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(Sacramento Bee)   Family sues landlord for mold in their apartment--Jury awards them $2.7M   ( divider line
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2320 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Nov 2001 at 4:10 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-10 04:16:02 AM  
Good for the family. Come on, it is friggin mold that needed to be cleaned up, not nuclear waste. Maybe this will make the rental industry get off of its' collective ass and start addressing problems that tenants have.
2001-11-10 04:58:50 AM  
Not good.

Excessive lawsuits mean we all pay.
2001-11-10 05:17:03 AM  
I've got mold in my old tennis shoes. I think I'll sue Nike.
2001-11-10 07:23:15 AM  
Stupid law suit,stupid story,stupid people and most of all a judge that must be farked in the head....
2001-11-10 07:44:59 AM  
Agree, Ozzie_Pride. Why didn't the tenants clean up the mold when it first appeared? If you are renting a house, and the hot water tank goes out, you should pay for, and install a new one. If you buy a house and are making mortgage payments, the bank is not going to pay for and do maintenance on your house. Should be the same with renters.
2001-11-10 08:06:16 AM  
jesus christ almighty 2.7 million!
2001-11-10 08:14:12 AM  
I have some moldy green stuff in tupperwear in the back of my fridge...wonder who I can sue?
2001-11-10 08:28:05 AM  
Sue yourself that is just disgusting...yuk...I hope you throw out that container or at least use it for your hubby's am mean
2001-11-10 08:35:04 AM  
That was supposed to have a tag, but the filter got it... LOL
2001-11-10 08:36:45 AM  
That was supposed to have a sarcasm tag, but the filter got it... LOL
I see we cant use fake html tags any more
2001-11-10 08:36:52 AM  
bleach + water + spray bottle = no mold. or atleast mold w/o "harmful" spores. this guy is an EMT? and he and his family are sick for three years until he can sue? if they were walking across the street in a crosswalk and realized the oncoming car wasn't going to stop they would ......? stand there? if osama doesn't get us it will be these f*cks and their lawyers. aided of course by know nothing juries who must think the money to pay large awards grow on trees. both the stories on this subject recently noted the lack of science to link mold and illness.

sorry, way to long a post but spent last night and this morning reading stupid stuff by and about stupid people.
2001-11-10 08:46:51 AM  
You think the mold is out my pic in my profile...a fellow farker said it is the perfect woman...haha
2001-11-10 09:18:37 AM  
Ozzie_Pride you are right again. that new pic is SICK. the old one was MUCH better. am going to have a hard time delelting that image. darn you. and btw any man who thinks that's the perfect woman has the intelligence of a rock. giving credit where it's due the pic was a good visualization of the thought and a fine photoshop. but jeez
2001-11-10 09:26:23 AM  
Ohhhh don't worry I will be putting my real pic back there....I will only be leaving it long enough for the peeps on this thread to check out....I am the first to admit it is sick but the thread it was in made me laugh...I had just been joking around about men and then that popped I laughed and ended up burning my nose as the streams of diet pepsi flowed strong through my nasal was
2001-11-10 09:43:26 AM  

roofles at ozzie
2001-11-10 09:48:48 AM  
hey don't kill me i'm only the
2001-11-10 09:56:22 AM  
How in the hell is that cool?
That family should be shot on TV, talk about frivilous lawsuits..

That should have been [image from too old to be available]
2001-11-10 09:58:54 AM  
I've got a fungus in my toenail. Who can I sue? ;-)
2001-11-10 10:01:34 AM  
Ozzie_Pride :"hey don't kill me i'm only the"

the hell i cant
*Stab* Stab* *slash* *stab*
2001-11-10 10:03:10 AM  
ok ok already I will put my original back
2001-11-10 10:03:52 AM  
just promise me you wont kill me when that goes back cause it is not much better :-)
2001-11-10 10:05:43 AM  
There will never ever EVER be any killing [/Howard]
2001-11-10 10:10:28 AM  
there you all go...not quite as
2001-11-10 10:11:46 AM  
if it's the one i remember it is much better.

Visidan would say thanks for jumping in on this but given Ozzie's current state of mind there's no telling how she might react. one bad pic was enough.
2001-11-10 10:14:26 AM  
well I guess any normal pic is better than that one...sick I say...but can anyone really define normal?
2001-11-10 10:14:35 AM  
Ozzie not at all gross -- thanks
2001-11-10 10:17:15 AM  

The kind of mold that people renting an apartment need to worry about are the molds that grow behind walls and in ceilings. They are caused by improper construction or water leaks that are not repaired by the LANDLORD.

Yeah the bleach works well on molds that you can SEE, like in the bath or kitchen.

So maybe some of you should rethink your whole position on the mold issue.

2.7 million is crazy though.
Unless the landlord refused to fix the problem after it was identified.
2001-11-10 10:17:31 AM  
sorry for grossing yous all out with that it was eldest son has a great sense of humour and it even made him feel
Gee thank you for that nice comment:-)
2001-11-10 10:19:51 AM  
your Current picture is about 2.7 million times better
2001-11-10 10:21:28 AM  
even if the landlord refused to fix it it is still a stupid amount to pay them...people that lose limbs or are totally disabled are not even awarded this is rediculous to say the least.
2001-11-10 10:26:05 AM  
I submitted a post with that pic saying:is this really what men think is the perfect woman?
but I dont think they will post it somehow.
2001-11-10 10:30:53 AM  
s.f.o.t.w. your right about where and why mold grows and the landlords resposibility BUT apartments nowdays have sheetrock walls. mold migrates through them. then it gets inhaled, etc. see the pic in article from a few days back.
2001-11-10 10:47:08 AM  
I submitted this...but definitely not with a "Cool" tag. I never use the "Cool" tag, "Spiffy" maybe, but not "Cool". I think I used "Strange" or "Silly"...can't remember. I love using " " though, kinda reminds me of microdot...":-)"
2001-11-10 10:57:43 AM  
If the mold in question is black mold, then no amount of bleach will help. That shiat is nasty. There was a couple a few months ago who burned down there own house because of the stuff. And no, they didn't get any insurance either. They had to leave everything in the house too. Photo albums, heirlooms, everything. Pretty sad really.
2001-11-10 11:02:04 AM  
their. their. their.
2001-11-10 11:06:24 AM  
Just more of the same social extortion via the ruling elite of America, namely lawyers.

'Time for tort reform in this country. Long past due. But don't hold your breath....the damned trial attorneys will never let that happen.
2001-11-10 11:42:26 AM  
They fought this for three farkin' years?! If the apartment was so terrible, why didn't they just MOVE THE FARK OUT when their lease was up?!?! Did they have some sort of emotional attachment to the #@$^!# apartment!! Arrrrrgh!!!!
2001-11-10 11:46:46 AM  
And why are people starving in Somalia? Its a freakin DESERT, why don't they just move to where the food is?

paraphrased sam kinison rant.
2001-11-10 11:47:16 AM  
Isn't it mould? Or is that just the english/american spelling?

Are you americans afraid of the letter 'U'!? You did it with colour aswell!
2001-11-10 12:04:24 PM  
We all know this will be appealed and the award will be decreased.
2001-11-10 12:09:11 PM  
We Americans don't need those extra letters, and we know that the way we spell Aluminum is the correct way. And we don't boil meat. And we burned a hole in the ozone layer so we would not have clouds and fog making our skin pasty white.
And we threw your tea into the harbor. And its your fault the Germans invaded France.
But you did give us the Sex Pistols, and that is why we allowed you to conquer the Falkland Islands.

So you can just take your use of the letter "U" in inappropriate places and be English.

God save the queen
she ain't no human being
she made you a moron
a potential H-bomb
2001-11-10 12:26:52 PM  
well thanks for that SFOTW, yeah we did let the germans invade france, we thought maybe that'd get rid of them at last... but no.
And you 'let' us invade the falklands? yea alright, you just keep on telling yourself that maybe it'll cover up the gross-negligence!

And yes the sex-pistols rule...
2001-11-10 12:47:52 PM  
::slaps forehead:: Oh, the FUZZY kind of mold. I read the whole article wondering, like a dumbass, what kind of mold they were talking about. Jello, maybe?
2001-11-10 12:55:23 PM  
Damn we have a little bit of mold cause the A/C vents arent insulated..... CHA CHING!
2001-11-10 01:04:57 PM  
Yay...score one for the little guy! I have had several crappy landlords that did nothing but sit on their ass and collect my rent checks, never bothering to make necessary repairs that they said would be made when I moved in. And then when I finally moved out, they all did their damnedest to try to get as much money as they possibly could in the form of b.s. cleaning charges (never mind that the places were dirty when I moved in and I always cleaned before I left), refusing to refund the security deposit, etc. I just wish I had thought of something like this myself...
2001-11-10 01:35:22 PM  
Landlords have to take care of whatever is wrong with the apartment but this is bull. The people should have cleaned up the mold or moved out. But then again some landlords deserve what is coming to them. I was screwed out of a couple thousands of dollars from mine( then she evicted me after 4 months of being there), A friend was promised a 2 bedroom apartment by his landlord and he never got it. Turns out the landlord was renting the apartment to every new tenant that came buy(which was alot).It was a real mess. I was even their when they came by and promised him the apartment then the next day say they gave it to someone else.
2001-11-10 02:15:54 PM  
Black mold is TOXIC. Read about it and then still condemn these people.

"These molds can be found anywhere that dark and dank conditions permit them to grow. When you try to kill them, they take to the air, spreading themselves with no forethought to the damage they can cause. They are just trying to survive."

Spores can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin or ingested on our food. And, because some people are more susceptible than others, one person may become debilitated by exposure to mold in the home, another person sharing the same environment is essentially unaffected.

"Infants, the elderly and anyone with immune system deficiencies due to disease, chemotherapy, etc. are particularly susceptible to serious illness following exposure to microbial contamination."
2001-11-10 02:15:56 PM  
I second CandyPink. Landlords suck.
2001-11-10 02:26:36 PM  
This is why I don't bother with apartments anymore.
2001-11-10 02:29:57 PM  
From the same article:

"Many species of mold and mildew (or the mycotoxins they produce) can cause or aggravate a number of ailments. Common effects from molds such as stachybotrys atra, penecillium, cladosporium and several strains of aspergillius, are asthma, pneumonitis, upper respiratory problems, sinusitis, dry cough, skin rashes, stomach upset, headaches, disorientation and bloody noses. Numerous other species of mold and mildew are also toxic, and many mycotoxins are known carcenogens. Severe exposures can lead to internal bleeding, kidney and liver failure and pulmonary emphysema.Such health risks due to the presence of mold in a dwelling are a serious concern to occupants, and can pose potential liability for owners of rental properties."
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