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(Omaha World Herald)   Rev. Jane Florence of First United Methodist Church in Omaha: "It's a disgrace when Scripture is used to exclude and condemn and marginalize people"   ( ) divider line
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2012-03-07 05:42:48 PM  

SuperNinjaToad: namegoeshere: I grew up Congregationalist. Like Methodists, Congregationalists tend to be laid back, all inclusive, non judgemental, warm fuzzy types. Although I no longer participate actively in churchy stuff, it farking kills me that so many bigoted, homophobic, woman hating, judgemental assholes have hijacked "Christianity" for their own purposes. THAT IS NOT WHAT CHRISTIANITY IS. I never heard hate preached in my church. Not once. I never heard that being gay was sinful. I never heard that a woman was dirty for using birth control.

Kudos to this woman for standing up and saying NO to this bullshiat. More need to do so.

well to be fair homosexuality is a sin... now the bible doesn;t say you should go beat gays up or mistreats them but it is considered sinful.

Lev. 20:13

"If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them."

However the Book of Leviticus as with most in the Old Testament was part of the mosaic law that was written to the Jews, not the Christians. Therefore, the condemnation of homosexuality in Leviticus does not apply to present day Christians. It is considered a sinful act no doubt but not one where you should condemn people to death or to mock.

Keep reading TFT. You'll get to the bible part.
2012-03-07 08:52:46 PM  
A religious person that isn't a scumbag?
2012-03-07 09:41:26 PM  

Lordserb: namegoeshere: Lol. Personally, I'd be more worried about filling my temple with greasy cheeseburgers and fries than using the exit door as an entrance.

Speaking of which, do the Fundies inform the fatties and smokers that they are sinners? If it's about defiling your temple then they are bigger sinners than teh gheys

Any sin means an eternity in Hell unless one repents and trusts in Christ. The concept of one sin being bigger than another is irrelevant.

Ah, the sign of a loving God. He created us in his own image, made us unique among all his creation, then put the one thing he didn't want us to tough right there in front of us (along with forgetting to give us the ability to know right from wrong), throws a hissy fit so big that he curses the entire universe for what two humans did for the rest of existence, later goes emo and tries to destroy his creation because of us, then later dicks around with Pharaoh so he can keep sending torments on him and his country, then demands a father slaughter his own son as proof of faith, then annihilates two cities for reasons no one can agree on, then sends a piece of himself to be killed to forgive us of our sins, then he just vanishes for the rest of recorded history except to randomly put his son's image on toast, inside trees, and in paint swirls.

Meanwhile, his followers take what he and his son told us and turn it into ways to control, terrorize, and condemn people for being different or not being like them. All this while saying that God is love and peace and forgiveness.

And then they wonder why so many people think they're insane.
2012-03-07 10:01:32 PM  

Lordserb: vpb: Teaching isn't the problem, it's trying to force people to follow your beliefs. When you try to use religion as an excuse to attack other people then it is a problem. If you don't like gay marriage don't marry a gay. Simple.

If some group of Jews and/or Muslims tries to outlaw bacon then I will support it just to make a point.

Forcing someone to follow your beliefs is one thing. Ultimately nobody can force anyone to accept that God is real.

In society, however, many Christians do not want to have the nation accept and promote sinful behaviors, homosexuality included. The belief is that the further a nation falls into sin, the less God will bless the nation.

Everyone has a vote, and that is what decides much of the laws we have. If Christians want to get together and vote that the government shouldn't be involved in the religious institution of marriage, then so be it. If everyone else votes the other way than thats the way it goes.

Why would God care so much about the United States? Isn't his chosen land over in the Middle East? Are we so arrogant that we can declare that we're God's gift to the universe? Doesn't God frown upon such things?

Besides, homosexuality hurts no one. If you're not homo, fine, no one's forcing you to be. God also said that shellfish and blended fabric are sins, too, do you lecture people about those at restaurants and department stores?
2012-03-07 11:32:35 PM  
FTFA?: "Further, they said, the amended ordinance would force those morally opposed to Black and Catholic activity to accept state-sanctioned behavior."
2012-03-08 06:46:31 PM  

Tatarize: Peppermint Rose:

I know there is historical speculation about who added forgeries to other historical documents so I wasn't sure. My perception of Paul has always been that he took Christ's message that was one of love and inclusion and made it all legalistic (this may or may not be accurate, my interest in Christianity is rather sporadic and purely curiousity cause I don't really much care one way or the other). The mysogyny was just another reason to not like him.

I suppose you're right. There is speculation that Eusebius added the Testimonium Flavian, and other historical speculations. I suppose there could be some idea. There just aren't in this case. Making fake epigraphs is ruined if we know who you are trying to do it.

The problem with that perception of Paul is that there's very little contact at all between Pauline and whatever any of the Jewish Christianities had at the time. From reading Paul one would draw a conclusion that Jesus was perhaps some kind of light in the sky. The gospels didn't exist at the time and Paul doesn't seem to know anything about the message of the gospels or the life of Jesus.

Paul's message was legalistic and inclusive, to the point of getting rid of all those things which would prevent converts and bringing around a rather robust theology. Jesus however seemed to be a hero story of betrayal, death, and victory. There really wasn't/isn't that much love or inclusion. One of the strangest things about Jesus is that he is no where near as Jesusy as people tend to attribute to him. You can find love and inclusion inside a cult, but not for those people outside the cult. Those you can attack with homemade whips and attack, those family members who don't join should be ignored and shunned. If anything the most overwhelming message is unabashed care for the poor.

This is really cool thanks for sharing. I'm all over the hero story aspect of the Jesus story; however, most Christians don't seem to like that notion so I try to keep it to myself to be polite.

Are the parts of Paul's letters that indicate he argued with the people who actually knew Jesus and the parts that suggest he was paying them tribute (collected money that he gave to the original disciples to give to the poor of Jerusalum) suspected to be forgeries as well? or are those mistranslations?
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