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(   Sorry I haven't paid my bills in six years but I'm trying to sell my $3.2m Aston Martin, which got stolen by a Yakuza boss who had me beaten up by martial arts experts when I tried to repossess it   ( divider line
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2012-05-05 07:21:10 AM  
First world problems.
2012-05-05 07:34:36 AM  
2012-05-05 07:35:46 AM  
Yeah, buddy, my student loan people didn't buy that story either.
2012-05-05 07:50:53 AM  
I'm one of the few ten degree black belts in the entire world. I would have kicked the shiat out of those so called martial artists. I'm going to go punch a bear I'm so jizzed up right now.
2012-05-05 07:52:13 AM
2012-05-05 08:18:04 AM  
So, he should take out a bank lien on it in the meantime. The she should forget to pay on it. Look, instant buyer!
2012-05-05 08:37:26 AM  

wippit: [ image 330x287]

But Marge, that little guy hasn't done anything yet. Look at him! He's gonna do something and you know its gonna be good.


*door closes*
Waaaaaachaaaaa! *punch punch kick*
Homer: Awwwwwww
2012-05-05 08:38:28 AM  
There was a man from Boston
Who bought a brand new Aston
There was room for his ass
And a tank of gas,
But his balls hung out and he lost em.
2012-05-05 08:41:05 AM

Wanted for questioning.
2012-05-05 09:24:17 AM  

Degenz: [ image 576x324]

I fail to see how this story relates to some obnoxious douchebag who owns a pawn shop in Las Vegas. What am I missing?
2012-05-05 10:06:49 AM  
Pawn the car, tell the Yakuza where it is, sue the pawn shop for the full value of the car?

/I sound like a jerk.
2012-05-05 10:19:53 AM  

SDRR: Degenz: [ image 576x324]

I fail to see how this story relates to some obnoxious douchebag who owns a pawn shop in Las Vegas. What am I missing?

Dood, If i have to 'splain the punchline it's not funny anymore, but I'll take a poke at it just for you:

farktard goes into hock buying a vintage car only he knows the value of, and then loses his house over it because he got involved with unscrupulous brokers (pawn shop) and got farked.

Does that make sense?
2012-05-05 10:39:00 AM  
I'll need to call my buddy
2012-05-05 11:49:55 AM  
He was serious about selling, but wanted to get the vehicle's Federation Internationale de l'Automobile heritage certificates that took months but added another 50 per cent value to its value.

Ya know, I understand the importance of having a certificate of authenticity but there are only three of the damn things in the world. If you know where the other two are, this is the third. It's not the kind of body you can order from the kit car company and throw on a VW bug frame with an engine from an old Tercel.
2012-05-05 04:59:59 PM  
Mmmm Aston Martin.
2012-05-06 07:04:27 AM

Three days later another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her, but they should've. Because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car... no, the most important object in pretty much the whole universe.

The Impala, of course, has all the things other cars have... and a few things they don't. But none of that stuff's important. This is the stuff that's important. The Army man that Sam crammed in the ashtray--it's still stuck there. The Legos that Dean shoved into the vents. to this day, heat comes on, and you can hear 'em rattle. These are the things that make the car theirs. Really theirs. Even when Dean rebuilt it from the ground up, he made sure all these little things stayed. 'Cause it's the blemishes that made her beautiful.

In between jobs, Sam and Dean would sometimes get a day - sometimes a week, if they were lucky. They'd pass the time lining their pockets. Sam used to insist on honest work, but now he hustles pool, like his brother. They could go anywhere and do anything. They drove a thousand miles for an Ozzy show. Two days for a Jayhawks game. And when it was clear, they'd park her in the middle of nowhere, sit on the hood, and watch the stars... for hours... without saying a word. It never occurred to them that, sure, maybe they never really had a roof and four walls but they were never, in fact, homeless.

Endings are hard. Any chapped-ass monkey with a keyboard can poop out a beginning, but endings are impossible. You try to tie up every loose end, but you never can. The fans are always gonna biatch. There's always gonna be holes. And since it's the ending, it's all supposed to add up to something. I'm telling you, they're a raging pain in the ass.

So what's it all add up to? It's hard to say. But me, I'd say this was a test... for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against, Good, Evil, angels, devils, Destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well... isn't that kinda the whole point? No doubt - endings are hard. But then again... nothing ever really ends, does it?
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