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(ESPN)   Can the Patriots defeat the Ravens to win their first AFC championship in 4 years? Will the 49ers beat the Giants and cap off an amazing comeback season? It's the NFL Conference Championships thread, games at 3 PM on CBS, 6:30 PM on Fox   ( divider line
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6214 clicks; posted to Sports » on 22 Jan 2012 at 2:00 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-01-22 06:10:53 PM  
Well someone feels a bit silly now. DON'T YOU BILLY!
2012-01-22 06:10:53 PM  
Also, now you know why they went for it.
2012-01-22 06:10:59 PM  
2012-01-22 06:11:02 PM  
I was hoping they wouldn't go for the fake FG.

Looks like I put too much faith in the Ravens kicker.

/and shut up about the laces, that hold was perfect
2012-01-22 06:11:06 PM  
wat just happened?

2012-01-22 06:11:09 PM  
Um. Wow.
2012-01-22 06:11:11 PM  
Hey Brady haters.......

suck it!
2012-01-22 06:11:12 PM  
Myra blocks it from above.
2012-01-22 06:11:14 PM  

Lt. Cheese Weasel: headed for OT....the jersey lives? Please I can haz?

No you can't have. Not yours.
2012-01-22 06:11:15 PM  
2012-01-22 06:11:17 PM  


Now, I want to see them lose the Super Bowl.
2012-01-22 06:11:17 PM  
And he's got all year to think about that kick.
2012-01-22 06:11:22 PM  
wow.. you fail Ravens

though I liked Naantz's "look out! look out!" call
2012-01-22 06:11:30 PM  
Somewhere Jim Irsay just threw up over hearing that the Patriots are coming to town.
2012-01-22 06:11:36 PM  
Cundiff may not want to go back to Baltimore for a few days...
2012-01-22 06:11:40 PM  

VTGremlin: Well someone feels a bit silly now. DON'T YOU BILLY!

i did nothing wrong.....
2012-01-22 06:11:42 PM  
As someone with a moneyline bet on the Ravens, I just have to say....

FARK Cundiff.
2012-01-22 06:11:42 PM  
Flacco proves he's a big game QB.
Pats prove that can't make the stop.
Ravens D proves it's still for real.

An Cundiff hooks it.
2012-01-22 06:11:47 PM  
Sorry Baltimore and your fans :-\

Congrats Pats.

That was one hell of a game, no doubt there.

Alrighty kids, I gotta get going. Gonna watch the late game, but won't be on here. Enjoy the game, and I hope to be around in 2 weeks!

2012-01-22 06:11:50 PM  
For the SEVENTH TIME, the New England Patriots are AFC Champions!
2012-01-22 06:11:54 PM  
2012-01-22 06:11:55 PM  

snake_beater: /overtime coming up!

mikaloyd: Time for BONUS FOOTBALL

Captain Steroid: Bonus Football is imminent...

Lt. Cheese Weasel: headed for OT.

Too soon...?
2012-01-22 06:12:04 PM  

The field goal kicker mine as well go into the witness relocation program. He'll never live this down and all of Baltimore will be after his head.
2012-01-22 06:12:07 PM  
Someone watched too many Bills playoff games.
2012-01-22 06:12:08 PM  


2012-01-22 06:12:08 PM  

Representative of the unwashed masses: Cundiff you MORON!

He can change toSuisam
2012-01-22 06:12:20 PM  

mikaloyd: Pats win. Blech.

The egg mcmuffin is in the Superb Owl

Lets check rule 34 on that!!!
2012-01-22 06:12:25 PM  
Harbaugh: Aww shiat
2012-01-22 06:12:25 PM  

wooden_badger: Myra blocks it from above.

hmmmm , if that works this year then next year we kill Jonathan
2012-01-22 06:12:25 PM
2012-01-22 06:12:26 PM  
Well now I have to root for the Giants.
2012-01-22 06:12:39 PM  
That right there was a Buffalo kick
2012-01-22 06:12:41 PM  
that's two straight weeks we've been deprived of bonus football in "We are so very obviously going to overtime" situations.
2012-01-22 06:12:42 PM

Shankopotamus.....what a game.
2012-01-22 06:12:42 PM  
Now you know what it's like to be a Bills fan all Ravens fans.
2012-01-22 06:12:46 PM  
Well, I am dissapointed because it means the Pats got in with that D when almost all the hyper offense no Ds teams had lost, but the fact the Pats won with D at least lessens that, plus the fact it was an AWESOME GAME.

Sterling Moore deerves the game ball.
2012-01-22 06:12:47 PM
2012-01-22 06:12:47 PM  
It's awesome when one guy can be pointed at for the teams failure.
2012-01-22 06:12:53 PM  
No Harbowl for you!
2012-01-22 06:12:54 PM  

Earguy: And he's got all year to think about that kick.

I don't want to be that guy.
2012-01-22 06:12:58 PM  
9-0!!! Sorry 49er fans. I've picked the Giants. So it is said, so it will be done.
2012-01-22 06:13:00 PM  
Great. Fifty thousand drunken Fitzies coming my way in 2 weeks. Guess I'll just secretly mark everything up double when they cash out in my stores.
2012-01-22 06:13:01 PM  
Belichick watches the FGA sail wide left, has no visible reaction.
2012-01-22 06:13:01 PM  

FirstNationalBastard: PATS WIN!


Now, I want to see them lose the Super Bowl.

2012-01-22 06:13:01 PM

U mad bro?
2012-01-22 06:13:01 PM  
my oh my the mariners Patriots win it
2012-01-22 06:13:02 PM  
I want to make one point, and one point only about that game:

Joe Flacco won it. He won't get a single bit of credit for that during the coming weeks, but he won the farking the game. He can't force his receivers to hold onto the ball in the end zone, and he can't force his kicker to make the field goal for OT either. Great game by Joe, great season overall, and we will be back in 2012 (assuming the Mayans were wrong).

Congrats Patriots fans. Good game.
2012-01-22 06:13:15 PM  
I know Cundiff is going to get killed this week, but I'm not going to put it all on his shoulders.
2012-01-22 06:13:16 PM  
Kraft: That missed FG totally makes me fell better about my dead wife!!
2012-01-22 06:13:17 PM  

PanicMan: Representative of the unwashed masses: Cundiff you MORON!

He can change toSuisam

Suisam did very well for the Steelers this year.
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