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(Bitten and Bound)   In an eleventh hour adios, Lionel Richie has bailed on his newest project ABC's Duets. This guy is apparently unclear on how comebacks work. #dumbassmove   ( divider line
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2093 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 01 May 2012 at 3:38 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-05-01 01:28:11 PM  
we're using hashtags now? really?
2012-05-01 03:39:57 PM  
2012-05-01 03:41:57 PM  
Don't you dare start using hash tags, Fark
2012-05-01 03:44:32 PM  
Could his million dollar tax problems have anything to do with his decision?
2012-05-01 03:45:02 PM  
And I am not really sure, subby, that this was a dumb-ass move on his part. Appearing as one of many not-so-A-list singers and being forced to sing a duet with someone who may or may not have any talent doesn't really seem like the kind of vehicle that would return him to the place he held in the '80s and '90s. If anything, it seems like a smart move.

Personally, I was never a fan of Richie. I loved Billy and the Boingers' teen anthem, "Let's Run Over Lionel Richie With a Tank," but Richie was a big star even if I was no fan.
2012-05-01 03:46:22 PM  
submitter, using hashtags on Fark makes one a dumbass moreso than Lionel Richie.
2012-05-01 03:51:59 PM  
Clever hashtags make me feel like the subliminal man is jacked right in to my brain. Are 90s SNL bits are still relevant? Could it be... SATAN? Get it? Church Lady. I loved SNL. I remember when the Beastie Boys were on for Ill Communication and they swore. It was so awesome.
2012-05-01 03:53:22 PM  
A real tragedy.

Because the world needs another shiatty talent show hosted by former superstars looking to stay relevant. sounds like great entertainment to me.

Subby, stop reading the gossip columns and go outside.
2012-05-01 04:00:57 PM
2012-05-01 04:05:24 PM  
Hashtags? In my Fark?

It's more likely than you think. And farking stupid.
2012-05-01 04:08:13 PM  
Tuskugee is a hit. Not sure he needs the show.
2012-05-01 04:30:18 PM  
I guess it wasn't him they were looking for...
2012-05-01 04:32:30 PM  
Seriously, this millionaire could learn a thing or ten from all of us. Here posting our bile on a news site. Stuck at work.

Lionell you jerk!
2012-05-01 04:40:24 PM  

richjob: Tuskugee is a hit. Not sure he needs the show.

2012-05-01 04:54:02 PM
2012-05-01 05:09:12 PM  
Wait a minute...
2012-05-01 05:22:46 PM  
@submitter wtf is wrong with you jackass
2012-05-01 05:27:56 PM  
lionel richie is worth $200 million, even if he owes half to taxes, it's still $100 million, he don't need a comeback. please adopt me mr. richie.
2012-05-01 05:28:27 PM  
/ #slashiesarehashtagsindisguise
2012-05-01 05:35:19 PM  
Sure because comebacks for musicians come from reality shows and have nothing to do with reaching hashtag1 on the billboard charts.
2012-05-01 05:49:31 PM
2012-05-01 07:13:30 PM  
He just released an album of duets eight weeks ago, and it went to #1.
2012-05-01 07:24:17 PM  
Say you. Sue me.
2012-05-01 07:38:33 PM  
Out of all the celebrities I have seen come and go in my lifetime, I think I have missed Lionel Richie the least.
2012-05-01 07:54:48 PM  

bulldg4life: Don't you dare start using hash tags, Fark

/we use slashies
//Old sckool
///git off R LANs.
2012-05-01 07:55:31 PM  

Hoopy Frood: He just released an album of duets eight weeks ago, and it went to #1.

I thought it was "#2"
2012-05-01 08:26:27 PM  

AiryAnne: Wait a minute...

[ image 400x231]

best episode ever!!! i think it's my favorite from the entire series. I lose it every time they sing Take on Me,
2012-05-01 08:49:05 PM  
Hey Lionel Richie. You use to write some pretty sweet music. I don't know what the hell you're doing now though. Apparently you just released an album that consists entirely of your own music only you cover it with random country music stars. Hey Lionel Richie are you okay? Because that's wicked wack.
2012-05-01 10:20:29 PM  
Oh, what a feeling...he won't be singing with ABC
2012-05-01 10:28:30 PM  

Hoopy Frood: He just released an album of duets eight weeks ago, and it went to #1.

He got a bog head. thinks he's too good for the reality show now...

Looking at that lineup, he's probably right.
2012-05-01 10:45:43 PM  

Midnight Rambler: richjob: Tuskugee is a hit. Not sure he needs the show.


That. And his QVC appearance proves he doesn't think he's above outright selling his product, so shaddup everyone.
2012-05-01 10:55:18 PM  
There's a choice he's making.
2012-05-02 08:56:41 AM  
Hey - the guy got his tuchus kicked by his (then) wife, cut him some slack....
2012-05-02 10:47:39 AM

Probably a good thing, that image clip is straight outta the 80's.
2012-05-02 01:54:51 PM  
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