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(Some Guy)   Move over freaky Optimus Prime dude, you've been one-upped (pic)   ( divider line
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10437 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-09 10:54:54 AM  
I'm not amused by this.
2001-11-09 11:04:58 AM  
This man is my idol.
2001-11-09 11:13:11 AM  
I'm the second one from the looks of things. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a (SomeGuy) around too though, and I'm almost positive he was around first. You have to admit though, if there's a name that deserves to be cloned all over the place like this, that's the one. (And deep down, aren't we all just "Some Guy"? The men, at least...) I was pretty amazed that it wasn't already taken when I signed up for an account here too.
2001-11-09 11:45:52 AM  
Hey, i like Dr. Who. and I have kissed a girl. A couple times!
2001-11-09 11:47:18 AM  
What's do "dorky" about this? So the guy has a hobby, and that's a pretty friggin resourceful and cool costume if you ask me. He least he's not smoking crack.
2001-11-09 12:10:36 PM  
StrongBad: Thanks, what does the number actually mean?

Looks like I play the "Jump to Conclusions" game
2001-11-09 12:10:47 PM  
Hmm... I'm a really big Dr. Who fan (I even carry around jellybabies just to confuse the normals), and I've scored and everything! Then again, it's not like I'm out building my own dalek army:
2001-11-09 12:46:40 PM  
Heh... I think that thing was sweet...

Lots of thought went into that...

2001-11-09 01:50:56 PM  
Very cool.

Does he work in Kevlar?
2001-11-09 02:45:58 PM  
2001-11-09 03:47:52 PM  
This is what I'm talking about:

2001-11-09 04:07:28 PM  
What happens when the guy has to take a piss or a shiat? Is there a "courtesty flap" built-in to the suit?

-he who stacks pork
2001-11-09 06:03:50 PM  
that is the ultimate geek suit... very cool.
2001-11-09 06:04:24 PM  
I'm glad you liked that line, guys.
The content of my writing has, I hope, at least one percent that is not total crap.
2001-11-10 12:10:45 AM  
funny thing is I'm in th middle of making an optimus prime costume for a christmas party... won't take me a year tho
2001-11-10 04:01:21 AM  
Now THAT is farking awesome, man. That may be the coolest goddamn thing I've seen in weeks.
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