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(ESPN)   Mark McGwire calls it quits, doo-dah, doo-dah   ( divider line
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2001-11-12 01:00:47 AM  
2001-11-12 01:01:27 AM  
Twenty to thirty years from now, McGwire will fade like Lou Gehrig is fading because of Bonds and Ripkin. Just 2-10 in the record books. But I'll remember.
2001-11-12 01:09:02 AM  
You're damned right we'll remember. McGwire did great things for St. Louis baseball. It really didn't matter to the people of St. Louis how many homers he hit, although it was really nice, but he helped turn the city back into the greatest baseball town in the country IMHO. He is worth just as much to us as Ozzie is, and I sincerely hope to see him stay with the team and the city however he can.

Damn - I'm getting all choked up here.
2001-11-12 01:09:18 AM  
When will he grow biatch tits?
2001-11-12 01:10:12 AM  
Mark, that big old moosie.
2001-11-12 01:12:47 AM  
Now it's up to Barry Bonds to provide steroid-rific longball action to baseball!

2001-11-12 01:15:11 AM  
I was just thinking about Bonds. I'd say that it's half "wanting to not take more $$$ than he's worth" *cough*that'safirst,athleterefusingmoney*cough*
and half "Christ, I'm not even retired before some upstart whips the crap out of my HR record."
2001-11-12 01:22:54 AM  
I still have the wheaties box celebrating mcguires 70 home runs.

barry bonds can suck the large end of my bat.
2001-11-12 01:27:59 AM  
Welst: Juiced balls, smaller parks, weaker pitchers,expansion, steroids...whatever. There is nothing harder in ANY sport than hitting square a 90+ plus fastball for a HIT but 70 home runs (round bat and ball). No comparison. It's been said, you fail 7 outta of 10 times and you're one of the greats. Highest average in MLB is .367, Cobb.
A home run of any kind is special. MacGuire blew away the old one by 9HR's. When I personally see a unassisted triple play, my life will be complete and that Ted Williams never lives to see his .406 broken (1941)
2001-11-12 01:34:49 AM  
Bring back MacGuyer!
2001-11-12 01:35:47 AM  
That really sucks...
2001-11-12 01:36:48 AM  
The "Gu" is pronounced "Gwuh"
2001-11-12 01:47:06 AM  
How MacGuyver made the leap from making all that cool stuff from everyday objects into professional baseball will be one for the history books.

A true renaissance man indeed.
2001-11-12 01:51:43 AM  
he's just mad because bonds owned him, and without mega steroids.
2001-11-12 02:01:18 AM  
Who cares ?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-12 02:10:00 AM  
NO FOR THE LOVE OF NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2001-11-12 02:12:36 AM  
sad 'cuz Bonds made him his biatch?? not too sure about that, but.... SEEYA CHUCKLES!
2001-11-12 02:15:07 AM  
C'mon ya' many times has Jordan retired? He'll be back. These guys have it in their blood. They want some time off and figure that retirement is just the thing, after all they have more than enough cash. Then they sit on the sidelines and watch the games from home, seeing newbies fark things up. After a bit, they get sick of being armchair refs and jump back in.
Mark my words, he'll be back.
2001-11-12 02:23:42 AM  
Bonds will break Hank Aaron's mark, ohhhhh doo-dah dayyyyy....
2001-11-12 02:24:36 AM  
SweaterGirl, did you see Jordan's 5-for-26 shooting yesterday? He ain't back.
2001-11-12 02:38:35 AM  
Didn't Magic Johnson make 50 comebacks too? 1st one was okay, the 2nd was iffy, then by the 3rd it was embarrassing.

I was hoping Jordan would do some good, but apparently that doesn't look to be in the cards. And to make it worse, sportscenter and sports media in general are now treating Bullets...err Wizards games with more importance now.

It's as if the Devil Rays were dominating the sports headlines or something.
2001-11-12 02:40:19 AM  
Bongofury: Correction:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-12 02:55:48 AM  
LOL Freddy
Yeah, the Wizards suck, no doubt. It reminds me of when I was in school and got a high 'D'. I took pride in it. That's how the Wizards are, "We didn't win, but we didn't suck as much."
Betcha Jordan is demanding his own training sessions with the rest of the team.

Then again, am I the only one who took great pleasure in the fact that the Bulls lost last week? Those farkers are so complacent, they can't even comprehend not having their asses kissed.
2001-11-12 03:15:12 AM  
A sad day. I went to see the Cards come to the old Milwaukee County Stadium on the night he hit #66, as I recall. He also hit one that night that a fan interfered with that should've been a dinger, but it was ruled a double.

The highlight of the night, though (as if the homer wasn't enough) was batting practice. There were at least 40,000+ already in attendance well over an hour before gametime to watch Big Mac take BP!

He didn't disappoint, either. He took about 10 swings, and hit three balls clear out of the stadium, something which had only been done once before in the 50+ year history of the stadium (by Cecil Fielder).

Thanks for the memories, Mark. You will be missed.
2001-11-12 04:02:00 AM  
HAHA the Tatragon, good one
2001-11-12 04:17:57 AM  
Oh, and about 30,000 flash bulbs went off as those moon shots were sent into BP orbit... Very surreal...

If McGwire had been healthy throughout his career, there is no doubt he would have surpassed Aaron's record...

That record will fall soon enough, but for now, Milwaukee still has ties to the greatest record in the greatest sport. I had the pleasure of seeing Aaron hit several of his final HR's in virtual anonymity with some pathetically bad Brewers' teams...
2001-11-12 04:47:26 AM  
2001-11-12 05:09:03 AM  
Let me call the whaaaaambulance for McGwire.
2001-11-12 06:47:39 AM  
Jordan retired of "old age" and Johnson retired of HIV. Mac's body is failing on him, he's knees arn't what they used to be. I dunno if mac will be back as a player. A manager or coach I can see him as, but I don't know about a player.

And as far as Bonds "owning" him, I don't know about that. only hitting 1-2 (I can't remember) isn't owning compared to what Mcgwire did in breaking the original record is some accomplishment. The 53 thing with Bonds was kinda freaky though.
2001-11-12 07:00:03 AM  
All I can say is he's one class act.
2001-11-12 07:36:55 AM  
If McGwire makes the hall of fame, it would be a joke.
2001-11-12 07:55:03 AM  
I loved it when McGwire was trapped in that warehouse and had to build a saw to cut his way out by using a few odds and ends that were lying around. That was cool. Richard Dean Anderson rocks.
2001-11-12 08:11:02 AM  
What a classy guy. I'm a big McGwire fan, and my respect for him just went up a notch. He doesn't want to extort the Cards and give them a lousy season, so he retires, giving the cards more money to spend on good players.

I hope he stays on with the organization in some form.
2001-11-12 08:49:12 AM  

Why is that?
2001-11-12 09:15:06 AM  
Hmmm... this kind of makes me think that the Cards will sign Jason Giambi now (Big Mac had been talking to him for a few days about coming to St. Louis, and said that he'd for sure retire if they landed the high-profile free agent). So Cards fans do not fret...
2001-11-12 09:23:09 AM  
Big Mac is the man. He's been my favorite player since I was about 9. He is a great guy. I remember when I went to see the A's play the Rangers about 10 years ago, in the A's hayday. Everybody sang Jose Cansaceo's praises, but I liked McGwire. We got there for batting practice and were standing down by the rail hoping to get autographs, Big Mac came walked all the way around to where people were standing signing autographs. I didn't get one, he just couldn't sign one for *everybody*, but at least he tried. Canseco just stood over there at looked at us. McGwire impressed the hell out of me that day.

I hate to see him go. Oh and BillCosby, you can bet that he will be in the Hall. His rookie home run record still stands, and I doubt it will ever go down. Well, that's what we thought about the HR record, but it's gonna take somebody amazing to beat it.
2001-11-12 09:32:25 AM  
Now I'm glad I got to see him hit a grand slam at the Jake last year. I'll bet Juan Gonzalez goes to St. Looey now.
2001-11-12 09:34:05 AM  
I like Big Mac, what he did for the game was amazing. But I was watching SportsCenter last night when they aired this and they showed a lot of old Lil' Mac footage. The guy was a string bean compared to todays version. Granted he still could crush the ball (49 HR rookie year is still the rookie record) So if he did take steriods (looks alone bring this to mind) my question is why? Griffey ain't big, Bonds is a little.....wait my friend just told me a plane crashed into some homes in NY?!? looking if for real
2001-11-12 10:36:11 AM  
We can't AFFORD Giambi. Sure, it'd be nice. But, the Birds already have to give several players a raise and the GM wants to bring the payroll down a bit from last year.
2001-11-12 10:38:42 AM  
big farkin' whoop.
2001-11-12 10:39:37 AM  
"After considerable discussion with those closest to me, I have decided not to sign the extension, as I am unable to perform at a level equal to the salary the organization would be paying me"

This is just about the classiest thing I have ever seen. When the record was falling there was some debate about how much of a "good guy" McGwire is. Now there should be no doubt. Has anyone else ever quit because they thought their big salary was hurting the team? Much props to the guy...
2001-11-12 11:48:42 AM  
What a great guy.
Good job Big Mac.
2001-11-12 11:55:46 AM  
If Bill_Cosby said something funny,that would be a joke.but FARKers instead are subjected to idiotic ramblings from someone that pulls pudding pops outta his ass.
Mc Gwire is a shoo-in for the baseball H.O.F. you moron!
The guy could of signed on for 2 more years at 30 million but chose to walk away instead of rip-off his fans.
Tostfeld was right-Class Act all the way.
2001-11-12 12:22:01 PM  
right on slayerswine

McGwire is a shoo-in. It would be a joke if Don Mattingly was elected.
2001-11-12 12:31:08 PM  
A bummer, but not unexpected. Only too bad he didn't get a victory lap, like Gwynn and Ripken. The fans really appreciate him, across the country. I got to see him play in both Oakland and St. Louis, and in the '88 WS in LA. To fall 17 short of 600, damn. Baseball is definitely in need of a few good ambassadors right now, and Bonds isn't one of them. I do hope St. Louis can bag Giambi, I know it'll be tough, but 1) he's a clubhouse force and could be a big boost for an already-decent team, 2) he's close to Mac, and it'd be a nice passing-the-baton thing, and 3) the Yankees wouldn't get him.
2001-11-12 12:57:38 PM  
hell of a hall of fame class in 5 years too...Ripken, Tony Gwynn, and McGwire...Paul O'Neil wont make it though....and by then some other guy who retired 50 years ago will get added to the ballot for the veterans commitee.
2001-11-12 01:14:33 PM  
.263 career hitter. 'nuff said.
2001-11-12 01:21:41 PM  
583 home runs,5th on the all time list.
Averaged a home run a little over 10 at bats.
Regardless of his batting average(hey,he averaged a hit a game with that average)he is a H.O.F. first time inductee without a doubt.
'nuff said.
2001-11-12 02:03:24 PM  
<Cubs fan mode>
Ron Santo and Ryne Sandberg for the HOF!
</Cubs fan mode>
2001-11-12 02:37:59 PM  
<Reds fan>
Pete Rose in the Hall!
Hook up Santo & Sandberg, too, fools!
</Reds fan>

just kidding, Reds fan mode can't be closed
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