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(TMZ)   TMZ asks the question of our time. Emma Stone or Rooney Mara who would you rather?   ( divider line
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2012-02-20 12:52:17 PM  

Teufelaffe: Actually, I don't know of any children who always get to do what they want. Do you?

You have never met a spoiled child? I grew up in suburbia, I saw a metric farkton of them. The main point is that children tend not to care about the ramifications of their actions.

As for rejecting societal norms and making life more difficult being "childishness", that is one of the dumber things I've heard lately. You know, because the women's suffrage movement was totally full of immature women. The civil rights movement was just a bunch of babies. The gay rights movement is really only a bunch of kids who want to always get everything they want.

Now you bring up an interesting point, that in times it is important to break the status quo to foment social change. Which is a completely and utterly valid argument, in the proper context. If you are violating the social status quo in order to secure more rights for an oppressed group and doing so in an organized method that is likely to foment some social change, then it is certainly an adult thing to do... . But...

Note, I am NOT saying that dressing unusually is some sort of political movement or statement,

... as you mentioned dressing unusually is usually not something analogous to the examples given above, it is generally done 1) out of a desire for comfort or 2) out of a desire to stand out. In either scenario the subject should not be shocked when there are ramifications to looking weird.. At this point, it is a cross benefit analysis - are the benefits of looking like a freak (either comfort or a sense of uniqueness - often felt in Williamsburg) outweighed by the social costs... thats up for the individual to decide.

In the case of political progress, people often do decide the costs are outweighed by the benefits, but I have a hard time making the calculous work out on the other way - which is why I shave every morning before work despite it annoying me.

but rejecting societal norms is how societal norms get changed, sometimes for the better. To assume it's a sign of childishness means, once again, that the problem lies with you, not with those rejecting the norm.

Though, I totally agree with you about Jorts.
2012-02-20 02:00:56 PM  
Emma Stone. No contest at all.

Rooney Mara does absolutely NOTHING for me. Way too skinny. Sharp knees and all that.
2012-02-20 06:01:14 PM  
Emma. Very much. Dammit.
2012-02-21 08:35:25 AM  

Profedius: Though I would not pass on either one, I would prefer this
[ image 640x480]

Very smart and outstandingly attractive.

Yikes. notsureifserious.jpg
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