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2012-04-15 11:03:19 PM  
1 day older than Philip J Fry!
2012-04-15 11:16:53 PM  

Oldiron_79: Some chick on General Hospital.

About the only famous person I share a B day with is Josef Goebbels

Mel Brooks and John Cusack for me.


I have no idea who my fictional one is, other than it's some Orson guy.
2012-04-15 11:19:21 PM  
Bilbo Baggins. I don't even know if that one's listed in there (I'm sure it is), I just remember from reading The Hobbit/LotR back in the day. Certainly I won't be living to my eleventy-first birthday, however.

/but I do enjoy the occasional extra breakfast
2012-04-15 11:19:42 PM  

SphericalTime: I already can't remember, so I'm going to go with "someone I've never heard of on a show I've never watched.". :(

Same here... at least she was hot.
2012-04-15 11:25:23 PM  
Who the hell is Lumi and what does she have to do with Rudy Giulliani?
2012-04-15 11:28:17 PM  
I swear, between this site and Pinterest and embedded videos on every site, too many of the web's content creators have somehow lost sight of the fact that if an idea can be expressed in plain text, then FARKING WELL DO THAT.

Apparently no one gives a shiat if blind people can find out that they share a birthday with Pidge from Voltron.
2012-04-15 11:38:10 PM  
William Shakespeare (new window), if you ask some people.
2012-04-15 11:45:44 PM  
I apparently share the same birthday as my name sake, Shredder from TMNT. Dead serious, totally by accident, but f'n sweet!
2012-04-15 11:54:11 PM  

Spaced Lion: Borat?

God dammit.

I was at least hoping for some vindication, considering IRL I wound up with Chelsea Clinton and Elizabeth Taylor. Oh well.

Yeah, I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

On the plus side, we share a birthday with this guy (IRL):

conventionfansblog.comView Full Size
2012-04-16 12:24:24 AM  
blogs.villagevoice.comView Full Size

Real Life:
image2.findagrave.comView Full Size

chicagonow.comView Full Size
2012-04-16 12:33:34 AM  
Michelle from "Full House" and Blair from "Gossip Girl". Whatever coolness Blair may have (I don't watch the show), is overpowered by the total lameness of Michelle.

RL is much better:

Grace Kelly
Ryan Gosling
Anne Hathaway (same year)
2012-04-16 12:46:34 AM  
Kevin Buchanan

One Life to Live

2012-04-16 12:53:02 AM  
Elmo and Marion Crane from psycho.
2012-04-16 01:15:01 AM  

Now I Is!: Kevin Buchanan

One Life to Live


However I do share an IRL birthday with these people:

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

Which is awesome!
2012-04-16 01:40:48 AM  
December 16 - Tsukasa Ichimonji. Who?

I prefer the real people I share a birthday with: Ludwig von Beethoven and Bill Hicks.
2012-04-16 01:56:15 AM  
Miranda Montgomery from All My Children?!

2012-04-16 02:06:13 AM  
Minty from Eastenders? Seriously? That sucks.
2012-04-16 02:14:44 AM  

acad1228: Sienna Miller
28-Dec-1981 (30)
Model/actress in "Factory Girl" and "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra".
John Legend
28-Dec-1978 (33)
R&B singer/pianist hit with "Ordinary People" (2005)
Gayle King
28-Dec-1954 (57)
Radio/TV personality, magazine editor, friend of Oprah Winfrey.
Denzel Washington
28-Dec-1954 (57)
Oscar-winning actor starred in "Remember the Titans"
Edgar Winter
28-Dec-1946 (65)
White-haired rock/blues guitarist with brother Johnny
Don Francisco
28-Dec-1940 (71)
Popular host of Spanish-language variety show on Univision
Maggie Smith
28-Dec-1934 (77)
British actress in "Gosford Park" and "Harry Potter"
Nichelle Nichols
28-Dec-1933 (78)
African-American actress was Lt. Uhura of "Star Trek"
Martin Milner
28-Dec-1931 (80)
Police office Pete Malloy in long running series "Adam 12".
Johnny Otis
28-Dec-1921 (90)
R&B icon recorded "Willie and the Hand Jive" (1958)
Sam Levenson
28-Dec-1911 (deceased)
Humorist's books included "In One Era and Out the Other"
Lew Ayres
28-Dec-1908 (deceased)
"All Quiet on the Western Front" was actor's best film
Cliff Arquette
28-Dec-1905 (deceased)
"Hollywood Squares" favorite, folksy Charley Weaver
Earl Fatha Hines
28-Dec-1905 (deceased)
Jazz pianist/bandleader worked with Louis Armstrong
Hendrick Meijer
28-Dec-1883 (128)
Dutch immigrant opened the first Meijer grocery store in 1934.
Billy Mitchell
28-Dec-1879 (deceased)
Military leader was the father of the U.S. Air Force
Woodrow Wilson
28-Dec-1856 (deceased)
28th U.S. President Racist fark-head (1913-1921)

My dad.
1930 -?
2012-04-16 02:21:04 AM  
Dexter Morgan.

2012-04-16 02:26:30 AM  
cdn.crooksandliars.comView Full Size

4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size Full Size

and Me

June 27 sure has given the world some winners =/
2012-04-16 02:50:28 AM  
Woohoo! Philip J. Fry, Futurama!
2012-04-16 03:15:03 AM  
4th President of the United States, James Madison.
Also, Henry O. Godwinn
2012-04-16 03:32:09 AM  
I share the birth date with the fictional character Sean P Diddy Puffy Combs.
2012-04-16 04:38:55 AM  
Some dude from Desperate Housewives. IRL, John Elway, John Cusack, Pat Morita, Henry VIII, Gilda Radner, and Kathy Bates. This article reminds me of another article I read a while back about some girl who figured out which day Ice Cube's "Today Was a Good Day" song was about, based on the lyrics. Apparently, she takes song lyrics quite literally.
2012-04-16 04:56:01 AM  

EbolaNYC: [ image 153x255]

January 12th

I'm sorry EbolaNYC, but I'm afraid I can't allow you to share my birthday.

/my dad is named Hal
2012-04-16 05:16:24 AM  

spidermann: I share an actual birthday with Ozzy.

As for this: Jack Shepard from LOST.

Looks like I got a new birthday drinking buddy.

As a side note, Jenny from Forrest Gump was born the day of the first Nuclear Weapons test by the USA.
2012-04-16 05:17:24 AM  
So now, depending what is in your profile, I know your name, where you live and your birthday.

Next, an article about how funny your PIN is, what`s yours?

My mother had a funny maiden name, tell me a tale about yours?

How about talking about the funny name you gave your first pet?

and so on.

/now to apply for lots of credit...
2012-04-16 05:33:42 AM  
But Aquaman sucks!
2012-04-16 05:48:43 AM  

dready zim: /now to apply for lots of credit...

enjoy paying my child support!

/50% of income, sucker!
//yeah, I know... I'm the sucker. *kicks dirt*
2012-04-16 06:07:49 AM  
Some sisters on a show i have never seen...

but in RL

Anna Nicole Smith
John Stewart

/that's kinda ok...
2012-04-16 06:15:43 AM  
Some soap opera character I've never heard of.

On the other hand IRL -

Ron Artest
Gerard Butler (bonus - we're exactly the same age)
Pat Hentgen (Cy Young winner)
Steve Zahn
Jimmy Kimmel
Neil Flynn
Whoopi Goldberg
and last but not least Joe farking Mantegna
2012-04-16 06:40:06 AM  
some fictional character I've never heard of. And Madonna.
2012-04-16 07:41:14 AM  

Ashtrey: Hannibal Lecter


The cake was to die for.
2012-04-16 07:45:52 AM  
At first I was disappointed to find that I share with Aquaman. But then I saw some of the other characters listed (Sparkles the Vampire, soap opera characters, etc) and realized that I don't really have it that bad.

/first world problems
2012-04-16 08:14:08 AM  
Cliff Arculin from Chuck. Which is today. :)
2012-04-16 08:39:43 AM  

siyuntz: Homer Simpson. D'oh!

[ image 300x300]

Same here!

2012-04-16 08:55:23 AM  
Amazing, The Dude also shares a birthday with the guy who plays him!

(already knew Jeff Bridges and I shared a birthday)

Troy from community? Not too shabby.
2012-04-16 09:29:15 AM  
patapatpeppy from Hello Kitty?! Really that's all my birthday gets!!!!
2012-04-16 09:39:22 AM  
Nobody I care about.
2012-04-16 09:41:36 AM  

Bathia_Mapes: Lex Luthor.

Hey, me too! We need some sort of evil greeting in recognition of our connection to Luthor.
2012-04-16 09:46:00 AM  

7th Son of a 7th Son: dj_bigbird: Joker

Yup. Me too. Aug. 1st b-days FTW

8/1-ers Unite!
2012-04-16 09:55:15 AM  

McManus_brothers: Bathia_Mapes: Lex Luthor.

Hey, me too! We need some sort of evil greeting in recognition of our connection to Luthor.

Come up with a gang sign that means "40 cakes".

4 tens

2012-04-16 10:16:56 AM  
Christopher Robin

And somehow, I knew that.
2012-04-16 10:25:00 AM  

bishop6042: Magnum P.I.

Birthday bro!

/fist bump
2012-04-16 10:37:20 AM  
Jin Kazama
2012-04-16 10:42:08 AM  
Tony Soprano. But IRL Cal Ripken shares that day with me too
2012-04-16 11:09:20 AM  
McLovin', from Superbad. I feel so special.
2012-04-16 11:49:00 AM  

dj_bigbird: The Joker. Lulz.

Hey there fellow August 1ster!
2012-04-16 11:49:34 AM  
I'll stick with a real character, thanks.

Salvador Dali!
2012-04-16 11:51:53 AM  
b>casual disregard: Borat is ten years older than me. Very nice.

We were born on the exact same day, apparently.
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