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37715 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Apr 2012 at 4:14 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-04-18 04:17:21 PM  
OK yeah this was better than mine.

+1 subby, OUT YOURSELF!
2012-04-18 04:17:28 PM  

Drew: FYI folks - TF link voting decided this greenlight (I was on the fence)

What were the runners up, if you don't mind me asking?
2012-04-18 04:17:34 PM  

Bonanza Jellybean: Awww, I was so hoping would be Cheney.

I feel bad but me too.
2012-04-18 04:17:42 PM  
+3 subs
2012-04-18 04:17:43 PM  
Seacrest IN
2012-04-18 04:17:44 PM  

mrmyxolodian: Bad Dick Clark jokes in 10, 9, 8, 7, 8, 6, 5, 6, 4, 2, 3, 2, 1...

2012-04-18 04:17:46 PM  
Oh, subby... you!
2012-04-18 04:17:49 PM  

Ihatenascar: Finally. See him on Rocking New Year's Eve depressed me.

Yeah, I'm not sure who benefited by ABC propping him up there the last few years.
2012-04-18 04:17:51 PM

2012-04-18 04:17:56 PM  
Abe seen quietly walking away......
2012-04-18 04:17:56 PM  

2012-04-18 04:17:58 PM  
Everything I know, I learned from this book:
R.I.P. Dick, I owe you one...
2012-04-18 04:17:59 PM  
I'm assuming they'll be burying him in a $100,000 Pyramid?
2012-04-18 04:17:59 PM  

Bonanza Jellybean: Awww, I was so hoping would be Cheney.

Yep, sadly the wrong Dick.
2012-04-18 04:18:02 PM  

Drew: FYI folks - TF link voting decided this greenlight (I was on the fence)

This is why I'm not a TFer. Terrible headline, even by Fark standards --- oh, wait: standards?

2012-04-18 04:18:03 PM  
2012-04-18 04:18:16 PM  
Too bad this wasn't under the Politics tab.
2012-04-18 04:18:17 PM  
Drats! I was too late with my submission.

Dick Clark permanently retires from hosting New Year's Rockin' Eve, will now host earthworms.
2012-04-18 04:18:25 PM  
Good night funny man.
2012-04-18 04:18:25 PM  
Hmm, this one works for me. Mine was:

Zombie Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve can officially begin in 2012
2012-04-18 04:18:29 PM


2012-04-18 04:18:32 PM  
DAMN! I was hoping it was Cheney!
2012-04-18 04:18:50 PM
2012-04-18 04:18:53 PM  
BOO. The $100,000 Pyramid headline is much, MUCH better.

/gives this one a -75
//rest in peace, Mr. Clark
2012-04-18 04:18:59 PM  

JerseyTim: This one is cold blooded.


Yes, but 100% hilarious.

/subby, out yourself and take a bow
2012-04-18 04:19:00 PM  

meta1hed: [ image 200x228]


Crap on a cracker, 5 seconds!
2012-04-18 04:19:11 PM  
Subby, your a rotten, evil bastard, and I love you.

/Window seat plz.
2012-04-18 04:19:14 PM  
It's got a great beat, and I can dance to it!
2012-04-18 04:19:16 PM

RIP Clark Bar

2012-04-18 04:19:20 PM  

meta1hed: [ image 200x228]

2012-04-18 04:19:24 PM  
At 182, he died too young.
2012-04-18 04:19:38 PM  

don't understand: DAMN! I was hoping it was Cheney!

My first thoughts as well, but I didn't see a brilliant explosion in the sky or any dancing little bears to tip me off that the battle was over...
2012-04-18 04:19:44 PM  
Yeah, I was thinking about "ball dropped", and "New Year's Rottin' Eve", but this one was already green by the time I got here, and it's spot on.

Be at peace, Dick. You were a cool dude.
2012-04-18 04:19:44 PM  
OK, we all knew this was coming sooner than later so no big surprise here and he seemed like a perfectly nice guy so I have nothing ill to speak of him, but for God's sake why were they still putting him on the New Year's Eve countdown. It was just painful to watch the shell of a person he once was and I basically had to stop watching because of it.
2012-04-18 04:19:46 PM  
"Retweeting ... Posting a RIP Facebook status ... Submitting a Fark newsflash ... Making New Years Eve hologram jokes... "

"Things you do when Dick Clark dies"
2012-04-18 04:19:57 PM  
Hologram Dick Clark this year?
2012-04-18 04:20:05 PM  
I submitted the first headline. Damn you admins for not greenlighting mine before this superior headline was submitted!

/nicely done goingstraighttohellmitter
2012-04-18 04:20:09 PM  
Really? There were a thousand other headlines better than this.

Ah well, screw it. I'll just say it came as no surprise he wasn't going to be ringing in 2013 anyhow.
2012-04-18 04:20:11 PM  

Smelly Pirate Hooker: Before I clicked, I thought it was Dick Cheney.

I know, cool story ...

2012-04-18 04:20:12 PM

Here you go subby
2012-04-18 04:20:14 PM  


I'm gonna be sad when Abe Vigoda passes.
2012-04-18 04:20:19 PM
2012-04-18 04:20:25 PM  
I dont think the headline is that funny. The dick in the box thing is from SNL and has no relation to Dick Clark. I get the double meaning, but it still doesnt really apply. you kids and your odd humor.
2012-04-18 04:20:30 PM
RIP Dick
2012-04-18 04:20:35 PM  
Bravo subby, bravo.

RIP The World's Strongest Man

Oh shiat...I mean World's Oldest Teenager
2012-04-18 04:20:42 PM  
That was just too good, subby. Too good.
2012-04-18 04:20:45 PM

/i dont care anymore
2012-04-18 04:20:50 PM  
That's a poor headline

how 'bout something a long distance dedication
2012-04-18 04:20:53 PM  
I badly wanted this link to be about Cheney.
2012-04-18 04:21:01 PM  
Stiff Dick?
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