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(Yahoo)   Decaf coffee linked to rheumatoid arthritis risk   ( divider line
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1132 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-14 12:01:37 AM  
Decaf if very least the kind that used the chemical filtration process.
2001-11-14 12:01:56 AM  
2001-11-14 12:04:16 AM  
Must be because of all that shaking coffe drinkers do.
2001-11-14 12:04:57 AM  
Oh wait.... decaff... must be the shaking that keeps it away?
2001-11-14 12:05:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Rat [TotalFark]
2001-11-14 12:07:51 AM  
I like my coffee like I like my women...old and bitter (but no goddam decaf, please)
2001-11-14 12:12:36 AM  
Murphys Law: When they say something will kill you, they will provide an alternate that will eventually be found to kill you faster.
2001-11-14 12:21:51 AM  
Someone better warn Ozzy.
2001-11-14 12:49:32 AM  
Age also causes disease and death. Why do people think they would be immortal if only they can obtain the right balance of foods, drinks and excersise. You will die some day, I guarantee it. I might die 10 years sooner, but I will have enjoyed everything life has to offer.
2001-11-14 12:58:18 AM  
What's the difference between dying at 80 and dying at 70 anyway. I mean, who wants to be that old, except for Hefner and Barker of course.
2001-11-14 01:25:47 AM  
"Mikuls speculated that the use of industrial solvents in the decaffeination process may play a role."

Damn... industrial solvents can cause health problems? Who'd have thunk it?

Decaf is for losers.
2001-11-14 02:28:01 AM  
Decaf is just wrong to begin with, like alcohol-free beer or the dude from "The Crying Game".

And worse than that, the farkers that drink decaf can't even defend themselves, since they are all asleep.

They invent decaf in France, maybe?
2001-11-14 02:34:37 AM  
My dad told me once that drinking regular coffee is bad for me. I told him, "I know."

The irony of this strikes me as... ironic.
2001-11-14 02:47:39 AM  
OMG! My mom has rhuematoid arthritis! And she drinks decaf coffee! God Bless FARK! Now her life may be saved...
2001-11-14 03:47:27 AM  
Serves 'em right, Sanka drinking pussies.
2001-11-14 04:01:33 AM  
Decaf coffee is for people with bad nerves. Kinda like how light beer is for people who like to pee a lot.
2001-11-14 04:44:40 AM  
"Women drinking four or more cups a day of decaffeinated coffee were at more than twice the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis... However, women drinking more than three cups of tea had a 60% reduced risk of developing the disease."

OK, I drink about four cups of tea and three of decaf a day. so that's twice...less 60%...Am I going to end up a crippled old crumbly or not?!

NB I don't drink decaf because I like it - if I have caffeine after 2pm I'm bouncing off the walls till midnight. Saves me a lot of money on amphetamines.
2001-11-14 05:18:17 AM  
WTF , industrial solvents used in the decaffing ? Who approves these processes ??
2001-11-14 06:24:40 AM  
I'm glad I have a nice mug of thick, black, highly caffinated cuban coffee this morning!

Why drink coffee if you don't want the caffine? Seriously, do you just like the teeth stains or what?
2001-11-14 06:48:36 AM  
What choice is there for hot non-caffeinated drinks? Excluding herbal tea, which whatever the packet says comes in two flavours: lawn trimmings and nothing.
2001-11-14 07:22:03 AM  
Hot Toddies!
2001-11-14 08:31:30 AM  
I love coffe but can not drink it if it is not decaf as I have a very fast heart rate and the caffienne only makes it why should I miss out on my coffee :(

By the way there is a name for this condition and it is called taccycardia...not sure if I spelt it right but it sounds
2001-11-14 08:51:19 AM  
Thanks for the info,will try looking for it...I am down under so we may not have it but hey I will check it out...thanks again.
2001-11-14 09:05:26 AM  

What about coke and meth? You can still do those right?
2001-11-14 09:14:21 AM  
You always seem to crack me up at the most inopportune
2001-11-14 09:14:51 AM  
Vivarin = weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2001-11-14 10:42:33 AM  
Fb- Hell yes! Go Cafe Cubano!
2001-11-14 02:24:14 PM  
LondonGirl: Gatorade! Hawhaw. Or root beer (only Barq's has caffeine that I am aware of. Mug, A&W, and most generic brands have no caffeine>)
2001-11-14 02:26:28 PM  
I generally don't eat breakfast, so my coffee needs to be extra-thick and strong so I don't become ravenous by lunch time. Gods I love thick black coffee... *mmm*
2001-11-14 07:22:30 PM  
The pain associated with arthritis may be psychological in nature. Almost every person gets arthritis as they age. Many don't have pain, just like most people get herniated discs or disc degeneration, and only some get any pain from it.
2001-11-14 08:19:40 PM  
Sburbncwby: Rheumatoid arthritis is a little different from the normal joint pain arthritis you may be familiar with. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the body's defenses attack the cartilidge in the joints. This type of arthritis is also visible, I know a lady who is afflicted with it, and her hands are so gnarled and deformed she cannot use them. Rheumatoid arthritis is anything but psychological.
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