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(NW Florida Daily News)   I PITY THE FOOL who orders their steak well done   ( divider line
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2012-04-08 03:57:55 PM  
4 votes:
If you actually care how other people order their steak, you suck at life. Mind your own goddamn business.

/Medium rare, please.
2012-04-08 03:05:18 PM  
4 votes:
Give me some Medium to Medium Rare steak with a baked potato and top both off with a bit of garlic butter, no steak sauce, no catsup (god forbid) and I'll be in heaven!
2012-04-08 02:30:45 PM  
4 votes:
If you order any meat well done, you had better have a medical reason for doing so.
2012-04-08 04:05:09 PM  
2 votes:
People that biatch about how someone else likes their steak need to STFU. The person you're complaining about isn't doing the same to you.

I'll have my steak however the fark I want it.
2012-04-08 03:42:41 PM  
2 votes:
And the snobs are out in full force, I see. I love how they're only willing to acknowledge that taste is a subjective sensation when the other party agrees with them.

/no, I don't eat my steak well done, I just think food snobs are a bunch of assholes
//mind your own damn business
2012-04-08 08:11:39 PM  
1 vote:

I like my steak cooked in a dirty skillet and served with TGIFriday's microwavable cheezefries and a nice, chilled Icehouse or Natural Light. It's the ONLY way to properly prepare a steak.

Anyone else tells you differently is an uneducated, impotent, imbred asshole who molests gerbils.

My opinion on everything is always right, no matter what.
2012-04-08 06:37:34 PM  
1 vote:

Try a steak sous vide, if you find yourself in one of the rare places with equipment.. Technically well done, tastes rare but with the texture of medium well, the colour of rare with the grain of well done.

Tastiest steak on Earth.

2012-04-08 05:32:21 PM  
1 vote:
Why do so many people care how other people eat their steaks (rare/well/etc.)? I seriously can't imagine a life being that boring...
2012-04-08 04:37:26 PM  
1 vote:

oukewldave: Steaks just over medium rare. Burgers medium well. Salmonella makes me nervous.

If salmonella is a concern from the burgers wherever your eating something is very wrong. Unless you're putting an over easy egg on yOur burger.
2012-04-08 04:33:22 PM  
1 vote:

RainDawg: I like my steak still twitching, while it's family quietly sobs in the background.

Oddly enough, that's how I like my hookers.
2012-04-08 04:30:09 PM  
1 vote:
Ok, here is how it goes at my house.

Needed : New York Strip Steak, 2 huge baked potatoes, 3 Boulevard Wheat beers.

step one: Pour natural lump charcoal into the charcoal starter, newspaper in the bottom. Light the paper, and wait until the flames are licking through the top. Drink one beer.

Step two: Put on the leather elbow gloves, and pour the coals into one side of the grill, leaving the other side empty. shut the lid. Wait for the grill to get to about 500 degrees. Drink a beer.

Step 3: Rub the potatos down with olive oil, and roll them in salt. When the grill is ready, put the potatoes on the grill, on the side WITHOUT the coals. Stick a meat thermometer ( the kind with the cable going out to the readout device) into the biggest potato. Close the lid. Sit and Wait for the potato to get to 200 degrees. Finish the 2nd beer.

Step 4: When the potato is at 200 degrees, Salt and pepper the steak. Open the grill, spray the hot side of the grill with PAM, and put on the meat. Close the lid and wait one minute.

Step 5: Open the lid, turn the steak 90 degrees to create crosshatch marks. close the lid.

Step 6: One minute later, turn the steak over and move it to the cold side of the grill. Take the meat thermometer out of the potato, put it in the steak. Ckose the lid. We are looking for 135 degrees. Drink third beer quickly. When the steak gets to 135, the potatoes should be at 220 degrees. Pull everything off, take it inside, and serve after the steak rests for 10 minutes.

2012-04-08 03:45:51 PM  
1 vote:

MuonNeutrino: And the snobs are out in full force, I see. I love how they're only willing to acknowledge that taste is a subjective sensation when the other party agrees with them.

/no, I don't eat my steak well done, I just think food snobs are a bunch of assholes
//mind your own damn business

It's a food snob thread.

You mind your own damn business.
2012-04-08 03:26:36 PM  
1 vote:

ima turkey: I cooked ribeyes last night. A little Worcester sauce and fajita seasoning. Then grilled then for 4 mins on each side for medium rare. Just enough time to drink a keystone light.

Keystone light?

2012-04-08 03:25:00 PM  
1 vote:
Why why why do you like eating rubber???
2012-04-08 03:23:54 PM  
1 vote:
One of my friends always orders his steak well done for religious purposes. One of these days I'm going to reach across the table and smack the bejesus out of him.
2012-04-08 03:18:47 PM  
1 vote:
I usually order mine medium. Anything else is for uncivilized heathens.
2012-04-08 03:11:13 PM  
1 vote:
It's not that Mr T.
2012-04-08 03:10:50 PM  
1 vote:
Pull his horns, wipe his ass, grill two minutes each side and put it on a plate.
And don't bring it out until I'm done with my salad, Thank You.
2012-04-08 03:08:17 PM  
1 vote:
At Black Angus your name is Peaches!
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