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(WorldNetDaily)   Everyone born on June 16th is now the devil   ( divider line
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2012-05-11 09:46:03 PM  


Nope, sorry.

Now if you'd been 6/16/61, we would have been interested.
2012-05-12 02:57:43 AM  
Pants full of macaroni!!: A partial list of people who are or were the Devil:

1723 - Adam Smith, because soshializm
1829 - Geronimo, renowned parachutist
1888 - Peter Stoner, drug addict
1890 - Stan Laurel, duck drowner
1902 - George Gaylord Simpson, gaylord
1912 - Enoch Powell, because freedom
1928 - Speedy O. Long, because Speedy O. Long
1937 - Erich Segal, cancer fan
1955 - Laurie Metcalf, because Roseanne
1959 - The Ultimate Warrior, 'nuff said
1960 - Peter Sterling, eel
1962 - Arnold Vosloo, mummy
1962 - bohica, now somebody
1966 - Jan Železný, javelin of Satan
1970 - Cobi Jones, notorious diver
1970 - Phil Mickelson, adulterer
1971 - Tupac Shakur, lives
1972 - John Cho, goes to White Palace
1972 - steerforth, fluffy white bunny slippers
1977 - Kevin Foster, convicted murderer

I think they're onto something here.
2012-05-12 08:55:35 AM  

W.C.fields forever: W C Feels: It depends on what language you write it in. English doesn't have the concept of the number of names, because we use the Arabic numeral system, which has no alphabetic meaning in English. The romans, by contrast, used the same system for numerals as they did for names. So if someone is named Dimitri, you count the D, the I, the M, and the other two I's as the number of that name. A very similar thing was happening with the number of the beast. It came from someone's name (most scholars think Nero), and in Hebrew it is 666, in Greek it is 616. Ta da.

Speaking of names.

/had to check

//beat me by 2 months.

Mine was meant as a play on the name and the incident with the wide stance.
2012-05-12 05:17:56 PM  
No one who believes the bible will accept new evidence of anything.
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