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(CBS4Denver - KCNC)   Employees taking stacks of cash from a bank vault for an auditor to count, forget to remove the ones with the exploding dye packs   ( divider line
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2012-02-02 02:33:05 PM  
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Smarter guy sez, packs go off when signal is blocked.

That would work in theory, yes, but the current generation of the packs (which are the thin flexible ones) by 3Si are made to "detonate" once they receive the specific RF from the module hidden in the door frames of all exits.
The packs are sitting in an inactive state in the teller's drawers next to a magnet. Once they are removed from the magnetic field they become active. Then they receive the "GO" signal once they pass by the door module, and then the timer is activated and Splat-Boom-Fizzle-Poof-Burn Goes the Dynamite. The current technology only allows for the device to get a "GO" command, and thats all she gets.
It would only make sense to invest in that R&D to make the product less circumventable if bank robbers were smart enough to try and circumvent them with more than a warning to the teller "not to put a dye pack in or Ill come back and kill ya" or trying to feel for the old rigid style. Now they use a flexible format that is more difficult to tactilely determine the "splat pack".
2012-02-02 11:01:44 AM  
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Friskya: Best In The World: "All these child stars grow up and they're knockin' over banks and getting prostitutes. I'm, like, one of the only people I know that has managed to dodge all of that negative crap." - Dustin Diamond

Put on ur hardhatz cuz I'm about 2 drop some knowledge: Never use banks. Banks rob, rape, pillage, extracetera. My boy Mabel j is always like "OMG my account just got hit with 35 $35 ova draft fees. Do U kno how much money dat iz?" And I'm like "I ain't got an abacus, playa, but it sure sounds like UR f'd." And he's like "sho,nuff" & I'm like "that's tha beat."

What U should do is just use a check cashing place if U don't get paid in str8 cash money, homie. When U do that U won't make no overdrafting mistakes because how's a baller gonna overdraft his wallet? Thurrrs either money or moths inside yo pocket. Rich ppl aren't stupid, Y do U think they got fire-proof safes? Cuz they don't trust no banks THEY RUN the banks & keep thurrr safes under the temple.

& like Screech spits, if yo money in tha bank than Sabrina The Teenage Witch & the cast of The OC is gonna be gunnin for it like they was the Symbionese Liberation Army.

If U wanta bank, go to tha damn river, bro.

I think this is the first time I've ever seen a post on Fark written entirely in "thug".

Is there an online dictionary for that, or is it your first language?

This person was my fastest block evar. Next was the idiot who turns every article into a limerick.
2012-02-02 10:35:04 AM  
1 vote:
it was just an auditor. they had it coming for one reason or another.
2012-02-02 10:26:33 AM  
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Do any people besides complete retards even try to rob banks anymore? All I really know about bank robbery was from the Pacino/DeNiro documentary Heat but nowadays with all the cameras everywhere, various means of contacting the cops besides the alarms, the dye packs in this article and the fact that unless you can get into the vault, the tellers don't really have much more money than a couple liquor stores and they don't carry the stretch in the Federal PMITA prison, it just seems like a futile venture is all.
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