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(   Woman arrested for putting camping fuel in her grandmother's milk. That's Cole, man   ( divider line
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2349 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 May 2012 at 3:44 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-05-04 03:45:20 PM
2012-05-04 03:45:46 PM  
Well that takes the Crown
2012-05-04 03:45:51 PM  
Frankly, I'm surprised her grandmother was still able to produce milk.
2012-05-04 03:46:54 PM

Wait, what?
2012-05-04 03:48:20 PM  
Isn't grandmother's milk the new red hot chili peppers album?
2012-05-04 03:50:34 PM  
FTA: camping fuel

Got wood? Big stir sticks?
/Ya think she'd notice.
2012-05-04 03:52:15 PM  
I'm surprised the grandmother was still lact--

RandomAxe: Frankly, I'm surprised her grandmother was still able to produce milk.

you son of a biatch.
2012-05-04 03:57:02 PM  
It's not just Cole, Man. If she is found guilty of killing her grandmother with camping fuel, it's Cole-slaughter.
2012-05-04 03:59:08 PM  
If there had been Secret Service Agents around, she could have joust prostituted herself instead of getting arrested for makin' meth,
2012-05-04 03:59:39 PM  
I don't know why but I lol'd. +1 subster
2012-05-04 04:00:45 PM

/Hot, like ethanol cookstove fuel
2012-05-04 04:00:50 PM  
C'mon Grandma! You've been letting my tweeker boyfriend and I live rent free in your home for months while we cook meth in your kitchen, but why don't you just die already!

2012-05-04 04:01:44 PM  

brantgoose: It's not just Cole, Man. If she is found guilty of killing her grandmother with camping fuel, it's Cole-slaughter.


*golf clap*
2012-05-04 04:03:32 PM  
[skipping over the first part of the joke]
"... and then she fell over, completely motionless."
"Was she dead?"
"No, just outta gas"
2012-05-04 04:04:48 PM  
That's worse than if she had been chinese.
2012-05-04 04:05:23 PM  
Nice, subby.
2012-05-04 04:07:19 PM  
I used to deliver oxygen for a medical supply company when i was about 20. It was amazing to see how many ashtrays were sitting right on top of the nebulizer unit.
1. Start smoking. 2. Destroy lungs. 3. Go on oxygen 4. keep smoking 5. DIE
2012-05-04 04:15:40 PM  

Vlad_the_Inaner: [ image 300x300]

/Hot, like ethanol cookstove fuel

Those are handy when you need a source of heat pronto and it's too dark to collect firewood safely.
2012-05-04 04:24:51 PM  
She obviously hated her and was pro-pain.
2012-05-04 04:32:28 PM  
This story is not true:

When I was a lad; my parents had a cat named jinxy. I loved my jinxy cat dearly. She stayed at home when I went to college. One day my mother called, crying. She said that jinxy had been playing in the garage, as she often did; and she had knocked over a gas can onto herself. My mom said that she found jinxy; and put jinxy into the oven to dry her off. My mom went off to prepare jinxy's favorite toy for when she was dry. My dad came home then; saw the oven was on and opens the door. Out leaps poor jinxy, her tail on fire. Jinxy ran all around the living room 7 times; and then stopped dead. She had run out of gas.

/ again, this story really did not happen
2012-05-04 05:02:01 PM  
To be fair, the grandmother probably shouldn't be nursing at that age anyway
2012-05-04 05:52:17 PM  
That is coal-d blooded.
2012-05-04 07:37:51 PM  

Hoboclown: [ image 350x263]

Came for this

/leaving Shucky Ducky
2012-05-04 09:59:35 PM  
Came here only to congrat Subby for the headline, used to camp.
2012-05-04 10:12:45 PM  
Better luck next time. I guess grandma was made of Sterno stuff.
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