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(WBZ4)   If you've eaten cheese made in New Jersey, you're gonna have a bad time   ( divider line
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19422 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Oct 2003 at 1:11 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-10-21 01:40:18 PM  
I went to Jersey and I got the runs.

I cut the cheese and the cheese won,
I cut the cheese and the cheese won.
2003-10-21 01:40:26 PM  
Blah...I so hate cheese, I want to say that Gramps has it coming to him for eating chesse, but that would be rude and mean.

Dairy is RAPE....

....I love Ice Cream though.
2003-10-21 01:41:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This wouldn't happen to be a subsidiary of Snow Brand, would it?

(link for those not in the know)
2003-10-21 01:41:37 PM  
Peterrigid: Would you eat anything from Jersey?

My girlfriend's from Jersey.
2003-10-21 01:41:53 PM  
Coincidently, if you live in New Jersey, you also have a 1 in 4 chance of marrying your sister.
2003-10-21 01:42:35 PM  
Wow Isuldirs, it even says that you love to hate cheese in your bio! Now that's proper!
2003-10-21 01:43:16 PM  
farkyfark: it's called dirty jersey for a reason...

Never heard 'dirty jersey' before. Enlighten me, farky.
2003-10-21 01:43:58 PM  
RedfordRenegade: Yes it is true, I really do hate chesse.
2003-10-21 01:45:14 PM  
Venezuelan Beaver Cheese?
2003-10-21 01:45:36 PM  
Cheeky Monkey"Now New Jersey and Wisconsin have something in common; the lack of an NFL team."

Hmmm. Where do the Jets and the Giants play? Hint: It ain't in New York. I'd say NJ has two NFL teams (not that I actually care).

Have you seen the Giants and Jets lately?

"This is a very important game. If you lose to them you're kicked out of the league."
-Homer Simpson
2003-10-21 01:45:54 PM  
RedfordRenegade: Dude your music rocks man...are you that band?
2003-10-21 01:47:51 PM have Alabama and New Jersey confused!
2003-10-21 01:47:56 PM  

Coincidently, if you live in New Jersey, you also have a 1 in 4 chance of marrying your sister.

So I see you've been to the Pine Barrens.
2003-10-21 01:48:03 PM  
whats_it_to_you gets it.
2003-10-21 01:48:47 PM  
Now for both comments.
2003-10-21 01:49:01 PM  
Queijo tipo Mineiro = Mining type of cheese

So they mine this stuff out of the Jersey soil? wtf
2003-10-21 01:50:05 PM  
Um, well that depends on who "that band" you mention is. I have a band that I manage, but they aren't called the Renegades or Redford, that is my alias and place name combined. The band is called Jim and there's a link in my bio. hope that cleared it up...and not to threadjack, I hate cheese product, but I would never pass up a good baked brie with apple compote.
2003-10-21 01:50:36 PM  
Federal interrogator: You prefer Corrado or Junior?
Corrado Erico 'Uncle Junior' Soprano: I prefer mr. Soprano.
Federal interrogator: Your tenure as boss was a short one. Actually, it was unusual in several ways. Let me put this to you as simply as I can. You can avoid sentencing on these charges if you will testify that in fact, you were not the boss of North Jersey, that in fact, your nephew Anthony Soprano was and is. That he de facto controlled your capos with the backing of two of the new york families communicating through their emissary, John Sacrimoni. We want Johnny Sack. But more than him, we want Mangano and Teresi.
Corrado Erico 'Uncle Junior' Soprano: I want to fark Angie Dickinson, let's see who gets lucky first.

Sorry, couldn't have a Jersey thread without a Sopranos reference.
2003-10-21 01:50:48 PM  
No, in Alabama it is 1 in 3.
2003-10-21 01:53:53 PM  
This is the only brand of cheese I'll ever eat:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-21 01:54:03 PM  
Ya I clicked on your website in your bio and got to listen to some sweet funk....sounds good. A whole lot better then your good baked brie with apple compote, that made me sick to think about.
2003-10-21 01:55:03 PM  
Queijo tipo Mineiro = cheese from Minas Gerais. Eaten with guava jelly. Really mild, like farmers cheese. Very nice.

The story makes me think of the cheese bombs from 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid'.
2003-10-21 01:55:30 PM  
"Triunfo Import & Export Food Corp. of Newark announced the recall of one-pound packages of Queijo tipo Mineiro cheese Tuesday.

MY GOD, I was just discussing this with my good friends Vladimir Kokoufka, Anatoli Ruckenstiener and Epfram Zimbalist Jr.!!
2003-10-21 01:55:48 PM  
Good call, DrunkenLimeyBastard. Junior always has the funniest lines.

Your mother's coont!
2003-10-21 01:56:37 PM  
*sigh* okay, time for the obligatory New Jersey defending...

First, the bad cheese wasn't made in New Jersey. It was distributed by an import/export company with offices in New Jersey. The import/export part of that sentence tells you that the cheese originally came from outside of the US.

The reason it's called "dirty jersey" is because there are dumbasses who have only seen the industrial areas surrounding Newark Airport and assume the rest of the state is just like it. That's like going to Quebec and coming to the conclusion that everyone in Vancouver speaks French.

Secaucus, NJ is not in New York and neither are the football teams that play there. Basic map-reading skills, people.

Jersey-grown produce will probably have a coat of pesticide on it (unless it's organic), but the same is true of produce from anywhere in the industrialized world. No NJ-bashing points awarded.

2003-10-21 01:56:49 PM  
Pupusas anyone?
2003-10-21 01:57:56 PM  
You french-fry when you should pizza, you're gonna have a bad time.
2003-10-21 01:58:18 PM  
"Healthy people with listeria infections would typically experience short-term symptoms such as headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea."

Aren't these the side effects of just BEING in New Jersey?

just piling on with the mob, never been
2003-10-21 02:01:15 PM  

My memory of Jersey was non-stop (or should I say all-stop) tolls. Couldn't drive a farking mile without shelling out coins.
2003-10-21 02:01:26 PM  
The potential of contamination was discovered during routine testing.

shouldn't it be checked and deemed safe before it gets sent out?
2003-10-21 02:01:29 PM  
Well thank you Isuldirs, we sure do try to put out some good funk, but apparently not as good as the funk on New Jersey's tipo mineiro cheese.
2003-10-21 02:10:09 PM  
2003-10-21 01:55:48 PM linewalker

Good call, DrunkenLimeyBastard. Junior always has the funniest lines.

Your mother's coont!

Corrado Erico 'Uncle Junior' Soprano: Federal marshals are so far up my ass I can taste Brylcreem.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: You're looking good. Looking better.
Corrado Erico 'Uncle Junior' Soprano: Tony, if you're gonna lie to me, tell me there's a broad in the car waiting to tongue my balls.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: That can be arranged.
2003-10-21 02:11:39 PM  
2003-10-21 01:41:37 PM reggie jefferson

Peterrigid: Would you eat anything from Jersey?

My girlfriend's from Jersey.

I ate her, tasted like cheese.
2003-10-21 02:13:30 PM  
Thanks, Thumper.
2003-10-21 02:14:16 PM  
"The cheese is packaged in clear plastic packaging"

I thought cheese in America came out of a spray can.

2003-10-21 02:15:04 PM  
proving once again that nothing good ever came out of Newark.

Cept for Redman.
2003-10-21 02:16:15 PM  
Most of your opinions are derived from a drive along the Turnpike, where there's a shiatload of refineries... even I must hold my nose when driving through Elizabeth. Truth is, most of the state is quite nice. I defy anyone to show me a state without it's own environmental worries. And we haven't seen a syringe on the beach in quite a while. Personally, I will stack my tomatoes and peppers against anything you've ever tried...

And only tools say taylor ham. It's pork roll.
2003-10-21 02:16:20 PM  
I'm from Joisey and the next person who rags on it is going to get a call from my Uncle "3 Chins" Vinchenso and his buddies Tony "Tiny Tim" Mancusso and Petey "Knuckles" Esposito!

2003-10-21 02:16:26 PM  
Listeria - that was a pretty good Def Leppard CD.
2003-10-21 02:16:49 PM  
Healthy people with listeria infections would typically experience short-term symptoms such as headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Expect this anyways, if you're eating something called "cheese product"
2003-10-21 02:24:08 PM  
And we haven't seen a syringe on the beach in quite a while.

Yup. There's even a sign posted that says "[_13_] days since our last medical-waste-related incident!"
2003-10-21 02:28:25 PM  
So it's a cheese (like) factory that also makes lysteria? Does Saddam own the place?
2003-10-21 02:29:04 PM're gonna have a bad time.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-10-21 02:33:02 PM  
His name is thumper?
2003-10-21 02:33:28 PM  
lysteria, listeria - whatever
2003-10-21 02:34:11 PM  
With a capital "T" of course.

That's regular "T", not for "Time to Leave".
2003-10-21 02:34:39 PM  
I've been to Somerville Jersey. I rated it as a nice place to visit but I'd stick hot pokers in my eyes before I had to live there....but to each thier own. They do have some good stip clubs in joisey though, and that's a double "+DD+" plus. I'd like to see the southern part of Jersey, the part the cows are named for, seems like there's more farm land and trees there.
2003-10-21 02:37:25 PM  
The idiocy of the people on this site amazes me sometimes.

distribute != manufacture is a good place to start. Asshats.
2003-10-21 02:38:33 PM  
True story. One of my real good friends little sister had to get a HIV test when she was 14, because she stepped on a needle along the Jersey shore. Since they dump medical waste along their beaches, I would be pretty hesitant to eat or use any kind of product from New Jersey.
2003-10-21 02:40:44 PM  
I once found a cigarette butt in my hash browns at a diner in Asbury Park NJ.

I think this is a contributing factor as to why I hate NY/NJ.
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