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2003-10-22 07:12:56 PM  
The scariest thing about Torgo is not that those are his knees, and not that they are this thighs.

You see, the Master got all the women... Torgo has a severe case of blue balls!
2003-10-22 07:14:33 PM  
In The Mouth Of Madness is great, and has plenty of little extras in there for people who watch it a few times (blue eyes in close ups after it is revealed Sutter Cane's favorite color is blue, for example).

The Haunting was never supposed to say "okay, this is a ghost story." There are two versions the original story suggests: that there is indeed ghosts haunting the mansion, or that Elanore has psychic powers and is causing all of the events because of emotional baggage (which, if you read the book, the author plays-up).
2003-10-22 07:14:37 PM  
I'm not sure... but it looks alot like closet girl from "The Ring"... deleted scene maybe?
2003-10-22 07:15:19 PM  

Manos: The Hands of Fate!!!!

Sweet spicy Neptune, I was going to suggest that!! I've only seen it under the hilarious commentary of Mystery Science Theater 2000, but I don't think I could make it through without their witty banter.

The master will be pleased....
2003-10-22 07:15:42 PM  
DEAD OF WINTER!!! Roddy McDowell is creeepy .... I couldn't go to sleep after seeing this.
2003-10-22 07:16:26 PM  
2003-10-22 07:07:54 PM ontherocks

The remote control.

haha, I'd forgotten about that. I think that's when the audience and the characters realize the same thing...there's no way out of this...may as well suck it up cuz there's no happy ending here...
2003-10-22 07:16:48 PM  
Friday the 13th part 2.

At the end when you think it's all safe and the chick is sitting on the bed, Jason crashes thru the window over the bed behind her.

It didn't help that there was a window directly above my bed. Didn't sleep for a week.
2003-10-22 07:16:59 PM  
The 2003 California Recall Election.

moving to Nevada
2003-10-22 07:17:45 PM  
Has anyone seen Eraserhead and if so how did you feel after watching it?

And by the way, wathcing The IT series of movies at midnight in fifth grade was not a good idea in the least. That damn clown I swear was next to my bed for the next three weeks after seeing that.
2003-10-22 07:18:18 PM  
I'm glad to see people giving props to Exorcist III. That long shot down the hallway of the nurse walking with that cloaked figure right behind her with the scissors creeped me out for a long time.
2003-10-22 07:18:36 PM  
Late but, The Entity, 1981 Starring Barbara Hershey. It's about a Ghost that rapes.

That scene where Hershey is asleep and the invisible ghost is sucking one of her boobies. Arousing and creepy at the same time.
2003-10-22 07:19:02 PM  

I've read down to the end of this whole thread and no one has said what that picture is from that Maasgarid posted. I've seen it on the net a few times but never any ID. Just looking at that picture freaks me into thinking that it may move, like the animated ghost picture with the girl that rushes at you from the doorway.

The remake of the House on Haunted Hill had some pretty creepy scenes, where she is filming that empty room but sees the guys operating on the patient through her viewfinder. Then she turns toward the hallway and sees that figure and it comes rushing up to her an unnatural speed. That wigged me.

Not a movie really but pictures of the Mysterious Faces of Belmez have stayed with me for years. I saw them in a readers digest compendium and never should have seen that page. Here a link, paste it yerself:
2003-10-22 07:19:14 PM  

farking rabbit
2003-10-22 07:20:11 PM  
"Henry, portrait of a serial killer" was very disturbing, with the casual way he killed people.
2003-10-22 07:20:34 PM  
I still have trouble sleeping to this day because of Return Of The Living Dead. Some parts were filmed in the neighborhood I grew up in and that made it a little worse.
2003-10-22 07:21:46 PM  
I'm not usually scared by movies.

Last one to scare me was Session 9, especially the second time. It's way more chilling with dramatic irony.
2003-10-22 07:22:00 PM  
Event Horizon Sam Neill was good in JP 1, but ever since then his acting has always filled me with horror.

I grew up on Jason and Freddy movies though, those things never really frightened me. I think as a kid I had a pretty twisted sense of humor because I rooted for the slasher.
2003-10-22 07:23:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

no one liked this one? the scene in the beginning...when the bag and the gf almost died. and the end...jeeebus farking keerist. what a movie.

ringu, the japanese version of the ring, was pretty awesome. the first scene in the ring, where they show you the dead girl...that caused palpitations, and one of those nervous post-scream giggle moments in the whole theatre.

i saw poltergeist alone in an apartment when i was twelve. i was supposed to be in bed...but i sat up and watched it on HBO. when my mom got home i was still in the middle of the floor, with all the lights in the place on, head darting around spastically in fear.

and the part in The Omen when she dives in the pool and its solid. for some reason that scares me.

what about Pet Cemetary? the kid popping out from under the bed and severing Grandpa Munster's Achille's tendon had me freaked out.

MEET...THE...FEEBLES...good god.
2003-10-22 07:23:51 PM  
I would like to submit the ending of The Wicker Man as a hell of a memorable moment in horror history. Heck, the rest of the movie too.

Christopher Lee. Naked Britt Ekland. Singing pagans. Self-righteous Christianity literally going down in flames.

Good times.
2003-10-22 07:24:42 PM  
These aren't so much scary as they are very disturbing (so no voting).

If you're in the mood for some twisted entertainment I highly recommend them!

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-22 07:24:57 PM  
Just remembered the movie from childhood that scared me more than any other. Anybody remember "Crowhaven Farm?"

Shiat! I couldn't sleep for a month. I kept thinking I was going to wake up and find 300-year-old people piling rocks on top of me.
2003-10-22 07:25:04 PM  
The ring is a rip off a japanese movie called "Ringu"

I would say this movie called castle freak is pretty disturbing. Lots of certain organs/appendages get dismembered. If you like grotesque stuff, I suggest you watch it.
2003-10-22 07:25:56 PM  
moveis are gay
2003-10-22 07:26:38 PM  
Hands Down, The scariest thing about pet semetary is spinal meningitis sister (Zelda?)
2003-10-22 07:26:54 PM  
The ring is a rip off a japanese movie called "Ringu"

I would say this movie called castle freak is pretty disturbing. Lots of certain organs/appendages get dismembered. If you like grotesque stuff, I suggest you watch it.
2003-10-22 07:27:18 PM  
Probably wasn't already mentioned so I will. Saw this movie when I was 18...scared the shiat outta me.

"The Brotherhood of Slepe". That's what it was called.

Also, "The Evil Dead" freaked me out a bit. Wish they would remake it.

I had unusual dreams about "The Ring" after watching it. Not scary dreams, just unusual.
2003-10-22 07:27:32 PM  
Witchboard...that damn music freaked me out. I'm almost 30 and I can't watch that movie alone or at night.
2003-10-22 07:29:19 PM  
Maasgarids picture is from The Ring.
2003-10-22 07:29:59 PM  
for being startled/scared - the head dropping in Jaws made me jump the highest. The Ring did nothing to/for me - it was good and all that, but I didnt get all spooked by it.

For long lasting, life-enduring changes because of a scary movie the winner for me is:

Hitchcock anything. I am now just this side of 50 and I still close the damn bathroom door and lock it for showers. I still draw my curtains at night so the neighbors cant see in. I creep out when I see too many birds in one spot.

Also, alot of scenes from the Twilight Zone - original series, scared me alot when i was a kid and there tends to be lingering moments of that here and there...
2003-10-22 07:30:44 PM  
The clowns from "Killer Klowns From Outter Space." OK maybe not scary, but what a crazy movie.
2003-10-22 07:31:33 PM  
children of the corn
2003-10-22 07:31:45 PM  
and the damn kids walking home from the halloween ball in To Kill A Mockingbird - and the kids going up to Boo Radleys porch and dammit - anything involving that bastard Boo Radley.
2003-10-22 07:33:15 PM  
The voice over at the beginning of the (original) Texas Chainsaw Massacre gave me the heebie jeebies. No other movie has scared me like that. Well, except for Gremlins, which made me cry.
2003-10-22 07:33:46 PM  
I vote for Ring, tha japanese verosion that is.
2003-10-22 07:34:30 PM  

Damn, that scene always scared the living shiat out of me. I loved the movie except for that one part.

You've got my vote
2003-10-22 07:34:30 PM  
Horror movies don't scare me much either, Plaid.
I do, however, remember being quite horrified at the fatal rape scene in "Galaxy Of Terror".
2003-10-22 07:34:51 PM  
Most Scary:
Henry -- Portrait of a Serial Killer [the scene where he offs his girlfriend]
Alien [first scene of monster popping out of guy's abdomen]
Hellraiser series
Dracula [BBC version best, IMO]
Dagon -- [too bad nobody has ever done a better rendition of a Lovecraft story]
Reservoir Dogs [character study of the narc was just unsettling, as was the scene in which the dying Harvey Keitel realizes his error.]

Least Scary:
Exorcist [just too hokey, requires belief in Catholicism/Xtianity to take seriously enough to have belief to suspend]
Friday 13th series [just too hokey]
Nightmare on Elm Street series [just too hokey]
2003-10-22 07:35:27 PM  
I remember watching the Ring...When she found the girl I remember thinking "Please let this movie end here and not drag on" many movies are ruined this way. I then remember seeing the girl crawl out of the TV and thinking "This is by far the stupidest thing I've ever seen"...I would have much rather not known how the people died. Not scary at all.

I don't know what my number 1 would be, but Candyman would definately be on the list.
2003-10-22 07:35:30 PM  
The ending torture scene in Audition...Normally movies don't freak me out, but this scene was somewhat difficult to watch. If you haven't seen this movie, do so immediately:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-22 07:35:43 PM  
I cant believe nobody said

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-22 07:36:16 PM  

Maggots falling off the ceiling onto schoolgirls.

Beat that.
2003-10-22 07:36:29 PM  
The guy who did the voice over for the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was John LaRoquette

Smart Arse
2003-10-22 07:37:21 PM  
1.Dunnwitch Horror
2.Children should'nt play with dead things
3.The Shinning
4.The Wicker Man
5.Blue Velvet
6.Hellraiser (Hellbound Heart)
7.The Hills Have Eyes
8.Harvest Home
9.The Village of the Dammed
10.The Exorsist

Dunnwitch (sorry about the spelling)Is kinda hokey now but,
When I was five it scared the crap out of me!!!!
2003-10-22 07:38:03 PM  
2003-10-22 07:36:29 PM Otackle72

The guy who did the voice over for the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was John LaRoquette

Smart Arse

He does it in the new one too. A nice nod to the original.
2003-10-22 07:38:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-22 07:38:55 PM  
Event Horizon is some farked up shiat. I cannot watch that movie again.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre was truly horrifying, not so much Leatherface as that family and what they did to the girl...chills.
2003-10-22 07:39:02 PM  
I was of course referring to me being a Smart Arse, not any of you fine wonderful Farkers.
Tried to be clever and failed miserably
2003-10-22 07:39:03 PM  
One more. "Basket Case", when the monster is hiding in the toilet bowl. Terrible movie but I was afraid to go to the bathroom for a while.
2003-10-22 07:39:09 PM  
If you guys liked the ring, I suggest you check out the original it was based off. Its a Japanese movie called Ringu, and IMO its way better than the american version. There is not a lot out on the net about this movie but I found one decent link:
2003-10-22 07:40:20 PM  

JQPublic: Yeah, no kidding. Dig this, though. Scroll down to "The Norris Transformation":

"The stuntman who doubled for Richard Dysart (Copper) was actually a double amputee who was fitted with a facial prosthetic (to look more like Dysart) and breakaway arms for the effects shot. The stuntman actually found it to be a rather unpleasant experience, reliving the loss of his arms."
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