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16041 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Nov 2001 at 1:29 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-13 01:31:40 AM  
2001-11-13 01:34:07 AM  
What a picture isn't up there so obviously this list is wrong....;)
2001-11-13 01:35:58 AM  
Mine either. Obviously, they didn't check the Fark user profiles when they made this list, or both me and Mytwocents woulda been on there. hehehe.
2001-11-13 01:36:21 AM  
I am the last to comment woohoo!
2001-11-13 01:36:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

There is NO WAY that is Cameron Diaz!
2001-11-13 01:38:30 AM  
White Dragon: I was just going to link to the exact same picture.

What the fark has happened to her!? *shudder* That is not right
2001-11-13 01:39:33 AM  
Dread_Pirate_Roberts Thank you! I thought that I was seeing things... it looks like her... only 70. Creepy...
2001-11-13 01:41:11 AM  
2001-11-13 01:45:40 AM  
Safe for work?!?

Then why do I care?
2001-11-13 01:45:46 AM  
ummmm....where's Shannon Elizabeth?
and how the hell did Britney Spears make the list? and above Allysa Milano?!?!?!?
2001-11-13 01:46:28 AM  
J Lo?
2001-11-13 01:46:59 AM  
stupid British people
2001-11-13 01:47:40 AM  
Thank you CandyPink, at least you know where I'm coming from!! heehee
2001-11-13 01:50:08 AM  
Cameron Diaz has the pecks of fabio.
2001-11-13 01:50:25 AM  
Salma Hayek looks like a zombie with downs syndrome in that picture, (big jublies though)
2001-11-13 01:50:37 AM  
I wish I knew where I left my hand lotion, I need to....Moisterize...Yeah, that's it...Moisterize.
2001-11-13 01:50:41 AM  
What no Angie Everheart in this one either?! Now im really disapointed!
2001-11-13 01:51:04 AM  
Where's Ann B. Davis?
2001-11-13 01:52:13 AM  
These lists are always so useless, because no two people will EVER agree on who is the sexiest woman out there.

For example, I completely void any such list that doesn't include Zhang Ziyi somewhere in the top five, thanks.
2001-11-13 01:53:16 AM  
How did Mena Suvari get on the list?! She doesn't need a mask to go out on Halloween.
2001-11-13 01:55:14 AM  
Cameron on crack? I have to agree.
2001-11-13 01:56:29 AM  
hrm, I gotta agree shidoshi, assuming that is the young chick from crouching tiger, hidden dragon. And candypink, you are kinda hot, but I dunno if I would say top 100..maybe top 100 of female farkers.
2001-11-13 02:03:21 AM  
Got some beautiful women up there... wow. The "sexiest in the WORLD" claim is a crock, though. That's a pretty narrow view of the world.
2001-11-13 02:03:35 AM  
where the fakr is janet jackson. I think she should be in the top 10 no questions asked.

and Anna Garcia. One of th hottest chicks i have EVER seen.
very NSFW Anna1

2001-11-13 02:05:56 AM  

didn't even think about it
2001-11-13 02:07:32 AM  
Where are the white women
2001-11-13 02:09:12 AM  
Tarl3k: I never thought I was really top 100 material. Hehe. obviously if I was, I would have better things to do tonight than sit at home on fark. Like being out w/ a top 100, or even top 10,000 boy.

The ladies here need to start searching out & submitting the weeners sites. :)

BTW world standards of beauty vary from country to country. In some places in Africa, biggest booty = most beautiful. I oughta move there.
2001-11-13 02:11:04 AM  
Yes, drugs are the answer...

[image from too old to be available]

Mmmmm... typos.
2001-11-13 02:11:59 AM  
And where the heck is Madonna on that list? The woman has everything!

Gotta agree with everyone about Cameron Diaz. I personally have never seen her looking good, but I don't smoke crack. Shes a sterotypical blonde without the good looks.
2001-11-13 02:12:15 AM  
No weeners, No weeners!! please
2001-11-13 02:20:47 AM  
Mytwocents: damn girl. I'm totally jealous now. hehe. oh well, you're cool anyways. :)
2001-11-13 02:25:14 AM  
Your both gorgeus, thank your parents
2001-11-13 02:26:13 AM  
It's like they tried to find the worst photos of some of those girls.

Glad to see Alyson Hannigan up there where she belongs, though.
2001-11-13 02:28:15 AM  
Enginerd- I guess they gave up... who says persistance doesn't pay?
2001-11-13 02:30:59 AM  
holy hell! Cameron Diaz looks like a bad episode of star trek! Seriously everyone comes out looking bad in polaroids. They could at least bother to find some better ones...There were quite a few others in there that looked orange and wrinkly.
2001-11-13 02:33:41 AM  
Mytwocents nice legs.

As for that list, the list is wrong. It's more like a 100 sexiest women of hollywood more than anything. Where are the natural non made up international beauts like

Anggun Cipta Sasmi

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.
2001-11-13 02:34:20 AM  
K...just looked briefly through all the pics (and really, who has time to read their meaningless bios? To quote Natural Born Killers, "Who gives a sh*it, I just call it pussy" hehe)anyhoo... did they try to find the worst pics of genuinely beautiful women that they could find? Those pics did not, in general, do the women in that list justice.
2001-11-13 02:35:23 AM  
i think it's just really bad lighting in that cameron diaz pic... just look at any attractive person's driver's license to see what bad lighting can do for a person's looks.
'course, i say candypink and mytwocents should be right up there with natalie portman in the top ten. what, natalie was number 84? fools... fools, i tell you.
2001-11-13 02:35:54 AM  

Finally, Vanessa Mae is recognized. I mean holy smokes, she's beautiful!
2001-11-13 02:37:13 AM  
My driver's liscense pic rocks. bad lighting and all.
2001-11-13 02:38:54 AM  
2001-11-13 02:40:47 AM  
I saw Diaz on some awards show last year or possibly this year, can't remember. Anyway, she acted like she was on drugs.

Is Charlize Theron on there? *pathetically drools*
2001-11-13 02:45:10 AM  
Why does Mina Suvari always look like she's got a shrunken head, like she's a pygmie???
2001-11-13 02:49:08 AM  
Lalalala asked,
Is Charlize Theron on there?
Charlize Theron is #8. Is that okay, slappy? hehe
2001-11-13 02:49:08 AM  
Jennifer Lopez is #1? WTF?!?

Bah, FHM is not overly bright anyways.
2001-11-13 03:03:01 AM  
Fastjeff To quote Candypink. "world standards of beauty vary from country to country. In some places in Africa, biggest booty = most beautiful."

FHM is africans!
2001-11-13 03:25:43 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Woooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! You'd be top 20 atleast.
We need a, drew.

Although as the old saying goes, If you cant see the face you just cant tell. Not blaming you tho, if i looked that good, i wouldn't post my pic on the net. And in the world of photoshop, it's just not a good idea.

Also i think this is a bit of a cross between popularity and beauty. i.e. If you are super famous and ok lookin, then you'll do better than a unknown hottie.
2001-11-13 03:29:26 AM  

Thanks. Opera couldn't load the page. Your slappy comment scared me but then I remembered I linked my diary off my profile. =)
2001-11-13 03:43:05 AM  
who scores this shiat, Jennifer Lopez? bleh.
2001-11-13 03:47:14 AM  
leave it to Farkers to nitpick over every little detail.

Whitedragon I noticed the same picture. It looks like she hired an android standin. This picture is crying for photoshop.

ViciousDarling She must be on pot, because she says she is gonna ditch the movies to be a "research psychologist". Does a research psychologist earn 10 million a movie???? Somebody please take her bong away from her.
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