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(Yahoo)   Fisherman known to friends as "The Iceman" grabs and kills a 660-pound shark with his bare hands   ( divider line
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13398 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2003 at 12:43 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-31 10:58:38 AM  
A real man uses his legs to grab the shark by the teeth...
2003-10-31 11:03:03 AM  
Man, this guy's killing sharks all over the place.
2003-10-31 11:11:32 AM  
This story would've been a little funnier if he were using the Hulk hands.
2003-10-31 11:14:17 AM  
... or eating a sammich with one hand while grabbing the shark with the other...
2003-10-31 11:15:22 AM  
He's been killing sharks bareback for days now...
2003-10-31 11:19:31 AM  
What is this a sport now?
2003-10-31 11:26:01 AM  
that must be his 5th shark in as many
2003-10-31 12:05:55 PM  
Maverick is going to be pissed.
2003-10-31 12:18:03 PM  
Subversion of the plot makes Top Gun the greatest movie ever. "You can ride my tail any time."
2003-10-31 12:40:57 PM  
real men of genius
2003-10-31 12:46:23 PM  
"Thank you, Mr. Bare-Handed Shark Killing Man"
2003-10-31 12:47:41 PM  
Wow, he killed the same shark again!
2003-10-31 12:47:43 PM  
Uh, thanks for this news that isn't news since it's been featured on every news outlet for more than a week.
2003-10-31 12:47:56 PM  
pete and re-pete were in a boat.
pete fell out. who's left ?
2003-10-31 12:48:11 PM  
The Iceman was quoted as saying, "I'm just a simple iceman, your modern technologies frighten and alarm me." The crowd was then shocked to witness the caveman kneel down and devour most of the carcass, except for the teeth of course.
2003-10-31 12:48:23 PM  
Oetzi? Is that you?
2003-10-31 12:48:29 PM  
This is a repost.
2003-10-31 12:48:37 PM  
I submitted that one two weeks ago... and with a much better headline....

2003-10-31 12:49:33 PM  
"Here's to swimmin'
With bowlegged wimmin'..."

[image from too old to be available]

2003-10-31 12:49:52 PM  
Did he kill the shark becuase it ate goose?
2003-10-31 12:50:12 PM  
Fisherman known to friends as "The Iceman" grabs and kills 660 weisenheimer Farkers with his bare hands...don't say you weren't warned.

Oh, and Happy Halloween.
2003-10-31 12:51:07 PM  
We're gonna need a bigger shark.
2003-10-31 12:53:37 PM  
There's a glitch in the matrix.

I saw that same cat last week.
2003-10-31 12:53:45 PM  
Bizarre repost. It actually says Friday, Oct 24 at the top of the article as well. Still, pretty cool nonetheless. 'Course, I would have had him in fight, though.
2003-10-31 12:53:48 PM  
2003-10-31 12:55:19 PM  
Last week called.
They want their story back.
2003-10-31 12:55:32 PM  
He didn't grab and kill it with his bare hands... he grabbed it with his bair hands and killed it with a knife.

Excelence in journalism....
2003-10-31 12:55:39 PM  
The Iceman then went on to rape a bear, joust a buffalo and arm wrestle a gorilla.
2003-10-31 12:57:58 PM  
Where is the follow-up article with PETA protesting the Shark's death?
2003-10-31 12:59:36 PM  
Nice work Jammer211, I was going to say the exact same thing. No really. Doesn't fark have some double-story-link punishment?
DAR [TotalFark]
2003-10-31 12:59:45 PM  
I can take him !
2003-10-31 01:01:05 PM  

Correct, my friend. There can be only one.

*Hooper drives the boat, chief*
2003-10-31 01:01:32 PM  
"He's called 'the Iceman' because he isn't scared of anything," he said.

People who arent scared of anything eventually get killed by something they should have been afraid of...
2003-10-31 01:02:09 PM  
STFU you damn hippie nay-sayers! I say this man is a Hero, and deserves our honor and respect for his courageous deeds.

...Is it veterans day yet?
2003-10-31 01:03:38 PM  
i, for one, welcome our new icelandic overlords
2003-10-31 01:03:59 PM  
Ice to see you.
2003-10-31 01:06:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

this guy?
2003-10-31 01:06:33 PM  
hickory dickory dock, this shark was sucking on my c.....oh, wait...the link says ICEman, not DICEman...nevermind...I never get to have any fun...
2003-10-31 01:07:33 PM  
"They are really tough". That's the best he could come up with. That seems like the understatment of the year, well, of course next to "Iraq is a quagmire".
2003-10-31 01:09:35 PM  
I wont be impressed until he signs a book deal with movie rights.
2003-10-31 01:09:38 PM  
Whatta wussy
2003-10-31 01:09:47 PM  
Thanks for the McBain drop, St_Ides.
2003-10-31 01:11:13 PM  
Great - this story gets repeated again, but my submission about Elliot Smith's suicide goes unnoticed.
2003-10-31 01:11:45 PM  
Did you guys hear about the guy who killed the cougar with a pocket knife? and that Lisa Lopes died?
2003-10-31 01:13:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-31 01:13:46 PM  
and the sky is still blue!
2003-10-31 01:16:45 PM  
Well, I know we're all having fun mocking this guy, but you know what? That was actually pretty darn cool.
2003-10-31 01:18:36 PM  
This guy is a farking maniac, PETA should be all over him by now.
2003-10-31 01:21:29 PM  
oh wow..he dragged a shark onto land and stabbed it..ohh wow
2003-10-31 01:23:08 PM  
2003-10-31 01:11:13 PM EnemyFrank

Like anybody who has ever listened to one of his songs didn't see that comming.
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