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(Fark)   What words or phrases have you added to your vocabulary that you first read on Fark? (link goes nowhere)   ( divider line
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3199 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Oct 2003 at 3:38 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-22 03:50:28 PM  
I'd hit it.

Step X. Profit! is not a Fark-ism, it's been used on sites like way before Fark was around.
2003-10-22 03:50:46 PM  
Nah. I've heard "Asshat." "Fap" came from Sexy Losers originally, I believe. Heard it there.

New on me:
I'd hit it.
God kills a kitten.
Hilarity ensues.
Jailarity ensues.
2003-10-22 03:50:48 PM  
Lunchbox, I was trying to remember sweater meat. I like it, too.
2003-10-22 03:51:03 PM  
Every time you $BLANK, $DEITY kills a kitten.
2003-10-22 03:51:21 PM  
What words or phrases have you added to your vocabulary that you first read on Fark? (link goes nowhere)

And there's over 100 hits. Sad.

Asshat, of course. And I saw a commercial for a new Star Wars video game with Ackbar and I giggled and muttered "It's a trap!" to myself.
2003-10-22 03:51:26 PM  
IMHO = "I(')M (a) HO"

just kidding, really
2003-10-22 03:51:33 PM  
I also like "Camel Toe"
2003-10-22 03:51:52 PM  
Can't post right now, try again later.
(Or whatever it says when you're banned)
2003-10-22 03:51:56 PM  
It's a trap!
2003-10-22 03:52:05 PM  
Damn the filter got me again!!! You know what I mean!
2003-10-22 03:52:12 PM  
Here comes the science!
2003-10-22 03:52:12 PM  
NSFW, Asshat, "I'd hit it" and fark, most prominently.
2003-10-22 03:52:17 PM  
So PLEASE where does asshat come from? I think it comes from Red Foreman...
2003-10-22 03:52:36 PM  
lawn gnome
2003-10-22 03:52:41 PM  
oh yeh and
"A vote for me is a vote for _"

gotta love that one
2003-10-22 03:52:54 PM  
"I posted that first-with a better headline!"
2003-10-22 03:53:01 PM  
My favorite Phark Phrase:

"Vietnam Never Happened"

I also got breast implants so that people will treat me nicer.
2003-10-22 03:53:21 PM  
"...unless your hitting her in the turd cutter and she blows your mule out..."

use it all the time
2003-10-22 03:53:32 PM  
__[BEST | WORST]__.   _________.   __EVAR__.
2003-10-22 03:53:36 PM  
"I swear to God I have no idea how that got on my screen!"

I never read it on Fark, but I'm prepared to say it.
2003-10-22 03:53:37 PM  
a vote for me is a vote for lawn gnomes
2003-10-22 03:53:43 PM  
What words or phrases have you added to your vocabulary that you first read on Fark?

Nothing, you farking asshat! Why don't you fap somewhere and kill a kitten. Of course, you probably think "It's a trap!" but if you want to burninated just ask that again and watch the hilarity ensue.
2003-10-22 03:54:03 PM  
$8 and a candy bar (only used it once... more to come)
2003-10-22 03:54:16 PM  
hilarity ensues
2003-10-22 03:54:23 PM  
"Cerebellumed!" From Teen Girl Squad. My daughter even says that when she pulls something over on us.
And our orange and white tabby cat is actually named Cliche' Kitty.
2003-10-22 03:54:32 PM  
Damn unfetchable links [mods please kill previous post]:

2003-10-22 03:54:33 PM  
2003-10-22 03:54:46 PM  

Successful and Attractive African-Americans.


2003-10-22 03:55:43 PM  
Showing ignorance in 3...2...1....

Can someone enlighten me as to where $8 and a candy bar started? I'm assuming it was before the headline about Star Wars.
2003-10-22 03:55:48 PM  
someone was thrilled with the word " Flabbergasmic" with regards to The Eroscillator.

Not just orgasmic, but Flabbergasmic!
2003-10-22 03:55:54 PM  
bludstone: Ive always wanted to make "Buttsmear" a popular insult.

Anyone with me?

Vote Buttsmear today.

I've been calling toilet paper,"buttsmear"
for quite some time. Gross, huh?
2003-10-22 03:55:58 PM  
"Cthulu", "Shrubya," "Asinine," and any snide/stupid comments about liberals or conservatives that are so popular round these here parts.
2003-10-22 03:56:03 PM  
i'd hit it (like it owed me money)
donkey punch
cheap labor conservatives
2003-10-22 03:56:06 PM  
I got nothin'
2003-10-22 03:56:20 PM  
(Person X) has teh ghey.
2003-10-22 03:56:31 PM  
"all your ____ are belong to us!"
"/got nuthin'"

Oh, and nutsack squirrel is my desktop
2003-10-22 03:56:31 PM  
asshat, what the fark, that farkin... etc.etc... Told my Swedish brother-in-law that asshat was the "in" terminology of today's youth in the US. Fully expect Swedish teens to pick up asshat as latest American slang...
2003-10-22 03:56:34 PM  
killing kittens
da whistle goes woo woo
Icy Hot Stuntaz
All Your Base (hey, I've been here a LONG time)
that stoner apple chick
most of the cliche's and farkisms listed in the FArQ

granted not all of these are vocabulary as much as they are concepts, but oh well...

i got nothing
2003-10-22 03:56:45 PM  
My momma tells me my first word was asshat, so that one is out.
2003-10-22 03:56:45 PM  
Fb~ is the father...
2003-10-22 03:57:17 PM  
These damn surveys are annoying
2003-10-22 03:57:19 PM  
Asshat.(I've already applied for NYS license plate #455H47).
I'd hit it.
It's a trap.
Why am I banned?
2003-10-22 03:57:27 PM  
Sweater Meat (thank you, Jessica Simpson)
I'd hit it...
2003-10-22 03:57:46 PM  

(Person X) has teh ghey.

Now with voting goodness.

Oh, and: Now with voting goodness.
2003-10-22 03:57:47 PM  
I'm surprised no one has mentioned my favorite yet:

"Your dog wants steak"
2003-10-22 03:57:57 PM  
That stoner apple chick is Ellen Feiss and my future wife, if she's not already sharing a cell with steve, the dell dude...
2003-10-22 03:57:58 PM  
Anything with "...ity" at the end of the word.



WTF - I know it's an acronym but WTH
2003-10-22 03:58:04 PM  
I apply mental tags... most often it's "obvious." Like when my dog wants steak.
2003-10-22 03:58:10 PM  

I knew the word, but I find myself saying it a lot now.
2003-10-22 03:58:13 PM  
"It's a Trap."
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