road repairs. If this thing goes in, I hope the road repairs last at least as long as it takes for the thing to get stolen so nobody will have to look at it while passing by.

Honestly, the renovation of the food court at Charles and Saratoga is more exciting (and probably less expensive) than this.

2001-11-14 09:32:53 AM  
Yes, people from all over the world will be flocking to see our man-woman with scary glowing red heart and our new bus terminal.
2001-11-14 10:33:01 AM  
people in Baltimore are so doped up they probably just pass it off as their 36,845th hallucination
2001-11-14 10:33:06 AM  
I totally agree with you Drwiii.

I would rather pay for Pizza from Joe at Speranza than see a fifty foot hermaphrodite at Penn Station. There are enough crossdressers on Calvert Street near the station already.
2001-11-14 10:40:18 AM  
What? No picture?
2001-11-14 10:45:59 AM  
I am a working artist, and I promise you all that there are good artists out there, ones who think this is as much crap as yall do, especially the price tag.

I imagine Baltimore is not that different from Kansas City in that the roads/bridges/schools could use that 750,000 more than wanker neon bullshiat.

You could practically buy a Michaelangelo for less than that, and have a true treasure when you are done.
2001-11-14 11:24:26 AM  
I bet John Waters has something to do with this.
2001-11-14 12:31:59 PM  
It's a hermaphrodite, not a transvestite... hold on, lemme find the video...
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-14 12:43:06 PM  
I hate art that makes you think!
2001-11-14 01:30:10 PM  
A badly injured transvestite centipede?
2001-11-14 01:40:23 PM  
Damn Courtney you beat me to it! Nice randall pic too!
2001-11-14 02:39:41 PM  
ExtraHeavyMarcellus: Yeah, Joe and Michelle have some excellent food. Also, check out Chez Veronique if you haven't yet, the lady there makes a great sandwich and the chicken pot pies are awesome.
2001-11-14 02:41:32 PM  
BaltoRadio: You beat me to it. I was SOOOO hoping that they were erecting a statute of Divine!

2001-11-14 03:33:21 PM  
From the description of the statue from the article itself:

"The sculpture is composed of the silhouettes of a male and female intersecting at right angles. When viewers walk or drive around the sculpture, the figure changes from male to female and back again. Viewers also will see three-quarter views that show the two figures blending together."

To me it sounds pretty interesting, NOT tacky. I'd like to have seen photos from several different angles of this statue.
2001-11-14 03:55:52 PM  
Baltimore is a giant cesspool. Except the harbor. A giant, wierd statue with happy-joy-joy-love meaning that goes beyond obvious is perfect for such a crowded little absessed boil of filth and pus like Baltimore. It's over-rated, over priced, and has about as much depth and character as Al Gore.
2001-11-14 03:56:53 PM  
They don't call em Baltimorons for nothing.
2001-11-14 04:24:47 PM  
A giant sculpture of "Zappa Crappa" would be more appropriate.
2001-11-14 07:59:27 PM  
And don't forget that "Charm City" has the highest per-capita VD rate in the nation. That adds to Baltimore's allure.
2001-11-14 07:59:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Just a little PS fodder for all you collectors out there.
This sounds like it'll be one very strange statue.
2001-11-14 11:03:19 PM  
After erecting the half-man/half-woman statue, Baltimore has announced its latest statue commemorating the half-black/half-white character from the original Star Trek.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-15 04:33:31 AM  
I think we've found the owner of the Toronto Dildo.
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