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(Gawker)   "MySpace's sole purpose is to serve as an anthropological collection of the ways young people embarrassed themselves online in the early-to-mid-2000s"   ( divider line
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2716 clicks; posted to Geek » on 04 May 2012 at 9:41 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-05-04 06:50:10 PM  
No, its how most bands establish their online presence.

Go to any small, local band's concert. Look at the back of their CD. Chances are there's a URL to their Myspace page.

I watch a ton of local music... bands with only hundreds to thousands of fans... 99% of them push their Myspace page.

I don't work for Myspace, don't have an account... just sayin'
2012-05-04 07:17:23 PM  

downstairs: I watch a ton of local music... bands with only hundreds to thousands of fans... 99% of them push their Myspace page.

We probably haven't heard of them.
2012-05-04 07:45:48 PM  
MySpace? The music networking site?
2012-05-04 09:30:40 PM  
That's the only reason I still have mine. Thousands and thousands of saved messages dating back to my sophomore year of high school? Probably gonna be fun to look back through someday.
2012-05-04 10:04:14 PM  
What Myspace is now, Facebook will be soon.

/everything that has a beginning has an end, Mark
2012-05-04 10:07:11 PM
2012-05-04 10:15:45 PM  
Don't forget that it will also be a source of political scandal and extortion in 30 or so years.
2012-05-04 10:27:56 PM  
sarcasm sarcasm/
2012-05-04 10:28:04 PM  
How I hope that you forget your MySpace
I hope it slips completely from your mind
And I hope it stays up long enough for the next generation to find
And I hope that it embarrasses your children
I hope their bratty friends all forward it around
And I hope that you forget your password
So you cannot take it down
2012-05-04 10:33:41 PM  
Having your name associated with pages that had crap backgrounds and text of the same color, with a song, and two videos going at once, should be enough to shame anyone off the internet.
2012-05-04 10:38:55 PM  

Mugato: We probably haven't heard of them.

On time, and awesome.
2012-05-04 10:45:08 PM  
You have to first possess a sense of shame in order to feel it.
2012-05-04 11:16:04 PM  
As awful as Myspace is (and it truly is), their band page is still about 50,000 times better than the sorry excuse for an artist page that Facebook 'provides'.
2012-05-04 11:34:06 PM  
2012-05-04 11:38:49 PM  
2012-05-04 11:58:36 PM  
i used a phony name and phony troll email

not like this one, no, not like this
2012-05-05 04:19:42 AM  
I still have mine up. I just look it as a time capsule of my life from 2005-2007. I like through it every now and again if I get nostalgic for the mid to late 2000s.
2012-05-05 11:30:41 AM  
MySpace was pretty lame, but it made Facebook look like GeoCities. And Facebook is still way behind the curve.

/yes, I have Facebook accounts
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