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(NYPost)   Woman claims she was traumatized by the deadly Staten Island Ferry accident, wants NYC to pay $200 million to make it better   ( divider line
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2003-10-27 07:31:22 AM  
I'm stunned at this woman and her attempt to profit off the tragedy of others.
I understand she's scared and she was slightly hurt. But if anyone is getting 200 million it's going to the people who lost limbs.
2003-10-27 08:03:37 AM  
Give me a farking break.

I recently retired from the insurance biz, and it never ceases to amaze me that people will present these overinflated claims when their injuries were really minor. You lost both legs? Son, I'll pay you the policy limits and cook you dinner. You jammed your pinky? Go fish. You did not hit the lottery just because you had some sort of trifling injury -- and someone needs to tell these idiot jurors who are awarding these eight, nine, and ten-figure verdicts as much.

2003-10-27 09:54:50 AM  
Cerie, She better had of lost limbs to be making this kind of claim.
2003-10-27 09:59:15 AM  
Jones said she has a sore back and is emotionally distraught after the accident. The massive damages she is asking dwarf those sought by other victims, including a woman who lost both legs in the tragedy, in which 10 people died.

"2 entries found for asshat.

asshat ( P ) Pronunciation Key (s-t)
A foolish or stupid person, exceptionally idiotic.
A person completely unaware of the experiences of others and only aware of their own problems, regardless of how slight. See also: dumbass, jackass, farktard, shiathead, and self-absorbed asshole."
2003-10-27 10:11:47 AM  
Somebody find this biatch and pee on her for me.
2003-10-27 10:18:22 AM  
She and her lawyer should be keelhauled.
2003-10-27 10:55:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"I don't sleep at all

Perhaps the reason you don't sleep is all the meth you look like you've taken. But smokes in NY are not cheap, so I can't blame her. My guess is she would invest most of the cash in KOOL cigarets and the QVC channel.
2003-10-27 12:01:07 PM  
Are you sure that's the right lady in the picture, cause it looks like someone who was just arrested for prostitution.
2003-10-27 12:03:32 PM  
Was she holding a coffee that was too hot too?
2003-10-27 12:04:43 PM  
I'm going to sue the NY Post as her face has made me distraught....
2003-10-27 12:05:20 PM  
stupid coont...
2003-10-27 12:05:29 PM  
I'm traumatized by that pic.
2003-10-27 12:06:03 PM  
I'm traumatized by her picture and her freakazoid finger nails. May I should SUE HER for inflicting emotional pain and trauma upon me. I'm not going to sleep for months after seeing that face.

The biatch will never live this one down!
2003-10-27 12:06:23 PM  
I'll give her $200 if she'll use it to buy and smoke more cigarettes to hasten her departure from this life.
2003-10-27 12:06:56 PM  
bwhahahhahahaahaha. I hate this country and its "SUE EVERYONE" mentality.
2003-10-27 12:07:32 PM  
if she gets 200 million for that I should be able to rape the kid that caused me permanent back pain from hockey for at least double that (on the injury aspect at least)

I've had way worse injuries than that from all sorts of things-hockey included- and never ever went out of my way to gouge anyone for it

the torso kid should be getting the money
2003-10-27 12:07:53 PM  
well $200m looks pretty reasonable after last week's $500m.
2003-10-27 12:07:54 PM  

I'm stunned at this woman and her attempt to profit off the tragedy of others.

Me too. In fact, I'm so stunned I don't think I'll ever get over it.

Where do I claim?
2003-10-27 12:08:33 PM  
$200 Million would make ME feel a lot better.
2003-10-27 12:08:43 PM  
The sad thing is she will get +1 mil to herself... And for what? This is disgusting the people who try to profit on something like this........
2003-10-27 12:08:50 PM  
What she should get is a slap across her butterface (?) for living on Staten Island in the first place.

"I will hold NYC's finances hostage and hi-jack media coverage unless you pay me ...2000 million dollars ! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !"

(Puts nicotine-stained pinkie up to her lower lip)

[image from too old to be available]

2003-10-27 12:09:48 PM  
Not too traumatized to get back on the boat 3 days later.
2003-10-27 12:10:10 PM  
Can we, as farkers, start a class action lawsuit against this woman for the emotional pain and trauma she is causing us?

I mean, come on, she's gonna get $200 million dollars - we can go after that!!
2003-10-27 12:10:32 PM  
Doesn't she still get royalties from Flashdance?
2003-10-27 12:10:43 PM  
Hey, she looks like a classy lady, and not at all the type of person who'd hire an ambulance chaser. Let's give her the $200 million - Lord knows NYC has money to spare!
2003-10-27 12:10:55 PM  
Headline should read "Ugly-ass woman..."
2003-10-27 12:11:09 PM  
$200 million dollars for being a bit upset. Bah ! Someone take a tire iron to her, the skank.
2003-10-27 12:11:34 PM  
*bangs head*

Where do they get these stupid people? Is there a special breeding farm somewhere for them?

Seriously. Okay, she may have had emotional distress, I can believe that. Back problems, I can believe that.
200 million?! Go away. Crawl back under a rock and smother yourself, because you are wasting time. I hope that the Courts and a smart Judge toss this one out.

Pay her a few thousand for her medical bills, tell her to get in an alcohol and drug rehab program and save the courts' time for those who have real suits.

I feel for those who lost their lives, and their limbs in that accident. They and their families have a legit complaint. This woman. Does not.
2003-10-27 12:12:39 PM  
If NY were still under the protection of the Corleone family, this woman wouldn't dare sue.
2003-10-27 12:12:45 PM  
I look forward to the day when we -er, ya know, us... get to sue the pant's off the people who file these cantankerous lawsuits.

Ok. It's just a pipe dream...
2003-10-27 12:13:17 PM  
Can we get our damn congressmen to cast off the trial lawyers' union and enact "loser pays" already?
2003-10-27 12:13:23 PM  
Boo friggin hoo.

You get whatever hand you're dealt in life. so play it. and shut the hell up in the meantime.
2003-10-27 12:16:05 PM  
Hmph. Nice get-rich scheme there smokey. She wins lawsuit, moves to the Upper West Side, chills with a nice stash. Must be nice to profit off of everyone else's' misery. It's like a sick-o American version of the lottery. She saw her chance to never work again, and jumped on it. Sad.

I hope this gets thrown out (as the judge tells her to quit smoking, cheer up, and grow up).
2003-10-27 12:16:31 PM  

... well said
2003-10-27 12:16:41 PM  
So Miss Jones, what are your going to do with the money.
[Begin dream sequence]
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-27 12:18:24 PM  
NYC to pay $200 to homeless crackhead to off woman who claimed she was traumatized by the deadly Staten Island Ferry accident
2003-10-27 12:18:29 PM  
The other sad thing is that she would totally piss away the money on cigs and crap.

Maybe she can sue the state again when she can't afford for her kids to go to college. All 12 of them.
2003-10-27 12:19:36 PM  
I smell a
img.fark.netView Full Size
coming after seeing this ugly biatch's pic...
2003-10-27 12:21:53 PM  
The only thing that could make her better is a bullet to the head. That's a helluva lot cheaper too.
2003-10-27 12:23:34 PM  
Be careful people. This biatch might very well sue some of you for slandering her in this thread. Or whatever it is you'd call it.
2003-10-27 12:24:04 PM  
These people, and these lawsuits, exist because we, or more accurately jurors, allow it. If people didn't get money from this, then others wouldn't do it. Even if she gets a settlement that is much less than this, she (i.e. her lawyer) will still profit.

It seems that on some show that was set in the future on another planet, the solved their 'lawyer problem' by making the lawyer received the same penalty and/or punishment as the person they chose to represent. While it may not completely apply in this situation, it is an interesting idea.
2003-10-27 12:24:21 PM  
Malicious something i'd bet.
2003-10-27 12:24:51 PM  
Please ... ease ... ease ... Mrs. -- Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones ... Mrs. Jones
2003-10-27 12:25:10 PM  
Suing is some kind of public hobby in the US or something ?
2003-10-27 12:25:40 PM  
would be fun to see a class-action lawsuit filed by school-age children and unvaccinated taxpayers against those who bring frivolous lawsuits against their communities.
2003-10-27 12:26:14 PM  
Anyone on that side of the pond tell me how $200m is going to make her less traumatised? Will it be used to remove all the mirrors in her house?
2003-10-27 12:26:41 PM  
Most crackheads don't sleep well...

Unless the ferry was purposely crashed, no one deserves ANY money. That's why they call it an "accident".
2003-10-27 12:28:05 PM  
I wonder if she'd accept $100 million if they just paid it to her in crack.

You know, cut out the middleman.
2003-10-27 12:29:03 PM  
"I don't sleep. I don't sleep at all," Jones said.

I'd probably have trouble sleeping too if I tried to screw someone out of 200 million
2003-10-27 12:29:59 PM  
She'll probably get $200,000 or something in that ballpark.

The court of public opinion will get the last laugh, seeing how greedy she is.
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