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9661 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 May 2012 at 4:37 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-05-08 10:52:38 PM  

coordman: fusillade762: Real question: what makes a newborn human more valuable than a cow or a chicken?

You aren't helping.

No, really, I'd seriously like an answer to that question. Is a newborn smarter than an adult cow or pig? Are they more able to survive on their own? What makes them so special?
2012-05-08 11:24:55 PM  
I am printing this article and sending it to every fundie church in our state along with a copy of the check I'm sending to NNAF.

I'm just bummed that there is no hell, because I'd really like to see these churchy idiots burn down there for their hate-fueled rhetoric.
2012-05-08 11:28:32 PM  
I donated to NNAF, and Planned Parenthood while I was at it.
/tax deductible donations
2012-05-08 11:47:19 PM  
why do people always assume unprotected sex is the reason someone got pregnant? people get pregnant on birth control; especially if they don't know to take it at the exact same time every day or while taking certain other drugs. i've known someone who got pregnant on the depo shot for crying out loud.

also condoms tear and fall off; especially if the man is inexperienced or of an abnormal size.

birth control and condoms merely give men permission to cum inside a woman when that's probably not a good idea.
2012-05-09 12:29:13 AM  
The comments on that site make me sad for humanity. It's like they really believe the hateful bullshiat they're spewing.
2012-05-09 01:56:01 AM  
sick tag taking the day off?

2012-05-09 04:15:13 AM  

Britney Spear's Speculum: Conservative intellectual and scientific kryptonite:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, The Hydatidiform mole

Thanks. I learn a lot of shait on Fark. I just wish I could remember it in the morning.
2012-05-09 06:48:40 AM  

chairmenmeow47: why do people always assume unprotected sex is the reason someone got pregnant? .

Because admitting anything else would remove all semblance of subtlety from the 'punish the sluts' basis of the anti-choice movement.
2012-05-09 07:12:02 AM  
14 and pregnant?

/sounds black
2012-05-09 08:30:52 AM  

Rattlehead: rustypouch: Debeo Summa Credo: vernonFL: CokeBear: pnome: When do human rights begin?

Hint: You celebrate on an annual basis the date you acquired your human rights.

July 4?


Arbor Day?

National Bowling Day?

National Talk Like a Pirate Day?
2012-05-09 09:22:58 AM  
Why is this bad, again?

Worst case scenario - the reactionaries are right, and a fertilized ovum is a human being with a soul. Oh, and there's a Heaven with Jesus and angels and all that.

Abortion means that this "person" gets to skip all the bullshiat and go straight to paradise.

Do they WANT people to suffer and earn their place in Heaven? Well, since that was Mother Teresa's prime directive, I guess it's possible.
2012-05-09 09:42:22 AM  
Personal responsibility, how does it work?

/psst they know what causes teh pregers nowadays
2012-05-09 10:06:16 AM  

Britney Spear's Speculum: Conservative intellectual and scientific kryptonite:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, The Hydatidiform mole

Nice, I'll put it into words anti-choicers can understand:

Sometimes what looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, feels like a duck is not always a duck so stop using jesus as an excuse for science. Stick that in your Bible and pray to it.

I like this part too:

A hydatidiform mole conception may be categorized in medical terms as one type of non-induced (natural) "missed abortion"[6] - referred to colloquially as a "missed miscarriage", because the pregnancy has become non-viable (miscarried) but was not immediately expelled (therefore was "missed").

In other words, you need an abortion to stop a pregnancy that was never going to result in a human child any way. Or should a woman just die because she's a slut? What's it gonna be jesus freaks?
2012-05-09 05:18:08 PM  
Aside from any political or moral issues with abortion.....why did it cost more than $1K for this girl's abortion? Are they really charging that much where she lives? How does anyone afford that? I live in a smallish city (pop. around 80K) which only has 1 abortion clinic, and it charges around $400.

/and yes, am absolutely, unabashedly pro-abortion, although I firmly believe that money could be better spent on educating kids what to expect from their bodies and how to keep themselves healthy.
2012-05-10 02:21:19 AM  
You make your choice when you drop your pants.
2012-05-10 10:00:09 PM  

djslowdive: I participated in this 2 sundays ago :)

/and kickass tag!
//Souvlaki Space Station & Pygmalion FTW!
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