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9376 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Nov 2001 at 4:10 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-10 04:19:33 AM  
2001-11-10 04:24:29 AM  
sillypussy -HAH!
2001-11-10 04:24:45 AM  
this is not really that funny.... I was hopefula dn was screwed...

oh, Tioloco... you are so tricky... switched the letters and everything.
2001-11-10 05:30:06 AM  
First on the list FURK for F#ck.

Did they have a typo. Hmmmmm.
2001-11-10 06:49:53 AM  
2001-11-10 07:31:35 AM  
Will Furk evolve into Fark?
2001-11-10 07:31:46 AM  
They should have preefrood this article for any missplellings.

Now everyone is going to invent their own new vocabulary.

2001-11-10 07:51:27 AM  
How long before these make it into the Fark filter?

My favorite: sillypussy (any of you farkettes willing to test out this procedure?)
2001-11-10 09:27:54 AM  
Hey bongo man your a bearded clam stop with the crap.
2001-11-10 09:48:27 AM  
Hey, tickle this, Elmo.
2001-11-10 10:08:56 AM  
I'm still waiting for the day when Homer Simson can use the word "Felch".
2001-11-10 10:34:10 AM  
I Plan on using shiatgivitus!

I know a few people to whom that applies!
2001-11-10 11:08:43 AM  
I don't care what this generation creates, there is nothing like a good f*ck in any well thought out sentence. It fits just about any sentence, thought or situation (except perhaps your local place of worship) and is easily used as adverb, noun, pronoun or adjective. What we need is more acceptance of this wonderful word and less creative influences giving us cockamamie new words.

-he who is farked for life
2001-11-10 11:10:21 AM  
Shum: Excrement mixed with semen.

One of my man's little pet names for me is Shum-Shum. This will be changing as of today.
2001-11-10 11:36:54 AM  
Furk, what bollocks.

Fark is way better.

sillypussy is a worthy addition. I know some girls that I can ask about this.
2001-11-10 11:56:45 AM  
Wat up wit dat?
The guy who came up with this must be a big heaping
pile of steaming asspoo!

-he who makes fat stacks on the corner
2001-11-10 12:11:59 PM  
I don't even know how the hell I found this. I went to Google and typed in "Asspoo" when I meant to type in "19th Century Slavery Dissertation."
2001-11-10 12:28:24 PM  
Thanks to whoever submitted this (Catapultic?). Regarding the furk/fark controversy, Dan, the guy who wrote this, didn't know about Fark when he wrote this.

Now let me crawl back into my self-imposed Fark semi-retirement...
2001-11-10 12:36:42 PM  
Whoops, where are my manners? Hi Kady!
2001-11-10 01:05:32 PM  
Hi Tooney. Thanks for the greeting, but didn't you mean to call me Shum-Shum? :) Haven't seen you for a while.

Hey, do you actually write for this website? I've seen it in your profile, but never checked it out before. Bad girl, I know.
2001-11-10 01:20:04 PM  
When I checked out this page, I misread the ad at the top. I thought it said "t-shiats". I think I've got Fark's filters working on my brain now, argh.
2001-11-10 01:30:21 PM  
Kady, errrr, Shum-Shum, yeah, it's my web site and I write for it, but Dan writes a majority of the material. The guy is a machine. I can't keep up with him. My latest contribution is Clown Casserole. I'm working on several more pages for it this weekend. Just have to wait for Fed Ex to show up with the case of cough syrup I ordered.
2001-11-10 01:35:39 PM  
I was hoping for something more original and vastly more entertaining than what I read. Furk sucks, FARK RULES!
2001-11-10 01:40:04 PM  
I promise to check it out later tonight, Tooney. I am leaving home shortly for the day, and then I will be out late tonight, but I will read up when I get back home. And I promise to tell you if I think you suck. Because, hey, what are friends for if not to point out your shortcomings? :)

Cough syrup -- are you sick or just looking to get buzzed? If you are sick, I have much empathy for you, as I suffered through the stomach flu this week. If you are looking to get buzzed, I'll be over later to join you.
2001-11-10 01:46:57 PM  
Riiiight. So, I'm supposed to use these in conversation? Well, officer, I got cut off by that bellyflaker, and that's why I shouted "cucksmoking Proust fiend!" out the window.

This was lamearse.
2001-11-10 01:51:41 PM  
Proust??? He makes Nathan Lane in "The Birdcage" look like a Delta Commando....
2001-11-10 02:56:09 PM  
Who talks like that? That is farking baby talk!

-he who resides in your grocer's rice aisle
2001-11-10 03:11:40 PM  
I alwys thought Rape was pretty good addition like " I was totally raped last night off that coke" I also like Scat.sounds worse to me than shiat since I always think of little asian women wiping poo on their faces when I think of scat.
2001-11-10 03:16:01 PM  
It's kinda hard to comment on this, what with the filter and all. Besides, mine is better.
Fudgepakistan: Where gay people come from.
2001-11-10 03:27:35 PM  
Scraping: Felch is nice.... Although I tend to prefer: squick. :-)
2001-11-10 04:07:06 PM  
Shum-Shum? yes, I would advise changing that name

Felching to felch, to be felched love the sound of it.
2001-11-10 04:34:44 PM  
Augie ben Doggie:
Do you prefer peanut butter or syrup?
2001-11-10 05:04:02 PM  
Testing filter: SHIT
2001-11-10 06:11:23 PM  
the only funny one was coont II
2001-11-10 06:34:07 PM  
You sillypussy, you can't run about yelling shiat all day and calling people Shum-Shum!
2001-11-10 06:39:20 PM  
Ha! Asspoo.
2001-11-10 06:43:26 PM  
Most of these sound weird and unconvincing. If you tried to insult someone by calling them a sack of asspoo they would probably just laugh and call you a three year-old. Who's the person making these things official anyway?
2001-11-10 06:58:02 PM  
Kady: Shum-shum eh? Nice bf ya got...
2001-11-10 07:00:49 PM  
Like Snigglets, only naughtier!
2001-11-10 07:21:39 PM  
Sillypussy.....easy the favorite of that list. Gee, I can hardly wait for tomorrow, the funnies are in color!
2001-11-10 07:23:41 PM  
no, no..... no condiment needed..... the idea of straight is bad enough.
2001-11-10 08:47:16 PM  
Rancid Plasma; how did you say shiat?
2001-11-10 09:53:14 PM  
Y.Dload, he did it like this:


Brilliant workaround, RancidPlasma. That outta keep Mike busy for a bit.
2001-11-10 09:58:30 PM  

Did it work?
2001-11-10 09:59:07 PM  
Nope, guess not...
2001-11-10 10:01:41 PM  
2001-11-10 10:03:52 PM  
Folks, view source to see how it's done. Can't show you with html turned off.
2001-11-10 10:09:39 PM  
It's not the news, it's FUCK
2001-11-10 10:29:01 PM  
Heh heh, fark.
But why does it work? Did this even work?
2001-11-10 10:29:31 PM  
NOOOO!!! They've cracked it! I'm sorry.
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