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Instrument thieves who may be prone to violins, a note from the Stop Hitting Yourself Institute, and researchers discover the Kardash-ion: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 4/22 - 4/28 
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Some of our favorite headlines from last week. Enjoy!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2012-04-22 to Sat 2012-04-28:

img.fark.net  Kenyan rangers shoot five ivory poachers, will grind up their bones and sell them to conservationists as an aphrodisiac    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Vader charged with murder of missing Alberta couple, entire population of Alderaan    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Boy takes girl with Down Syndrome to prom, where every dance is a slow dance    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Man accused of raping four prostitutes in Pontiac. Subby is guessing it wasn't a Fiero    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Owners throw $5000 wedding for dogs. Bride still a complete biatch (w/video)    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Judge rules that you can't pay someone to masturbate in Utah, a state that I didn't even know had emissions standards    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Instruments stolen from band bus. Authorities warn that the suspects may be prone to violins    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Arizona migrant case could lead to sweeping changes. Also dishwashing changes, landscaping changes, and nanny changes    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Man attacks woman with couch. That is sofa king weird    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Men charged with stealing thousands of dollars worth of printer ink. Police say both cartridges were successfully recovered    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Bullied children are more prone to self-harm, says new study from the Stop Hitting Yourself Institute    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  The Donkos, Ravens, and Buccaneers are using iPads instead of the traditional hard copy playbook. So far the most used play is "Angry Birds Split Option Z Left"    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Fark-ready sports headline: "Predators Announce First-Ever Child Abuse Prevention Night"    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  ♫ Every Rose has its torn (ACL) ♫  


img.fark.net  Google to begin penalizing "search over-optimization." sex nudity scarlett johansson free win cash viagra baldness cure male enhancement mortgage loan click lottery numbers UPS delivery notification    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  MIT researchers invent new water-repellent "super glass". Which is why American light beers will no longer be available in bottles    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  New subatomic particle discovered at CERN made up of a combination of quarks that only exist for a fraction of a second before divorcing. Particle tentatively named "The Kardash-ion"    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Britney Spears sells home for $4.2 million. LEAVE BRITNEY A LOAN    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Townhouse used as location for Sarah Jessica Parker's residence in Sex and the City sells to anonymous buyer. Rent to remain stable    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Team behind Tupac hologram consider a Bieber/Elvis duo. In other news, entire state of Tennessee being powered by spinning grave    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Joe Lieberman plans to call hearings on Secret Service prostitution scandal. Hearings to be aired on C-SPAN, Cinemax    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Obama's top campaign strategist says that he thinks many Republicans want to work with the president but they are too afraid of House Minority Whip Robespierre and Senate Minority Leader Saint-Just to do so    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Wisconsin is dead last in jobs, skinny people    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  After 70 years, Germany to publish new edition of 'Mein Kampf'. Tentative working title: Hitler: Göing Roguenfrauzen    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Oil companies claim 150,000 new jobs created in 2011. In related news, 150,000 people hired last year to clean oil spill along the Gulf Coast    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  State department denies restaurant its trademark request because its name is "immoral and deceptive" Well if you don't like it, then Fuku    img.fark.net
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2012-04-30 07:18:27 PM  
Awesome :)
2012-04-30 07:46:28 PM  
2012-04-30 07:54:22 PM  
Wow, how does this headline go green so fast?
2012-04-30 07:56:05 PM  


Anybody loan?


2012-04-30 08:00:48 PM  
So basically same old same old! rewardslink.info
2012-04-30 08:12:52 PM  
Can someone fix the HOTWlink from the main page? Its most recent entry is from the end of March.
2012-04-30 09:41:06 PM  
I tried to read that but my brain hurt
2012-04-30 10:56:45 PM  

Perturbance: Can someone fix the HOTWlink from the main page? Its most recent entry is from the end of March.

Mike is working on it.
2012-05-01 12:25:30 AM  
The Stop Hitting Yourself Institute headline was just wrong, and awesomely so. Also, the Kardash-ion one is genius.
2012-05-01 01:30:11 AM  
A young girl, violins. So much Pearl Jam I can't help make a joke.
2012-05-01 02:13:56 AM  
Great headlines this week. Some of them even got a laugh out of Mrs. Gig103, who usually rolls her eyes when I read them aloud.
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