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(Yahoo)   Fat people boycott Shallow Hal because they deem it to be offensive. In a related move, wizards to boycott Harry Potter.   ( divider line
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3284 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Nov 2001 at 4:10 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-10 04:22:14 AM  
jesus farking christ. i had someone i know give me the same bs. how is it offensive? i think theyre just mad cuz theyre so fat and they cant get a stuf like jack black.

2001-11-10 04:22:35 AM  
yea, and the butt-ugly people are mad too......


this movie looks farking hilarious... I dig Jack Black
2001-11-10 04:22:37 AM  
2001-11-10 04:23:17 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-10 04:23:56 AM  
2001-11-10 04:27:56 AM  
my teacher says real beauty is on the inside....

oh, thats just something ugly people say.
2001-11-10 05:05:53 AM  
"I have a real good sense of humor, but..."

Always means the opposite.
2001-11-10 05:19:51 AM  
I'm pretty damn fat, and the only thing I find offesive are fat-ass morons who find fat jokes, movies with fat people, skinny people, etc. offensive.

Your fat because like me, you eat too much and don't excersise enough. Hear's a quarter, go buy a clue.
2001-11-10 06:16:14 AM  
"Goodeau said that obesity is a difficult, personal issue that shouldn't be made fun of on the big screen."

No mention of how fakring deadly obesity is. No, you don't have to be a stud to be healthy, but extreme obesity, like the woman portrayed in the movie (c'mon...we've all seen the previews), is downright fatal.

I think that extreme obesity needs to be looked down at. If it isn't, what's keeping the obese people from getting off they're lazy, unmotivated asses and losing weight to increase the quality of their lives? If the peer pressure isn't there and fat people were accepted in this world, then there'd be little-to-no reason for the rest of the world to not slip into the same state. And THAT would be a slap in the face of the American quality of life.

Don't be dumb. The negative peer pressure gets people to change. The only improvement to this rule would be to make fun of the overly thin people, too. Talk about another deadly problem.
2001-11-10 06:19:21 AM  
And the above statement does not pertain to those individuals, of which there are plenty in this world, that are statistically overweight, buy not obese to the point of it being life-threatening.

However, those skinny-ass biatches can take a dive, too. Not only is it ugly to be that skinny, but it's dangerous.
2001-11-10 06:51:08 AM  
fat chicks need lovin' too...

they just gotta pay
2001-11-10 06:56:11 AM  
MisterSym, if you think the very obese don't take major shiat at all times, if you think society doesn't do its damnedest to drive them to suicide, you don't understand the situation. So if you think this is a good thing in terms of changing behavior, why hasn't it worked?
2001-11-10 07:25:57 AM  
Karpage: Just what I was thinking when I read the article. Humourless bastards.
2001-11-10 07:30:28 AM  
II thought the movie was about looking at the true beauty in a person. I do think that the canoe scene could be a little offensive, but I thought the end result was for people to walk out thinking everybody has something good about them.

From the press kit: "Then there's Hall Larsen, the ultimate shallow guy. Hal finds beauty only in supermodels and centerfolds. The first thing he looks for in a woman is, well, looks. Hal won't even consider dating someone with a less-than-perfect body, smile and sense of style.

But after an impromptu hypnosis by self-help guru Tony Robbins, Hal's view of women makes a 180-degree turn; he no sees their true inner beauty. Enter Rosemary's kindness and humor as female physical nirvana is instantly smitten and an idyllic romance begins. When the spell is broken, Hall must now face an unrecognizable Rosemary and learn one of life's most important lessons.
2001-11-10 07:35:16 AM  
This is ironic in a way. The people in the article are judging the movie before they see it or know anything about it, and the movie is about how shallow people are for judging someone before you know anything about them.
2001-11-10 07:57:07 AM  
GadgetDon: I didn't say that I think overly obese men and women don't take major shiat all the time. I, in fact, do know how difficult it is to be overly obese....I have had friends and family go through the same. I know society does it's damnedest to emotionally, and some times physically, hurt them. Not that I believe that people should be bullied into doing something, but all the more reason for them to shed the pounds. As for suicide, maintaining the extreme weight is suicide in itself.

I never said that physically, mentally, or emotionally torturing fat people was a good idea. I said, and I quote, "I think that extreme obesity needs to be looked down at." And what I meant by that, 100% honestly, is that we as a society need to keep our children from thinking it's okay to achieve those extreme weights. And, since you're going to attack these words next, "peer pressure" does NOT equate into physical, mental, & emotional abuse.

Trying to change my words around and make me into a villain doesn't make being overly obese any healthier.
2001-11-10 07:57:46 AM  
3M TA3: Your words ring true, my friend.
2001-11-10 08:20:05 AM  
Some folks walk around all day just looking for something to be offended by. The fact is fat people are fat because they eat too much, not because of a gladular problem or because they retain water like so many claim (including my mother). If it is water retention, we had all better hope they never release it because it will cause the ocean levels to rise as if the polar ice caps had melted.

I'm not saying it's easy to lose weight. I could stand to drop 25 pounds myself. I'm just saying that when there is a problem, look inwards for a solution first. People always want to make things someone elses fault. Don't blame me, don't blame Sara Lee, don't blame your mother and father, and don't blame society until you have first taken a long hard look at yourself. You may save yourself a lot of time searching for the root of the problem.
2001-11-10 08:46:15 AM  
Good, they can't fit in the seats anyway. More room for me to check out J.B.
2001-11-10 08:52:18 AM  
When will people learn the more you protest the more curious people will be to go see it for themselves?
2001-11-10 09:00:11 AM  
well here i am again talking about today's theme -- personal resposibility. it's my experiance that people who are grossly overweight as so for a reason and it's not water retention. i'm probably 30lbs heavier then i should be because not because i've gotten older but because i don't exercise and eat too much. did i mention lazy.

and on a related subject i do judge movies by the trailers and therefore stay away from "dumb and dumber" (apt tittle) and "big daddy" and all their ilk.
2001-11-10 09:04:41 AM  
This movies is about 90 minutes of people making fat jokes about Gweneth Paltrow and Jack Black making his stupid "Huh, I don't understand" face. Oh and you get to see the skinny version of Gweneth in a purple thong. Mmmmm....... I almost whipped it out in the theater right then and there and did my thing. And by "thing" I mean "masturbation".
2001-11-10 09:44:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-10 10:01:49 AM  
What's offensive about the movie doesn't appear to be the fat jokes, but that the movie pretends to have a message or point about how only inner beauty matters, but just uses that as an excuse to humiliate people. Fat jokes are fat jokes, but disguised in sheep's clothing, it's really crass. It's too bad. Jack Black is great.
2001-11-10 10:11:05 AM  
And why does it only portray overly fat and ugly people as having inner beauty? In my experience those people have become very bitter and are not exactly nice people.
2001-11-10 10:14:56 AM  
MisterSym, in a perfect world, yeah, peer pressure would be "gee, I'd be so much happier if you weren't fat". In this world, the peer pressure on fat people is "you're absolutely worthless and horrible and ought to just DIE if you're fat and anything that happens to you, GOOD, you deserve it you fat pig you."

I was 450 pounds when I gave up on weight loss. I'd spent 30 years hating myself, hating my weight, hating everything about that. I decided I wasn't going to let my weight measure my self worth. Guess what? I'm now under 300 pounds. By no longer making weight my personal yardstick, I'm not only happier, I'm able to focus on behavior as a thing in itself, not as a way to avoid being a totally worthless sack of shiat.
2001-11-10 10:16:19 AM  
Xerqu, maybe that's how they respond to your behavior. There are quite a few people whom I am not nice to.
2001-11-10 10:20:32 AM  
Naderbot, Purple, are you saying based on having seen it? If so, I'm sad to hear that. My primary complaint with fat jokes is that they're just not funny, the punchline of 90% of them is "See, it's a fat person. Get it, it's a fat person. C'mon, that's funny." Even though I was not sure how positively the movie would turn out, I had hopes that the fat jokes would be new and creative.
2001-11-10 10:47:37 AM  
im fat and i dont care wether the movie make fun who or what
2001-11-10 10:53:02 AM  
Waa waa waa, people whine about their feelings getting hurt too much. If you are offended, don't watch the dang movie!

Personally, I am "fluffy" but not as much as the lady in the movie. I think the movie looks pretty funny and I plan to see it.

GadgetDon you hit the nail on the head about the peer pressure.
2001-11-10 10:54:40 AM  

In the upcoming movie "Behind Enemy Lines" some of the foreign soldiers are seen smoking as they chat about murdering American fighter pilots. As a smoker, I am greatly offended by this, and I'm not the only one! Jack Puffs, head of the American Society for the Proliferation of Lung Cancer says that smoking is a "difficult, personal issue that shouldn't be made fun of on the big screen." We smokers of America are saddled with this burden of being social praiahs and undesirables who must, in addition, cope with the concept of, dimished lung capacity, yellow teeth (if any), and hacking up black phlegm now and fair is that? The rest of society know that we have feelings and quitting is something we deal with constantly, but I know a guy who tride once and he didn't like the way the patch bunched up his shirts.

I am a very loving person and I think smokers should not be blocked from happiness by a bunch of closed-minded "nicotine-free" hollywood elites who want to see us all as hateful American-killing bastards who should be ridiculed and outcast. We are stuck with this plight and should be accepted and loved, just like those damned gays and fat people you see running around everywhere: lucky stiffs.

---end satire--

Basically, I mean that anyone who uses the word "offensive" becuase they don't appreciate a joke which relates to them, ought to shut the fark up.

2001-11-10 10:58:39 AM  
I saw that movie last night, and it was arguably the worst movie I've ever sat throgh. The only thing that kept me from leaving wasn the fact I was there with relatives from out of town.

In my opinion, the movie is just gross waste of money, and should have never been made.

I also sincerely hope that this is the the last time the Farrely brothers try and make a movie with a "Moral Base" to it, as it just made it suck balls.
2001-11-10 11:01:40 AM  
If being fat is a life-long fate dictated by a "genetic" condition, why where there no chubby faces in the photos of POWs or camps during the war, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Damn dillys. Heheheheh!
2001-11-10 11:05:19 AM  
I think the fatties should pick all theaters while the movie is showing.

Surely, by walking up and down the dtreet waving signs, they could lose some weight.

It's really a win-win situation.
2001-11-10 11:15:04 AM  
I am fat. I'll admit it. But I am a beefy-son-of-a-whore. So phark all this whiney-pissant-biatching & moaning from the chunkies. Shut yer farking traps, get on the treadmill and lose some damn weight.
I am going to see the farking movie just cause it's got the "Gwyn-meister", mmmmmmmmm. Can someone post of Gwyn's boobies, plz!?
To all my phellow phatties, stop biatchin' & start'cher itchin.
2001-11-10 11:54:33 AM  
Ha, yeah right. I'm sure a bucket of popcorn would be enough to sway most of them. Then again, why would you want to see that movie anyway?
2001-11-10 12:02:58 PM  
i dont know about all this whining. i'm a big fat guy, and i see no problem with movies exploting fat people. where were these people when those damned disney Nutty Professor movies came out? or Austin Powers 2? Fat Bastard should have irked some politically correct dumbarse off.
2001-11-10 12:41:31 PM  
"I have a real good sense of humor, but I don't think that's funny," Goodeau said.

"I learned me some talkin' real good, too!"
2001-11-10 12:55:26 PM  
I don't mean this to sound as flippant as I know it's going to but Deviant, if you missed the fat people's uproar over those movies, (Especially Austin Powers) Where were you? That crap was everywhere, and it got really frigging annoying.

But on this specific movie, I have to say I don't consider myself fat, but I'm not offended by the movie anyway. What WILL keep me from seeing it is that fact that it looks farking stupid. Offensive or not, It's just doesn't look funny to me.
2001-11-10 01:19:50 PM  
"News2Houston talked with some Houstonians who said that scenes in "Shallow Hal" are shallow and offensive."

Are SHALLOW and offensive.


Thank you drive thru.
2001-11-10 01:26:31 PM  
look, first off, not all fat people are fat because they eat to much. I personaly find fat women more attractive than smaller women. I`ve known plenty of fat girls and almost all of them hardly eat anything because they`re so afraid of getting bigger. So don`t tell me it`s because they eat too much. Yes for some people that is the case, but not the majority. And don`t any of you realize that obesity is genetic? How many obese families do you see out there? how many skinny women do you see with obese children? Of course they wouldn`t be fat if they were starving, but if genetically pre-disposed people eat a normal amount they are still going to be overweight and there`s nothing they can do about it. This movie pretends to have a moral or a lesson, but it`s just propagating the current trend that it is OK to make fun of fat people. What if this movie was about a racist guy? `Racist Hal`He only dates women who are white and would never consider dating anyone else until he gets hypnotized into seeing the inner beauty and falls in love with a nice black woman. Imagine the racist jokes?!? that would be so funny (insert sarcasm here).
Now, why can`t the movie be about him being hypnotized into seeing fat women for the beauties they are instead of seeing their `inner` this is saying fat women cannot POSSIBLY be beautiful, it`s only their inner beauty that a man could like. Not so. There are many men who share my point of view. You all can go ahead and laugh and make fun of these women and even me for liking them, but imagine it`s a racist instead....then see how you feel...
2001-11-10 01:26:58 PM  
I think many people are forgetting a major point

2001-11-10 01:31:58 PM  
The real reason the fatties are boycotting this movie is they don't want to pay for two seats.
2001-11-10 01:59:04 PM  
MisterSym, your'e missing the point. Do you really believe that attempting to ostracize and bully someone into doing what you consider to be best for them a good idea? Way to go genius.
Obesity is deadly, but so is smoking, having unprotected sex, and any number of other things that people engage in every day of the week.
Speaking as a former extremely obese person, the only thing that having to endure the attitude of people like you did for me when I was overweight was make me feel like shiat and run for the goddamned fridge to comfort myself with more food. You're an arrogant asshole.
As for you whiners out there that the movie puts down fat people, get a farking grip. I don't feel sorry for anyone that's obese, because they can do something about it if they choose. I did. I went from 425 lbs. down to 170 lbs. on a 6' frame. It's nice to be able to walk out of my house and get into my car without being out of breath. Whining about something never made it better. If you're overweight and are tired of putting up with shiat from people like the assholular MisterSym, get up off of your ass and do something about it. No one else will.
2001-11-10 02:02:04 PM  
Fat people can just shut up. I can't gain a pound. I have an excuse though, both my parents were unusually thin as kids.
2001-11-10 02:10:10 PM  
I'll tell you what, i dont really give a damn about the movie cuz farking movies make fun of everybody. The real downer is you morons who think you know what the hell you're talking about in terms of what obesity (or any kind of overweight status) is or is not.

Between my own experience with endocrine disorders and those of loved ones and friends, I can see plain as day that being overweight is not necessarily a result of laziness or over-eating. Hell, it happened to me when my thyroid died last year! I was a sexy, healthy little thing and then, all of a sudden, with no change in LIFEstyle whatsoever, I had gained 30 lbs! I'm still working my friggin ass off (literally) and gradually getting back to where i started, but it's a very VERY tough process with an endocrine disorder... Likewise, a good friend of mine who suffers from different (and more complicated) endocrine problems than i do, looks to be quite overweight and yet she exercises like nuts and eats 1 protein bar and a bowl of spinach everyday!!! Now tell me its all about being lazy and over-eating...

Ya know, I'm not saying that all fat people are fat because of these problems but you asses are makin some pretty ignorant generalizations when you talk about obesity the way you have been. For some people its a condition that is self-imposed, but for many it is a condition that arose from chance.

Go enjoy your dumbass movies, just quit trying to make intelligent or meaningful statements about such issues when you dont know jack.
2001-11-10 02:53:44 PM  
And my comparison to racism stems from an obvious historical trend. Every society has a hegemonic status quo and the people who fit the status quo and want to keep it that way will do everything they can to see that it does. It used to be socially acceptable to make fun of people of a different race. Things change and that's not as socially acceptable in popular society today. So, they needed someone new to make fun of and put down. Hence, the fat person. What better way for the commercial industry to make people buy more weight loss shakes, feel bad about themselves and eat more and generally keep a good person down than to tell everyone that they're fat and undesirable if they don't look like an extreme minority of people that they put on TV. It's social control. Nice farking world we live in.
2001-11-10 03:23:45 PM  
Offensive to fat people? Awesome! I'd see that movie enough times to make it the #1 picture in America if it means offending fat people! You see, the obese are not like different races or ethnicities, in which those groups are pretty much stuck with their minority. Fat people have the ability to lose weight and become non-chair-breaking members of society.
2001-11-10 03:25:35 PM  
I'm sure it's difficult in some cases because people have different metabolisms or gland malfunctions, but it's not impossible.
2001-11-10 03:26:43 PM  
As a larger than average female, I'd just like to say that this movie looks hilarious. I love JB. I agree, obesity (present company included, I don't care if you guys make fun of me for it) is something that needs to be looked at as unhealthy because it is extremely dangerous. It's not just uncomfortable or whatever.

It's very hard to lose weight, my family is all overweight, whatever. But we all have control over what we put in our mouths. Everyone who is heavy is heavy for a reason and for the most part we all have control over it if we want it bad enough. So these people who are whining that it's insensitive or whatever need to get a (better) sense of humor and learn to laugh at themselves. Take control and do something about your situation instead of trying to rally support for yourself.

I hate whiny biatches.
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