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(Yahoo)   Farker fb- fathers his first child   ( divider line
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4327 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Nov 2001 at 9:15 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-09 12:54:12 PM  
Can humans and trolls procreate????
Would the offspring then be infertile like mules are?
2001-11-09 12:58:22 PM  
Imagine if Fb- and Madeline Albright had a child. NOW THAT WOULD BE AMUSING! Would be a damn hideous sight though.
2001-11-09 01:01:16 PM  
Bamf75, I hope you mean the "Sahara" desert when mentioning things that are dried up...
or are all Sarahs dried up?
If so, I hope they never hear about your little complement here...
2001-11-09 01:01:41 PM  
The last thing the world needs at the moment are more Fb-'s. One is more then enough.
2001-11-09 01:17:18 PM  
I dunno... I know a couple of dried up Sarah's
2001-11-09 01:20:02 PM  
4th horse of the apocalypse rounding the turn
2001-11-09 01:20:11 PM  
4th horse of the apocalypse rounding the turn
2001-11-09 01:27:29 PM  
So does this mean we're going to have a "pipe dream" flag?
2001-11-09 01:50:24 PM  
Even though I don't necessarily agree with Fb-'s viewpoints (or with the way he expresses them), I came in here all ready to congratulate him wholeheartedly -- until I read the article, that is. Ah well, I guess we can all dream.
2001-11-09 02:06:34 PM  
I doubt fb- is even old enough to have enough sperm to do the job
2001-11-09 02:08:43 PM  
DrewFarker I sense some anger management issues within you.
2001-11-09 02:22:52 PM  
Come on, you know fb- is in real life a 12 yr old who probably wouldn't even know what to do with a woman :)
2001-11-09 02:46:22 PM  
Boy, I can feel the love in here! I find it amusing that some people can use just a little bit of effort to make everybody waaaay mad. That's one of my favorite things to do. It sorts out the victim-mentality people from the rest of us. "I don't like what he said, he's mean! waaaaaah" Damn people, shut the hell up and get over it. Buncha whiny pansies. Keep up the good work, Fb-!

<ducks, waits for flames to start>
2001-11-09 03:24:52 PM  
if i see that thing crawlin near a public road, it's over.
2001-11-09 03:26:00 PM  
2001-11-09 03:26:41 PM  
Hurtcow is my hero.
2001-11-09 04:13:10 PM  
Riddle me this:

If she originated from the Bloody UK, why are her teeth white and straight?

-he who stacks pork
2001-11-09 04:13:12 PM  
Fb- has posted 284 articles, and he's only been here since July 20. That's pretty impressive, and I was amused at the story and how he tried to tie it in with himself. By the way, you're all just jealous because he lives on St. Croix in the Virgin Islands!
2001-11-09 04:17:37 PM  
I am not mad
2001-11-09 04:32:41 PM  
Oddly enough, he hasn't posted here yet.
2001-11-09 04:33:11 PM  
Ooops, ignore that

2001-11-09 05:41:12 PM  
(*Snaps to attention*)

'Hail Britannia!'
2001-11-09 06:27:44 PM  
Leopold Porkstacker Her agent took her to a hollywood dentist. I don't know if there are any of these picture floating around the net, but in her old BBC stuff her teeth aren't straight, and her eyebrows aren't as...trim.
2001-11-09 07:25:26 PM  
Sabu For a moment there, when you said Hugh Grant had Divine, I'd though you were insinuating that you meant:
[image from too old to be available]
...and after I recovered from my momentary brain fart, I realized you meant:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-11-09 09:43:20 PM  

I love ya man! *hugs*
2001-11-09 10:04:56 PM  
You know, Mr. CCG, I just had to sign back on to say "thank you", cause that was like the best response I coulda got. I can't stop grinning! What a beautiful way to illustrate my point. I look forward to further intelligent discourse in the future! :)

PS I hope you and Fb- have a great weekend!
2001-11-09 10:41:50 PM  
Jelloboy...was a good troll. Consistent, annoying, used "FAG" a lot.
2001-11-09 11:16:34 PM  
Fb da man! Too bad he don't know shiat about football, but he makes me laugh often. Now fathering her child? Better than humpin' a tree!
2001-11-10 03:51:03 PM  
We talkin about a pine tree or oak tree? Pine I'd agree (youch!), but those oak trees know how to have a good time
2001-11-14 10:52:40 AM  
Hugh and Liz split???

Too bad it's a bad joke. Living with a pregnant wife would have explained so much about Fb-.

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