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(Fark)   Rain, snow, sleet, pollen or sunshine? How is your first day of spring?   ( divider line
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1538 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2012 at 12:41 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-03-20 04:10:25 PM  

clambam: JesseL: Low 40s here. Lots of sun melting off last weekends 19' of snow.

Looking out the window here at work:

[ image 640x512]

Uploaded with

19' or 19"? If the former, I am seriously impressed.

Finger slipped on the shift key. Nineteen inches.

Not tremendously impressive, but still the fourth largest single day accumulation on record for this area.
2012-03-20 04:15:20 PM  
I'm in my damn office looking out at partly sunny skies and 78 degrees in north central WI.
2012-03-20 04:15:22 PM  
On the upside, I'm loving this early summer weather...more time outside! On the downside, if this 15 degrees above normal trend continues, DC will be burning alive come summer (110 instead of 95? awesome) and the time outside I'm gaining now I'll give back to the gods of air conditioning in July and August.

/except that by July/August I'll have sports and will have to be outside
//heatstroke for the win
2012-03-20 04:20:59 PM  
Centralia, WA

40.0 degrees, 90% humidity, 0.30 rain since midnight
2012-03-20 04:26:01 PM  
86 in Lake Zurich outside Chicago ATM. Was beautiful when I went out to buy a couple new interview shirts. Had some Santana and Tak Mahal CDs in the car. Any NW suburban Farkers need IT help? Am just sittin here with Netflix on doing some preofessional networking on the laptop.....
2012-03-20 04:50:09 PM  
Being in Colorado, the answer is all of the above.
2012-03-20 05:10:44 PM  
Sticky, wet snow with wind whipping it in every conceivable direction. 30 F in Noginsk, Russia.
2012-03-20 05:29:06 PM  
70's and sunshine!

Was in the 80's a couple of days ago, but still not enough to melt all the ice on the river.

SNOW possible in the next few days. Good 'ol North Dakota!

Three years ago it snowed in June here.
2012-03-20 05:49:23 PM  
84 F in Lafayette, Indiana. It would be delightful, except that the foreshadowing in the air so thick that you can cut it. In Indiana, 75+ in March only ends in tears.
2012-03-20 06:15:00 PM  

HailRobonia: It's not spring, it's autumn.

Two hemisperes on one planet? WTF y'all?
2012-03-20 06:22:41 PM  
We just got back from the beach. The kids were swimming in Lake Michigan. My car read 86 when we got there.

Again, Michigan in March. Wow.
2012-03-20 06:43:40 PM  
It was 72 and sunny at sunrise, with a high of 85; perfect for the Spring Break crowds which descend on Corpus this time of
year----------but as soon as I washed my jacket and hung it up to dry, figuring I wouldn't need it any more this year, a cold wet front passed through.

Murphy's Law of weather.
2012-03-20 06:50:08 PM  
at 6pm it was 90.4 degrees. summer is gonna suck.
2012-03-20 06:55:18 PM  

We are having late-May to middle-of-June weather for a week now.

Almost 80 today.
2012-03-20 08:21:14 PM  
87 and freakin' gorgeous.
2012-03-20 09:00:30 PM  
Tornado...high winds...2+" rain....diarrhea...
/in no particular order

Actually I think you want to keep the diarrhea last - defiantly not before the tornado.

Ah, you have things the wrong way round. There is no problem, therefore no solution is needed, so there is hate for al gore.

You seriously think the whole nation having 80 degree temperatures in March is not going to generate any problems? Or that plants and animals moving to new locations due to changes in average annual temperature and rainfall is not going to cause any problems? Really? I'll have to tell the natives in the area that their villages falling into the sea because the supporting permafrost melted is not a real problem. I'll leave it to you to explain to Texans that their wild fires are not really a problem either. While you are at it, explain to most the southwest that their water shortages getting worse are not really a problem either.
2012-03-20 10:22:16 PM  
Horrible, 85-90*F during the day and muggy 60's and 70's at night. This time of year its usually 50's during the day. This weather is like May more than March and it doesn't look to be changing anytime soon :/
2012-03-20 11:02:05 PM  
-5 degrees C, strong SW winds, 70 cm of new snow in the last week. fantastic skiing.

2012-03-20 11:26:27 PM  
pretty damn nice day here in Cbus. 6 degrees over the previous record? Wow. Put another log on the fire and hail global warming.



MAXIMUM 84R 228 PM 78 1921 53 31 62
2012-03-21 12:22:37 AM  
It was kinda cool. A few degrees above freezing and cloudy.

But the last day of winter was the warmest day ever recorded in March at 24°C!! Then we had a thunderstorm late in the evening.

/in Winterpeg!!!
///srsly, I think we broke four records in a week or something
////meanwhile Vancouver got a snowstorm
2012-03-21 12:24:34 AM  

hobblekitty: It's 77 degrees and sunny and I am hating every second of it. This is summer weather. I want spring. I want 60 degree days with light breezes and a bit of a drizzle. I loathe the summer with a passion that goes beyond reason, and it is starting to look like summer is all we get this year.

+9000. I don't go swimming, I sink like a rock, so there's no reason to like the 80*F+ summer days. Fall and spring are a lot better, and being in the south makes you appreciate winter. March is my 2nd favorite month (after December) and its usually like you say, 50-60 degree days with some drizzle. This year, its like instant summer, and that's after a springlike February where everyone was saying winter would REALLY hit in March. After last summer, where it was 90*F+ solid from May to October, and where fall seemed to just kinda "switch on" with a bit of hesitation. Heat and humidity gets farking OLD after a while especially if you don't control your own thermostat/ac. This winter, short and mild as its been, hasn't given me much recovery from last summer, and its looking like we're right back in it already.
2012-03-21 12:32:10 AM  
Rain, snow, sleet, pollen or sunshine?
All of the above at times during the day in Portland, OR.
2012-03-21 12:44:37 AM  
Cold as hell and slightly snowy in Portland
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