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(   57-year-old woman hijacks helicopter in attempt to break her toy-boy husband out of jail   ( divider line
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8508 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Nov 2003 at 1:03 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-11-03 11:24:45 AM  
If there's one thing I learned by going to the bars in Ottawa while I was at Ottawa U, that is don't mess with the cougars.

There's nothing scarier than a group of cougars out on the prowl.
2003-11-03 01:05:10 PM  
that would be boy toy
2003-11-03 01:05:27 PM  
Is it a british thing to say "toy-boy", a typo, or am I just stupid?
2003-11-03 01:08:12 PM  
Use a helicopter to break people out of jail, boy there's one thats never been tried before. I wonder if his name was Lex Luther.
2003-11-03 01:08:36 PM  
2003-11-03 01:05:27 PM DavidKirkBeale

Is it a british thing to say "toy-boy", a typo, or am I just stupid?


Nope, you're just stupid.

[/too easy]

I believe the toy boy in question is Pinnochio.

[/wishes he had html privileges to emphasize]
2003-11-03 01:09:40 PM  
I guess this paper has never heard of the concept of editorializing.
2003-11-03 01:09:46 PM  
The British tend to be lexdyslic with compound sex terms.
2003-11-03 01:11:25 PM  

What did you post to be raped of your Html privileges for so long?

Did you say something nice about Duke?
2003-11-03 01:13:16 PM  
I'm really confused. Is this author seriously trying to obtain sympathy for the biddy?
2003-11-03 01:13:58 PM  
I hate it when Mom does inmate correspondence.
2003-11-03 01:15:11 PM  
2003-11-03 01:13:16 PM JustLooking

amen to that -- i don't get it...

are we supposed to feel bad for her ?
2003-11-03 01:16:20 PM  
<i>2003-11-03 01:11:25 PM <b>Cyric-The-All</b>


What did you post to be raped of your Html privileges for so long?</i>


I don't know. I wish I did. I have e-mailed requesting and explanation, but received no answer.

<i>Did you say something nice about Duke?</i>

Nope, that wasn't it.
2003-11-03 01:19:03 PM  
"In America, if you have an English accent and no criminal record, people trust you.

OR you can move to England, fake an accent, marry a director, make out with a girl 20 some odd years younger than you...
2003-11-03 01:21:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"I'm coming for you, toy-boy!"
2003-11-03 01:22:45 PM  
Prison isn't so bad. Three hots and a cot, medical care, a good library, TV, and no responsibilities. I don't know what she's complaining about.

believes that prison is better for the elderly than Medicare
2003-11-03 01:26:25 PM  
I thought it was boy toy. In fact, I'm sure of it.

Boy toy, I love you so
Temporary lover, never let you go
I spend my money on you
Boy toy, I love you so
Never no stress, lets keep this flow
I know you feel the same way, too

Where you been all my life
No diamonds on her fingers
But I know you got a wifey, boo, word to life
No proof, cuz pepa got plans for you
Reservations for two on a flight to honolulu
No disrespect, for losin sweats
You take the keys to my lex, and this here blank check
So shop till you drop, thanks to hip-hop you tight
Have you fly, f.b.i. wanna indict
Bet you shiat is right, got my daisies
Goin crazy, the 20 ways you laid me, uh
Now come and bathe me, wanna get high
Take this helicopter ride
From the westside down to the eastside
Pick a highrise, Ill buy, uh, you know why
Cuz youre all that, no commitments, no lies
Never settle for less, Im the best, no stress
So rests, yes, my boy toy
2003-11-03 01:27:42 PM  
She thought that if she told her story, she could go home? How did she survive to adulthood if she's that naive, or does she think that we're all idiots she can manipulate with a few tears?
2003-11-03 01:27:45 PM  
Yeesh, she looks 75. A hard 75 with a history of hunting feral hogs with a ball peen hammer, too.

2003-11-03 01:28:18 PM  
How naive can you be?
2003-11-03 01:28:45 PM  
Steven Segal should be there any minute to rectify this.
2003-11-03 01:30:34 PM  
She thought that if she told her story, she could go home?

I went back two times and boughtanother AK47 and a Smith & Wesson .38 handgun

I for one absolutely, positively feel so sorry for her.

2003-11-03 01:38:08 PM  
Cry me a river.

"10 minutes of madness"? She and the rest of the gang planned this caper for months. She could have gone to the cops at any point - they'd have rolled this bunch of losers up in no time. What she suffered from was a massive loss of common sense that lasted for months. In other words, she suffered from an affliction common to most captured criminals - no brains.
2003-11-03 01:39:14 PM  
"Ronnie was so adamant he was innocent that I believed him."

[image from too old to be available]

Y'all are brutalizin' me!
2003-11-03 01:40:39 PM  
Hey, I'd Hit IT!

utterly depraved but with a sense of humor :) feel free to clean the vomit off your screen and keyboard...hehe
2003-11-03 01:43:36 PM  
could that article be any longer?
my eyeballs hurt.
this lady is/was an idiot.
2003-11-03 01:44:25 PM  
try to say "toyboat" outloud.. about 10 times fast.

sometimes its hard to say.
isnt flying a helo VERY hard to do? at least.. i always assumed it was
2003-11-03 01:44:38 PM  
Hahahahahhaha! I love how nobody in prison is truly responsible for what they have done (according to them).

I'm sorry you are an idiot lady, but I see no compelling reason to let this slide.

Who the fark writes death-row inmates anyway? And what are they thinking when they fall in "love" with said inmate? "Hmmm, murderer, no future, about to be put to death...I'm hearing wedding bells!"
2003-11-03 01:46:12 PM  
Didn't read article, but the headline reminds me so much of the Charles Bronson movie "Breakout"...
2003-11-03 01:46:28 PM  
"Ronnie was so adamant he was innocent that I believed him."

I can't believe I'm the first one to say this: OF COURSE HE WAS! Wouldn't you after all the arse pounding?
2003-11-03 01:48:29 PM  
If I could turn back time
If I could find a way..........
2003-11-03 01:48:54 PM  
isnt flying a helo VERY hard to do? at least.. i always assumed it was

RTFA Knockboots. They had a gun to the pilot's head. They didn't fly it themselves.
2003-11-03 01:49:37 PM  
Every day I ask myself how could I have been be so stupid as to be taken in by Ronnie and end up in this awful mess.

You start out by taking two sodas from the vending machine when you only paid for one.
2003-11-03 01:50:21 PM  
She should've gone way of the Fark personals. At least then, she'd only have a 50% chance of dating a killer.
2003-11-03 01:52:48 PM  
If that's not love, then what is?
2003-11-03 01:52:53 PM  
Husband Ronnie, who faces the death penalty for murder, refuses to accept any responsibility for his part in the rescue attempt.

Gotta love them criminals. The guy's on FARKing death row, but he doesn't want to get into any more trouble, so he lets his "old lady" take all the heat.
2003-11-03 02:05:53 PM  
Didn't I see this flick? With Charles Bronson?

2003-11-03 02:08:04 PM  
"Tank, I need a pilot program for a V-212 helicopter."
2003-11-03 02:08:08 PM  
Ignore me. AuntofDogfacebeat me to the question.
2003-11-03 02:12:54 PM  
"I attend church on Sunday and a line dancing class on Saturday. And that's my life."

Isn't there a provision against cruel and unusual punishment?
2003-11-03 02:21:35 PM  
He's never gonna live this one down.
2003-11-03 02:22:58 PM  
Very funny, insane_idoru.

2003-11-03 02:32:24 PM  
Older women know the true meaning of love. :)
2003-11-03 02:38:42 PM  
Why couldn't she hide a set of picklocks in her panties or bake a file into a cake like other girlfriends of convicts? ;)
2003-11-03 02:38:48 PM  
I'm dropping my deathrow penpal from Just after this one letter...
2003-11-03 02:46:07 PM  
She could have saved herself all this heartache if she had chosen Susan Smith as a pen pal instead
2003-11-03 02:49:23 PM  
hmmmmmm? Jewelry from jail?
2003-11-03 03:05:06 PM  
Ronnie, who often wrote poetry....

Roses 'er red
vi-o-lets 'er blue
I could be getting ass-pounded
but I'm writin' to you.
It's been thirteen years
since I've been able to hit it
Hold on a second...
my cellmate just shiat-ted.
Oh when I think
of your wrinkled beast
compared to tossed-salads
it sounds like a feast.
My heart will be ready
when I hear chopper thumpin'
Then we'll get right to
the old-lady humpin'
2003-11-03 03:06:50 PM  
I'm so moved by this story, I really feel sorry for her, maybe I should do a crazy stunt to get her out!
2003-11-03 03:06:58 PM  
For some reason she reminds me of Ma Beagle from Ducktales.
2003-11-03 03:22:08 PM  
I don't understand why this plan didn't work.

It always succeeds in the movies.

Was the failure in planning or execution of this cartoon network escape plan?
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