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3023 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Nov 2003 at 8:50 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-04 08:53:44 PM  
His newly born so.. er daughter is already pregnant!?
2003-11-04 08:54:06 PM  
the guy from the beach boys?
2003-11-04 08:54:09 PM  
Respect The McCartney you sorry asshat headline writers.
2003-11-04 08:56:06 PM  
Wow. Father and Grandfather in the same year.
2003-11-04 08:56:07 PM  
the guy from the beach boys?
2003-11-04 08:56:18 PM  
Don't jinx it! Ringo next! Ringo next please jeebus!
2003-11-04 08:56:53 PM  
same week geek_girl
2003-11-04 08:58:28 PM  
Who cares. More Ringo links.

Wasnt he already dead when "Abbey Road" came out?

massive solo paul/wings hatred
2003-11-04 08:59:17 PM  
same year Ziggy she's just in the early stages of her preg. she won't be having it this week.
2003-11-04 08:59:31 PM  
Ya'know I love the Beatles and all, awesome tunes, but I remember reading a Maxim article once about the 10 biggest reasons Paul McCartney was an asshole. Did John really write I, Me, Mine about Paul?
2003-11-04 08:59:57 PM  
In the big Rolling Stones / Beatles debate I really have to cast my vote in favour of The Monkees.
2003-11-04 09:04:07 PM  
Ringo and George were my faves. George had the first No.1 Solo hit and Ringo narrated Thomas The Tank Engine stories.

You don't get much cooler than that.

What did Paul ever do - marry a girl who keeps failing her driving test for leaving her foot on the brake? (did I just type that?)

And John - 2 words - OH NO!!!
2003-11-04 09:06:27 PM  
Theres no debate Umidude Mick Jagger has admittedly had sex with other men. Therefore making them worse than the Beatles.
2003-11-04 09:07:04 PM  
That's definitely misinformed, since I, Me, Mine was a George Harrison-penned song.
2003-11-04 09:10:20 PM  
Scrumtrulecent.... You, my friend are a complete idiot.
2003-11-04 09:10:36 PM  
I don't really see that as a reason for them to be worse. Given a choice between David Bowie and Yoko Oh-No I know I'd rather be playing with Ziggy's Guitar.
2003-11-04 09:10:58 PM  
And George was involved in Time Bandits, one of the funniest movies ever.

Although that would usually ratchet up a guy in my opinion, Mick is just plain nasty. So, as a self-respecting homo, I have to agree with you.
2003-11-04 09:11:51 PM  

2003-11-04 09:12:56 PM  
George was a co-producer of Monty Python films.
Dark Horse?
very cool.
2003-11-04 09:13:46 PM  
The Beatles went down hill after Peter Best left.
2003-11-04 09:15:44 PM  
That's SIR Paul McCartney.
2003-11-04 09:16:32 PM  
Also, I seem to remember reading about an alleged sexual relationship between Lennon and Epstein.

*checks Google*

Yup - definately didn't dream it!

"We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first, rock 'n' roll or Christianity." - John Lennon - March 4th 1966.
2003-11-04 09:16:45 PM  
Pardon my earlier statements. I did not intend to damage the good name of the homosexual community.

Only meant to point out what a skeez Mick Jagger is... He is rather gross looking... agreed?
2003-11-04 09:20:17 PM  
Fantastic Film - have it on DVD. Used to have a CD of Handmade Films music but my brother ran off with it.
2003-11-04 09:20:43 PM  
*checks google

Despite the description, this film is not at all sensationalistic or exploitive. It's very sensitive and arty and very in-keeping with both Lennon's and Epstein's personalities. You really feel both characters' frustration: Lennon's at being at a confusing crossroad of oncoming fame and unwanted fatherhood and Epstein's at desparately wanting someone he can never have. It's more a dual character study than anything else. Lennon was fascinating in his angry young man stage and Epstein was hopelessly, pitifully attracted to people and circumstances that could only bring him pain. Lennon was not gay (in fact by all accounts he was downright homophobic at that age) but his empathy for Epstein's plight was so strong. He was torn between his heterosexuality and wanting to ease Epstein's suffering. A relationship would have been completely impossible and they both knew it. This film was quite realistic in not tacking on some kind of would-be happy ending or any ending at all, because with this type of situation, nothing is resolved, nothing ends -- it can't be any other way. If you're a Lennon fan, you really should see this.
2003-11-04 09:21:49 PM  
Oh yeah... that synopsis was of the movie, The Hours and Times.
2003-11-04 09:22:34 PM  
i, me, mine = harrisong.
2003-11-04 09:23:30 PM  
is it a documentary? tell me more.
2003-11-04 09:24:34 PM  
will the grandchild be named vera, chuck, or dave?

2003-11-04 09:25:19 PM  
Isn't this the guy who started the Red Scare and shiat in the 50's?
2003-11-04 09:25:31 PM  
Scrum Seeing your apology above and rereading your initial statement I can't help feeling that this is a thinly veiled attempt to backtrack on that previous comment.

However, I don't want to see this thread turn into an argument about the Pros and Cons of Homosexuals - so I'm happy to let it lie.

But once again, I'd like to say that for a straight man, I'd still choose Bowie over Oh-No!!!
2003-11-04 09:25:44 PM  
Not really sure sauswage
Look it up on Amazon... thats where I got the summary.

And seriously, I'm not trying to hate on anyone in anyway... k?
2003-11-04 09:25:45 PM  
damn! wish i'd thought of that.
farking brilliant.
2003-11-04 09:27:02 PM  
Mick is the nastiest man who ever lived, except for maybe Keith Richards. Who was it that said "Keith looks like someone started to embalm him, and then stopped"?

On topic, Paul surrendered his credibility when he married Linda. Discuss.
2003-11-04 09:29:04 PM  
sauswage - you like the beatles AND guest movies? AIM me at my fark name if you wanna talk!
2003-11-04 09:29:21 PM  
Nah, no back tracking... I still think it's gross to get doodoo on your helmet, but I don't hate ya.
2003-11-04 09:29:43 PM  

here's hoping you can come to terms with your gay obsession
2003-11-04 09:30:49 PM  

And on the Lennon thing - to me it's one of those things that I'm sure we'll never get to the bottom of (no pun intended).
2003-11-04 09:31:41 PM  
Well then nevermind.

Good song though...
2003-11-04 09:32:37 PM  
No, he surrendered his credibility when he let Jacko steal his music.
2003-11-04 09:33:26 PM  
So what's the story about the whole "Paul is dead" thing? A music appreciation teacher tried to tell me about it in college, but I didn't pay attention that day.
2003-11-04 09:33:40 PM  
same year Ziggy she's just in the early stages of her preg. she won't be having it this week.

my bad my bad
2003-11-04 09:35:24 PM  
Scrum WOOHOO! Something we agree on!!!! (re. the Jacko thing)

Now if we can only agree on Dubya being not too far removed from being a warmonger and the Utah Jazz to making the playoffs this season.
2003-11-04 09:36:13 PM  
paul lost his credibility when john lennon died. their competition was all that drove him to make good music with any edge whatsoever.
2003-11-04 09:36:37 PM  
ah, Lightspeed, or LiTeSp3eD, as you kids like to call it. I am old and do not AM. But yes, I do love me some Christopher Guest. I wrote him a fan letter when I was 14. He was on SNL and I loved him.
Damn bastard married Jamie Lee Curtis.
2003-11-04 09:39:35 PM  
It's not going to be easy, considering I am one of only a handful of straight men that work at the headquarters of Pier 1 Imports!

Forgive me. I keed I keed!
2003-11-04 09:46:00 PM  
Sorry, Scrumtrulecent; you fail the gay test. Pier 1 would never fly on "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy". Your hetero-ness is assured. ;-)

And I agree about the Michael Freakson sellout. The thought of MJ remaking "Helter Skelter" creeps me out to no end.
2003-11-04 09:46:57 PM  
same year Ziggy she's just in the early stages of her preg. she won't be having it this week.

my bad my bad
2003-11-04 09:47:32 PM  
Whoa! A homosexual sypmathizer AND a Jazz fan??? God love ya =)

I'll get on the Dubya wagon with ya, since I live in TX, but I think the Mavs are gonna take it this year... even Malone jumped the Jazz train.

And in hockey news, the Dallas Stars will win the cup!

You're a good man... and thourough, Umidude

Btw, I loved the pun earlier!
2003-11-04 09:47:35 PM  
The musical genius that is Paul McCartney:

Paul McCartney

This is my right
A right given by God
To live a free life
To live in freedom

Talkin' about freedom
I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

Anyone tries to take it away
They'll have to answer
'Cause this is my right

I'm talkin' about freedom
Talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

Everybody talkin' 'bout freedom
We're talkin' 'bout freedom
We will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
Talkin' 'bout freedom
I will fight
For the right
To live in freedom

I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
I'm talkin' 'bout freedom
We will fight
For the right
To live in freedom
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